A/N Okay, so I haven't finished anything for a while, but I got a little boost this morning because today is my birthday. (I'll wait for you to finish your revelry and celebration) Anywho, as many of you know, today is Groundhog Day. For those of you who don't know, today is Groundhog Day: a holiday started by German Americans in this country that involves a groundhog coming out of its hole. If the rodent sees its shadow, we are doomed to six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't, spring is just around the corner.

This holiday was captured in the great movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray as Phil, a weatherman from the greatest city on earth, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (which may or may not be my home town) who goes to cover the world's biggest Groundhog festival in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Phil hates Groundhog day and the town, and is horrified to find himself in a time loop. He is the only person aware that the holiday is repeating itself over and over. Eventually, Murray uses the immortality he has acquired in this time loop to become a better person. Once he has completely changed, the time loop stops. If you want more than that, you should try to see the movie.

Drabble 19
Title: "Lessons From Rodents" or "Running From Your Own Shadow"
Words: 681
Warnings: Excessive love of an old Bill Murray movie. Tiva if you want it to be, but this was mostly friendship.

"But why did the day keep repeating?" Ziva asked as Tony stood up, gathering their plates and left over pizza to ferry into the kitchen.

"Ah, come on, Ziva" Tony pleaded. "You can't think about the answer to that, it ruins the movie!"

Ziva grabbed the TV remote, turning the television off before ejecting the DVD Tony had rushed to buy what yesterday after work. She opened her mouth to ask another question, but was cut off when she realized her partner was still answering the first one as he walked back into the living room and sat on her couch.

"I mean, it would have totally ruined the movie to have some person or entity sit Bill Murray down and explain everything to him. Learning the whys and hows would have made the whole thing less magical and awesome."

Ziva nodded as though she had heard Tony's whole rant instead of just the beginning and end. "And we had to watch this movie at 6 in the morning?"

Tony grinned from ear to ear. "Well, of course my little woodchuck chucker! I've always wanted to do this: watch Groundhog Day at the time the day would always restart for Bill, and watch it on Groundhog Day!"

Ziva rolled her eyes at his over enthusiasm. "And the reason I had to stay up all night with you so we could accomplish this task?"

"Come on, Zee-Vah!" Tony nudged her arm. "Aren't you supposed to be learning American history and culture? Groundhog Day is a deep look at one of our most revered and folksy holidays!"

"I'm not sure how watching a movie about a town that worships a rodent is going to help me pass my citizenship test."

It was now Tony's turn to role his eyes. "It's not about that, Ziva. It's about small town America. People who love their communities and celebrate their quirks and traditions with gusto."

When Ziva just shrugged in response, Tony continued. "And it's about getting chances: not just second chances, but as many as you need until you get it right."

Ziva turned to look at Tony, and their eyes met for a moment before she turned away. "Unfortunately," she said, "Life doesn't come with an automatic reset button. Murray was able to have chance after chance, because he was the only person who remembered his mistakes."

"True," Tony said. "But he did recognize his mistakes. In some cases, that's all it takes to get back on track." As he said this he sent Ziva a soft smile.

"Well," he said. "I'm going to try to catch an hour of sleep before work. How about you?"

Ziva shook her head. "I'm going to go for a run."

Tony shrugged. "Whatever. Your overnight bag is in the hall closet."

Ziva nodded, going over to the closet and pulling her running clothes and shoes out of the bag. Unabashedly, she changed in the middle of Tony's living room before heading down to the street.

As Ziva's feet hit the pavement, the frigid February air found a direct path into her lungs. Ziva sucked it in before setting off, letting the quit thumping of her feet on the pavement calm down her racing thoughts. This wasn't the first time Tony had brought up change and second chances, and his inconsistency on the issue was driving Ziva crazy. One day he was declaring that she'd always be the killer, the assassin, her father had trained her to be, the next he was prodding her and pushing her to complete her transformation.

Ziva sighed, coming to a stop before she became so distracted that she'd run into a streetlamp or something. Looking down, Ziva looked at the dark shape stretching out from her sneakers and across the pavement; her dark and constant doppelganger. Suddenly, Ziva smiled. "Well," she said, "I guess I can live with six more weeks of winter if spring is on the other side."

Hoped you enjoyed it.

Peace, and Happy Groundhog Day
Hobbit Killer