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Red Gold and Green

The voice of Betty Director, talking to the agent at the door, interrupted Ron and Kim's visit to Shego, "- told him to call Scully and Mulder, it's not our job."

"What was that about?" Shego asked as the Chief entered.

"Some nutcase claimed a giant dachshund landed a flying saucer by the Usinger Sausage Company in Milwaukee and cleaned out the bratwurst."

Kim spoke up, "Dr. Director, I'd like to testify for Shego at her trial. She saved our lives when we captured Dementor."

Betty seemed surprised, "Oh, you would?" She glanced at Shego, who winked at her.

"Ron," Kim whispered, "say something nice about Shego."

"Nice about Shego?" Kim nodded. Ron didn't think before saying, "And she has very nice legs."

"You're going to kill me," Shego groaned as her ribs ached.

"I can't take you anywhere," Kim hissed.

"And they say there are no honest men," Betty smiled. "Kim, I appreciate your concern for Ninety-nine. You'll be happy to know we won't prosecute you for interfering with a Global Justice operation or putting an agent's life in danger."

"Ninety-nine? Agent?"

"Apparently she never told you. She went to Greece to meet her contact. He saw what happened and called us. We went to rescue her."

Shego watched Kim during the revelation. The redhead's eyes opened wide as she realized, "Graduation." Kim looked at Shego who smiled and glanced over at Ron, then looked back at Kim, and raised an eyebrow - asking if Ron would be there.

Ron missed the exchange, and its meaning, but still felt confused, "But she's a criminal!"

"Attempted criminal," Betty explained while Shego looked uncomfortable. "About six years ago a girl younger than you dropped out of school and family to run away and become a villain. She was lousy at it, so bad a senior GJ agent imagined she could ignore regulations and bring little Shego in without backup."

"What happened," Kim asked.

"Shego beat the crap out of her, left her blind in one eye."

Kim stared at Betty's eye patch, "And?"

"And the nasty villain, instead of fleeing brought the agent to a hospital. She was in the lobby, crying like a baby, when the police came and arrested her without fuss."

"I wasn't crying!" Shego insisted.

"I'm just quoting the police report."

"You two are too young to remember the threat Doctor Drakken once posed. All our efforts went into trying to limit his damage. Dementor wasn't a pimple on the butt compared with Drakken. We couldn't stop him until I suggested Karma Chameleon-"

"Karma Chameleon?"

"Project to infiltrate Drakken's operation. Sabotage him from the inside, break his spirit. We trained Ninety-nine for six months, faked spectacular robberies to give her a reputation."

Shego smiled, "Drakken's HR people contacted me about a job."

"Ninety-nine said he was suspecting a traitor when you two entered the scene. You made life easier, he didn't have to look inside his own organization."

"And harder," Shego interrupted. "You made me look bad because I couldn't stop you."

"And you let me win," Kim whispered.

"Sometimes. At first. Then you started beating me before I could let you win. I started trying harder. God, I hated your guts for awhile." She gave Kim a wink no one else noticed, "I got over that."

"Drakken?" Ron asked.

"Oh, he hasn't been a real threat for a year or so. Spirit broken. But Ninety-nine had access to information on other criminals while working for him. We left Karma Chameleon in place-"

"GJ has a mole," Shego warned.

"We found him, Dementor kept payroll records for tax purposes. But you've been compromised. I'm afraid we'll have to cancel the project, can't risk your life. We'll pull Midas also."

"Hallelujah!" Shego sighed, "I'm tired of false colors."

"You're not really green?" Ron asked. The women glared at him, "Uh, sorry. What happens to Drakken?"

"We can rebuild him," Betty promised. "We have the pharmacology. We have the psychiatrists. Better than he was before. Better, saner, and hopefully working for us."

Betty dismissed them, but before they left Shego begged, "Please come back, you're the closest thing I have to friends."

Ron glanced at Kim, who nodded yes. "We'll be back," he promised.

After the preliminary debriefing Betty asked, "What do you plan to do now? Stick with Global Justice?"

"I'm really not sure. I think I'd like a normal life. I earned my GED. Maybe I'll try college, if I can persuade the right apartment mates to join me."

"You sound like you have someone in mind."

Shego looked toward the door Kim and Ron had used.

"One of them? No way in hell will you break them up or come between them."

"I don't want to break them up. They're a good team. I'm hoping they'll let me come between them a couple nights a week."

"Wait, you're talking about both of them? Ron and Kim?"

Shego smiled, "Why not?"

"Well, for starters, he's a guy and she's a girl."

"Tell me, Chief, would you divide the world into the people who like beef and those who like chicken?"

Betty shrugged, "Okay. I'll go with beef. I want a steak."

"I'm not surprised. You should be more tolerant."

"I still say, no way in hell."

"It's too late for them. They have tasted the forbidden toothpaste, and you can't put the fruit back in the tube."

"You were with Drakken too long. Want to see a psychologist?"

"Maybe I should. But they've had recent 'experiences' which left them wanting moreā€¦ I'm hoping to be part of more."

"No way."

"Call me in a couple months."

-The End-