Demonic Times of Yako

Chapter 26: Epilogue-It's Over

Slowly allowing citizens back to their homes, Japan surprisingly returned to normal in a matter of days. Neuro slept on the couch, his favorite slave in his arms. Godai's head rested atop his desk and Rom Piku quietly snorted under the sheets in her room. They were all unaware that an entire week had passed and their slumber continued. Sasazuka walked in several times to check on them, he was glad Yako could actually find a week of relaxation for once.

"So…." Rom Piku said, walking in hours later as her friends scattered about the office, busily rearranging everything and packing the small objects into boxes. Neuro unplugged the computer on his desk and tossed it into a box on the ground. Yako made sure every book was checked and Godai pushed the boxes into the corner. "What…is our next plan?"

"Rom Piku…the war's over," Yako smiled, placing the final check on her clipboard. "We're going to take a vacation."

"Where are you guys going?"

"You mean where are WE going," Neuro grinned, rising from the desk. "You have generously paid for a cruise around the world for five people."

"So, you hacked into my bank account huh?" Rom Piku smiled, grabbing the tickets from his hand. "But…that means…I'm coming to?"

"It is your money," Yako happily said. "But…you're one of us. You've done so much and asked for so little in return. We would love for you to come anytime, anywhere!"

"Yeah, I finally get the god damn break I deserve!" Godai victoriously snorted.

"In the mean time the office will be closed," Neuro said. "I just finished editing the website. We'll be gone for a month."

"Wait, who's the fifth ticket for?" Rom Piku asked. A knocking came at the door. Yako smiled as she walked towards it, revealing a tall, gray haired man in a white T shirt.

"I'm ready," Sasazuka said, holding a pair of duffle bags and a book in his hand.

"It's nice to see you in casual clothing," Yako said.

"Yeah, hope you don't whip your badge out like a trained dog!" Godai fussed.

"Depends if you cause trouble. It would be over quickly if you did," Sasazuka said, glaring at the criminal with a raging instinct to arrest him.

"Now, now let's try and be friends!" Yako nervously advised.

"We'll be leaving now," Neuro declared, tossing a wheeled upright to Rom Piku. She opened it to see her clothes and items already packed away for her. She noticed something else too. Digging through her clothes, she pulled out an envelope. Opening it, she found a gold necklace with a triangle at the end, matching Neuro's trademark triangle. Flipping it open, she could see a picture of her and Yako smiling. Nearly getting water eyed from the jewelry, she asked Godai to place it on as everyone left the office.

"Yeah, everyone chipped in for this," Godai said, connecting to the two ends of the necklace behind her neck. "Hope you like it."

"It's great," Rom Piku smiled, wiping her eyes. "Well, better catch up with the others."

Neuro stretched from the back seat of the rented van and honked the steering wheel. "Better hurry or we'll leave you here! I wonder how many criminals will pop up while we're gone!" he teased.

Godia and Rom Piku both grabbed their luggage and ran out the office, hopping into their seats behind Yako and Neuro. Sasazuka took the wheel and started the engine. Looking into the mirror, he could see Yako blushing as her hand crept near Neuro's, finally taking hold of it. He pulled his hand back and instead wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. He closed his eyes and showed off his fangs in a content, curved smile. Yako closed her eyes as well, resting her head on his chest.

"You okay?" Godai asked, watching the expression on Rom Piku's face as she observed the couple in front of her.

"Yeah…it'll be a while before I'm used to it but…I'm happy for them," Rom Piku said. "Besides, I'm going to see Yako naked at least once on this trip. That's my plan!"

"Well shit!" Godai grinned. "You better hope Neuro doesn't find out."

"She owes me at least one little peek," Rom Piku smiled. "Maybe I'll pay Neuro off to let it slide this one time."

Sai, Hireki and Lolita stood in front of the cross embedded in the grass. The three closed their eyes as a breeze swept by in the cemetery. "I want to say something," Sai said. Hireki nodded, wrapping his around his sister. "Go ahead," he said.

Sai closed her eyes and held her hands together, bowing her head to Ai's grave. "Thank you Ai for all you have done. In the beginning we worked together as associates and…I guess…unexpectedly over the years we…grew attached to each other. My urge to kill you and make you into a box….vanished and I felt something special with you. I still have no idea what it is but I know it was a type of love. I am thankful for your companionship over the years, your affection and I am glad that you enjoyed spending time with me. It's hard to see my life without you but I assure you…with my new family I will be able to come to peace with your death. I will see you in Hell, Ai, as a princess under the rule of Hireki and Lolita."

"That's the plan huh?" Lolita smiled, walking up to Hireki. "Since Hell is no longer occupied…you want to take it over as our own kingdom?"

