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Chapter 14

Mr. Banner's POV

I was uncertain about many things today, the first was 'What was I supposed to wear to this thing?', as I may have mentioned before I hadn't been to many dances in my life. This whole situation reminded me of why I didn't like people. People always expected something out of you, unlike Kat who just wanted company and food. Now all I could do was try and figure out what they expected out of me. I didn't bother thinking about it much longer, when did I care what people thought? Blue jeans and a polo shirt, that was good enough for this crowd.

"Where're you goin'?" my mom asked as I tied my laces.

"To the school," I answered with a sigh.

She raised her eyebrows, "You don't think I know what day it is today do you?" I returned her comment with a confused expression, "It's Saturday ya dummy!" She let out a cough that turned into what sounded like cackling.

"I'm chaperoning the high school dance" I explained, finishing my left shoelace. She laughed some more. "You're on your own for dinner"

"I'm ordering pizza," was her reply.

"Okay," I stroked Kat's furry white and brown coat. She let out a high-pitched meow and rubbed against my leg, almost like she was begging me not to leave her alone with this psycho. However, eventually the time came and I drove out of the driveway and towards the school. The sun was setting and the sky looked like someone threw up someone all over it.

The school's parking lot looked like a normal school morning, besides the whole sun setting thing and it lacked a silver Volvo. 'That was disappointing', I thought trying not to be too down by this. They were just like any other students, I tried to convince myself. Maybe I could try watching a different couple tonight, perhaps that would convince my mind that Edward and Bella weren't special. There was nothing different about them.

I forced a smile; hoping people didn't think it was a fake. The people pretty much ignored me, which was absolutely fine. The room I walked into was filled with decorations, sound equipment, students and a few teachers. I found a corner to stand in and watched the students talk and laugh with their friends. It was beginning to make me feel lonely until I felt a presence next to me. "Hey, Banner," It was Mr. Berty. I couldn't remember his first name. So I replied the same way.

"Hey, Berty," immediately after I said it I felt stupid but grinned at him anyways. He smiled too and his gaze turned to the students. I felt like I should say something else, but as I came up with something someone come up to my other side.

"Eugene!" It was Mike's dad. How did he know my name? And what was he doing here in the first place?

"Hi…" I trailed off.

"Darwin" he finished for me, or so I thought until I seen him shaking Mr. Berty's hand.

"Greg" the teacher replied. Ha, now I knew both of their first names and I didn't need to seem like an idiot. "So are you here as a chaperone too?"

"Nah, I just wanted to sneak a few pictures of Mike and Jessica. I gotta run outta here before he notices" after winking he then added "it was nice seeing you again." I did an awkward wave and a nod, just hearing his voice reminded of the weird things I'd seen at his store and the couch explosion. I shook my head to clear it after he was out of site.

"So you know him?" Greg asked.

"Sort of," I shrugged.

"I heard he's kind of a nut," he replied.

I nodded, "He isn't the most normal person."

"But then again, what is normal?" he laughed and walked towards the snacks.

My original plan of trying to concentrate on another couple didn't work. I just didn't find any interest in them the way I did when it came to Edward and Bella. There was just something about the way the both of them acted that almost made me suspicious, what was going on?

The night wasn't as terrible as I anticipated. Greg kept me company for a while and none of the students talked to me, which was a huge plus. One thing that bothered me was all the rap music the D.J. played, it was just noise to me, I couldn't even figure out what the artist was trying to say. I ended up leaving around eleven the dance lasted longer than that but there were already enough teachers there without me.

I was relieved to be home again and so was Kat. My mother had already retired for bed so I got to sit and watch TV until I drifted to sleep.

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