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FF.N changed how it counts words, again. This was written in thirteen days with what FF.N called one thousand words each day.

How to sell a contradiction

"What are we going to do about her?" Ron asked, jerking his head toward the woman standing with them in the smoking ruins of Drakken's latest former lair.

"Yeah," Shego taunted, "what are you going to do about me?"

Kim stood, with hands carefully in place, so as to preserve any modesty as she could with the remnants of clothing available to her. "Ron, I'm, uh, not dressed for a fight."

"May I count the ways for boy wonder, Princess?" Shego smirked. "First, you lost your fancy tools when I captured you today and they're probably buried right there." She pointed to a large chunk of concrete, once ceiling but now lying smashed on the floor. "Night's coming and there's no way a rescue party will be here for at least twelve hours. So tell me, sidekick," Shego glared at him, "what are you going to do about me?"

"She saved our lives, Ron." The redhead turned to the green woman, "You could have escaped with Drakken. Why did you stay?"

"I, uh, got cut off. I didn't make it to the escape pod."

"Nuh-huh," Rufus added.

"Is the rat contradicting me?"

"He and I saw you leave the pod," Ron said. "You made it."

"It was overcrowded," Shego argued. "The fire marshal wouldn't allow that many on board, Drakken told me to stay."

"And for once in your life you listened to Drakken?" Kim asked.

"I'd have figured you to throw off a henchman," Ron suggested.

"Okay, okay," Shego growled. "I stayed."

"You did more than stay," Kim reminded her, "you saved us."

"Told you once before, Cupcake, not going to let anyone else kill you - reserving that for myself. And I'm not going to let a lab explosion take you out either."

Ron seemed puzzled, "So, you saved us so you could destroy us? And people think I don't make any sense."

"Shucks, twern't nutthin' any cowpoke woudn't hav done in my sich-e-ation."

Rufus scratched his head, "Huh?"

"She speaks fluent hombre," Kim reminded Ron, "and is distracting you."

"Look, We'uns kin stand here all night, jawbonin' or-"

"Will you drop the hombre lingo, Shego, please?"

"Only if you stop accusing me of saving your worthless butts."

"Fine, we'll drop it, right Ron?" The blond man nodded in agreement. "But you did," Kim thought.

Ron's thoughts took a practical turn, "Did Drakken have any candles around, 'cause it's going to be dark soon."

"I've got some in my quarters - if the roof didn't collapse. Come on, Kim, I'll find something for you to wear."

Ron fell in step behind them, "Where you going?" Shego hissed.

"Not letting you separate me and Kim, I figure you want to divide and conquer."

"Fine!" she snapped, "I'll stay here and you two can blunder around in the dark looking for candles."

"Fine," Ron retorted.

"Uh, Ron," Kim intervened, "you're very sweet, but I want something to wear. And I don't want you behind me."

Shego laughed and gestured for Ron to take the lead, "I'll tell you where to go, Stoppable. I'll be happy to tell you where to go."

"Shego," Kim chided, "he's being thoughtful."

The pale woman grumbled, "This is the thanks I get for saving your… you money on car insurance?"

Kim smiled, but kept her mouth shut.

Ron stood by the door to Shego's quarters, torn by whether to let Kim go in by herself, or the fact watching her change would be awkward.

"Here, try these, Pumpkin," Shego said, tossing her a green sports bra and oversized green rugby shirt with black stripes.

"Could you turn around, please," Kim requested.

"Nope, don't trust you any more than Stoppable, trusts me."

Kim shrugged and put on the offered clothing. It wasn't any different than changing after cheerleading practice.

Shego pulled candles from a chest of drawers, and Kim said nothing about them being aroma therapy candles.

Impulsively Kim gave Shego a hug, "Thanks."

The green woman pushed her away, "It's nothing."

Since the lab lost electrical power when the generator blew Shego pulled items from the former freezer and heated them with plasma power for supper.

"You two are welcome to sleep anywhere you want," she told them afterwards. "I'm sleeping in my bed. It's big enough for two if one of you trusts me."

"Flip a coin, KP?"

Kim reached across the table, and slapped him just hard enough to get his attention. "Find a soft piece of floor. I'm not letting you sleep with her."

The candle faintly illuminated the room, Kim noticed Shego staring at the darkness of the ceiling. "Why," the younger woman asked.

"Don't know… Maybe not as good as getting out from Hego's shadow as I'd like."

"Why do you need to? You could-"

"Shut up, Princess, and go to sleep," Shego growled, turning her back to Kim.

It took Kim a few minutes to orient herself on waking up in the morning. Light shone in the room from a large crack in one wall. Shego was not in bed with her, Kim sat up and looked around the room. "Shego?" Kim called softly. No answer. "Shego!" Kim called a little louder, still without a response. Suddenly terrified for Ron she went running out, and tripped over him asleep in the hall. "Are you okay," she asked, clinging to him tightly.

"Fine, KP, what's wrong?"

"Shego's gone, I was afraid she might have hurt you."

"After saving our lives yesterday?"

"I don't understand her, Ron. I didn't know what to think."

"Well, you can take the hero out of the team, but you can't take the team out of the hero."

"That made no sense at all," Kim laughed, "but I think you're right."