"Yeah," Hireki grinned. "The puzzle eaters will come again. This world has proven to be miraculous and enigmatic in its own way. But until then….we have some work to do in the human realm."

"Good," Lolita grinned. "The office is ready for us to move in, I've already begun to advertise and we already got our first case."

"Excellent," Hireki happily said. "I was hungry for a little mystery. Ready Sai? We're going to try out our new office."

"Yeah," Sai said, placing a hand on the cross tombstone one more time before walking away. "I'll be back to visit Ai."

"So, the new office has bedrooms right?" Sai asked, walking alongside her brother.

"Yep, two bedrooms. You got your own room too," Hireki explained, patting his sister's head. "By the time Neuro comes back he'll discover that a rival detective agency has mysteriously appeared!"

"This is going to be fun!" Lolita smiled, holding Hireki's hand.

"What are we going to do with all the money we make from the cases?" Sai asked.

"I was thinking…maybe save some for a new house, a wedding, and a ring?" Hireki playfully said. Lolita stepped back, glowing red in her face. "Hireki…you don't mean?"

"Yeah…Lolita," he said, snapping his fingers. A black box popped into his hand out of mid air. He stood on one knee and opened it to reveal a black ring with a large diamond poking out. "Will you marry me?"

"Oh my God!! Yes!! OF COURSE!!" Lolita cheered, feeling Hireki slip the ring onto her finger. The instant he was done she wrapped her arms around him, crying joyously as he tried to get back on his two feet. Her excitement was actually beginning to strangle him.

"I'm happy too but let me breathe! I need a neck to speak with for our first clients today," Hireki chuckled. Sai stood in the back, smiling. Maybe marriage wasn't too far off for her. She would need someone dark and playful, maybe the Higuchi hacker boy from the police department would suit her tastes. She pulled out a notepad to remind herself: Call Higuchi later. "I'm sure he won't mind dating a fellow criminal."

Viewing the sparkling ocean from the railing, Yako was awed by the beauty of the clean, afternoon sea. Neuro stood next to her, leaning on the metal. "We finally have peace and quiet," he grinned. "Time to make for lost time."

"I hope you don't think it'll be easy from here on out," Yako smirked. "You may have my heart but marriage is still some distance away. We have to bond and really intertwine with each other."

"The only difficult thing I see in our future is your food bills," Neuro said, placing his hand on her waist. He pulled her into his arms and rested his chin on her head. "And maybe where to have the wedding. Hell or here?"

"Here please," Yako smiled. "And there better be a good buffet too."

"Yes, I will include plenty of criminals to eat off of," he smiled blankly.

"Marriage?" Sasazuka asked, walking up to them shirtless and in his swimming trunks. "I suppose that's proper after everything that has happened."

"Don't' worry, we're going to embrace every moment and learn more about each other before then but…I would say it's a pretty safe bet," Yako warmly smiled. "Maybe you should look for someone to love."

"Before it's too late huh?" Sasazuka muttered, watching the seagulls fly by in the distance.

"That's it then," Rom Piku said, floating in the pool. "I hope my heart can settle by the time that happens."

"I'm sure you can," Godai said. "There's a few fucking billion people on this planet. I'm sure you can find someone."

"Thanks," Rom Piku smiled. "Since I pretty much like people for their minds, gender isn't an issue…as long as they don't look too ugly…"

"Guess I'm out then," Godai grinned.

"You were always out," Rom Piku laughed, throwing a beach ball at his head.

The group walked into the buffet room, needing two tables to pack all of Yako's plates. Neuro grabbed a glass of wine and stood up. "I would like to make a toast," he said.

"That's rather unusual for you," Rom Piku grinned.

"A toast to you all! You have made wonderful pawns for my plans! I appreciate it!" Neuro grinned.

"Oh…and there he goes…" Godai growled, gripping onto his knife.

"Here," Neuro slyly said, pouring wine into Yako's glass.

"Neuro, I'm still underage," she smiled.

"I would have to arrest you," Sasazuka said, pulling out his handcuffs.

"Don't bring those on a trip you cop bastard!" Godai fussed.

"There's no law on the sea," Neuro grinned. Yako agreed, standing up and raising the glass into the air.

"A true toast," she smiled. "To such a wonderful life and experience I feel so lucky to have shared with you all. And a toast to a wonderful future with everyone!" Everyone clanked their glasses together, celebrating the times they've shared, the battles they fought and the people they've met. They drank to victory, to friendship, to love and to commitment and loyalty. Beyond all imagination and thought, they pulled through the bad times and made them good, supporting each other, waiting diligently and watching each other and finally, loving each other no matter what. A new future waited to be unfolded before them. Truly, the demonic times of Yako had yet to end.

Thank you all for reading.