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Notes: Spoilers for GP 4.


"Did you see what we did back there, Birca? Just one swing and Kegalesia went down--"

"And don't forget when you helped me get big again!"

"I know!" Hant jumped-- which made Birca's holographic image jump as well. "It was just the most awesome thing ever and I got to help fight the giant robot too this time and that was cool too and I can't wait to do it again!"

"I feel the same way, amigo!" Birca's sentence ended in a near squeak.

Gunpei eyed the two warily from his seat. Great. As if Hant wasn't loud enough by himself. Still, he couldn't entirely fault his teammate's enthusiasm: this was something that they'd both been wanting since they learned about the existence of the Go-Ongers. Now that he had his partner, of course he was going to be happy. And when Hant was happy, he was loud. Well, louder than usual.

"What about you, Gunpei?" Hant flopped down next to him, nudging his shoulder. "Aren't you excited about working with Gunpherd?"

Gunpei thought back to the day's previous events. "Gunpherd made everything I went through worth it."

Hant's face lit up. "Yeah, exactly!" He sighed happily as he leaned against Gunpei… and was quiet long enough to catch Gunpei's attention.

"... You've had a long day. Maybe you should go to bed."

"Nah, I'm fine," Hant said around a yawn. "Used to work late shifts all the time…" Anything that Hant would have said after that was lost as he collapsed in Gunpei's lap, snoring loudly.

Suddenly very grateful for the years of training to keep his cool in all situations, Gunpei gave Hant as shake. "Hey." He shook him harder this time. "Hey. I don't know what you're thinking, but you can't sleep here." A frustrated sound escaped him as he thwapped Hant on the head. "So get up already!"

Hant smiled in his sleep as he snuggled against Gunpei.

Gunpei was about to thwap him again… but instead found himself pushing a hank of Hant's hair behind his ear. "Well, since you seem so dead set on it, I guess you can stay where you are. But only for a bit."

Things were quiet were after that, and Gunpei was almost letting himself enjoy the change when…

"Mama Mia! No one beats you humans when it comes to amour!"

"Shut up, Birca."