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Drabble 1

Title: "Sisters" or "Before the Bottom Drops Out"

Words: 730

Warnings: Ending is depressing


"Why are you leaving again, Ziva?"

Ziva tried to ignore her younger sister's pleading as she packed a small, non-descript duffle bag with only enough clothes to get her to Saudi Arabia. Once there, she would adopt the clothing and manner of a Muslim until she completed her mission.

"You only just got back from your last mission," Tali continued, undeterred by her sister's silence.

Ziva sighed with exasperation. "Tali, you know it's my job."

It was Tali's turn to let out an exasperated sigh. "That doesn't mean you have to volunteer for every mission that takes you out of the country when you know Dad's going to be home."

Ziva looked at her sister with surprise. "Who said Dad being home had anything to do with it?"

"Oh come on, Ziva," Tali said with slight reproach. "You think Mom and I don't notice that you and Ari do anything and everything to avoid being in the same place as Dad for too long,"

Ziva paused in her packing at Tali' words. Turning, she took the first good look at her sister since Ziva joined Mossad. Tali was nine years Ziva's junior, and had only been a little kid when Ziva joined the "family business" as her father called it. Now, Ziva suddenly found herself struggling to find the small girl who had clung to her waist in a vain attempt to keep her from leaving, to the smart, beautiful woman standing in front of Ziva now.

"You're right," Ziva conceded at last, plopping down on her bed. "I am avoiding Dad."

"Why?" Tali asked, sitting down next to the big sister she adored. "What did he do to you and Ari that made you hate him so much?"

Ziva smiled bitterly at her sister's question. It seemed that Tali was observant enough to notice the tension, but not the cause. "Tali…" Ziva began, but paused to try to find the right words. "Dad had a plan for me and Ari our whole lives, and everything he's done with or for us has been to mold us into perfect Mossad officers. He never saw us as anything more than recruits."

Tali looked at her sister with a face that clearly said she wasn't buying it. "Then why doesn't he treat me like that?" Tali asked what she thought to be a damning question toward Ziva's comment.

Ziva smiled genuinely at Tali's words. "He doesn't treat you like that because you, Tali…" Ziva poked the fifteen-year-old's nose, "…are this family's little miracle. Mom was told she could never have another kid before you came along. You're this family's gift from God."

Tali smiled slightly at her sister's words, but then frowned with realization. "So, you're saying Dad doesn't treat me like he treats you and Ari, because he loves me more? Doesn't that bother you and Ari?"

Ziva's smile faded a little, but it stuck to her face. "It did a little, when we were younger, but Ari has his mom, who loves him dearly, all to himself, and I have Aaron."

Tali smirked at the mention of her sister's boyfriend. "Oh yes, how could I forget…" Tali made several exaggerated kissing sounds, "…Aaron. Has he asked for your hand in marriage yet, so you two can have lots of sex and babies and make me Aunt Tali?"

Ziva smiled through the blush that colored her face. "No, you little sick minded being," she said. "But we are going to dinner before I leave tonight."

Tali squealed with excitement at her sister's words.

The rest of the evening was spent in the familiar girlish talk shared by sisters, as they discussed what Ziva should wear that night and what soccer player Tali had fallen in love with that week.

As it turned out, Aaron did propose to Ziva that night.

The engagement only lasted a few months before Aaron's head was sent back to Mossad in an overnight express box from Ramallah, courtesy of Hamas.

Ziva's mother and Tali had to nurse Ziva back from the abyss of crippling grief when she got the news.

Ziva had to started to heal when a suicide bomber detonated in a bus stop where Tali was waiting to catch a bus to Mossad Headquarters. She was going to go shopping with her big sister.


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