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"Come now Severus," Lucius said with a smirk, "Are you telling me that you have never thought of a student in that way? Not even once?"

Severus looked over towards his newest colleague and rolled his eyes, "As far as I am aware, I have never felt the slightest bit of lust or attraction for a student in all my years teaching." He replied shortly, "The entire lot of them are feeble minded imbeciles that are not worth a second look."

Lucius laughed, "I think you have Severus. I have seen you look at one in particular from time to time. I've seen the way you look at her, the way you practically undress her with your eyes. Everyone else may be blind, but I assure you I am not and have known you long enough to know when someone has caught your eye." Lucius finished with a smirk.

"Really Lucius, and who might this... student be, hmmm?"

"The same one I've been watching... Hermione Granger."

Severus slumped back in his chair and rubbed his hands over his face. He thought he had remained off everyone's radar concerning the witch. Maybe he was losing his touch. "I've never acted on it and she is the only one. I admire her intelligence."

"There's no need to defend yourself to me." The blond said dismissively. "If I had my way, she would be in my quarters right now…Which leaves me to a thought."

"Lucius, she is a student." Severus warned

"But she is of age is she not? And with the way she looks at us, I believe the feeling to be mutual."

"What looks?" Severus asked. He hadn't noticed any looks…maybe he really was losing it.

"She looks at us the same way we look at her." Lucius replied as he stood from the uncomfortable wooden chair that Severus used for his students. "Listen, all I'm asking is for you to take a look into her mind a bit, and I will do the same. If we see what I think we will, I see no problems in having a bit of fun with her, like old times." Lucius adjusted his robes and pushed in the chair, "There is no need to rush into this and we need to feel out the situation."

Severus sighed, "I will look, but if I see nothing, we back off. Our reputation isn't great as it is, adding student violation to that list is not even an option whether she is of age or not, not to mention what it would do to her reputation. She must be completely willing and prepared to keep everything as quiet as possible."

"That's all I ask, old friend, that's all I ask. We will meet Friday night and discuss our findings. That gives us a week to see if there is anything there or if I am completely wrong."

"Friday it is Lucius." Severus replied with a dismissive wave as Lucius turned and left his office. He closed his eyes and shook his head…what in the hell did he just agree to.

The next morning, Lucius and Severus watched the topic of the previous night's discussion walk in and sit down between her friends. She was smiling and joking, as she normally did these days, until Ginny Weasley said something to annoy her. Severus noticed the change in Grangers disposition almost immediately and decided to take a quick look into her mind to see what the topic was. Images flashed through as he gently plowed deeper, searching for the cause of her current state.

"I'm sorry Hermione, but really, all you ever do is hang around Harry and Ron… no other guys are going to be interested in you when you are always hanging around two of them already."

"What does that matter?" Hermione asked with a hint of slight irritation in her voice, "They are my best friends, have been since we were eleven and I refuse to push them to the side because you think I need to get laid, not to mention any guy I even consider has to understand that up front. We are a packaged deal. Get one, get us all."

"You can't honestly tell me that you aren't interested in any of the guys at this school." Ginny replied with shock evident in her voice.

"Actually, I'm not." She replied, "None of them are on my level, well, except for Malfoy, which isn't even an option and I refuse to dumb up a conversation just so they want to fumble around with me and act like they know what they are doing in that department."

Ginny huffed, "What about Jonathon Greenby? He's pretty good and not terribly clumsy. He's also kind of smart"

"I don't want someone you have already had and I doubt he can do what I would want." Hermione replied with a sigh, "Besides, I'm thinking of giving Viktor another shot. He's older, stronger and knows what I like."

"If you say so, but that means you only get laid on holidays." Ginny said with disappointment.

Hermione laughed, "I obviously forgot to tell you that he is coming here to take over Hooch's position, he will be here next week."

"Oh, in that case you'll be spending a lot of time in professor's quarters." Ginny said with a giggle.

"I hope so" Hermione replied with a laugh, "It's been a while."

Severus gently pulled out of her mind, slightly surprised that he hadn't heard of Viktor Krum coming to teach. He watched as Hermione said her good-byes and slung her bag over her shoulder and left the great hall. He turned to Lucius, "Krum is coming to teach and apparently they are already involved." he whispered.

Lucius nodded, "I'm still not convinced though, I will continue to try to find anything whether you do so or not."

Severus gave a nod and stood from the staff table, heading for his first class of the day.

Severus sat behind his desk, watching as the students worked. Evelyn Cheery's potion was screwed, the slimy concoction being a lime green rather than a forest green which meant the potion would give severe gas to anyone who tried it. Potters potion was usable, but far from perfect. Malfoy's: almost perfect. Color slightly off. Weasleys: suitable for a bathroom cleaner. He silently sighed; he thought their skills would have improved slightly from first year. He didn't expect miracles, but to have a basic potion turn out correct would satisfy him at this point in their education.

His eyes would occasionally drift over to Hermione, who was concentrating on her potion to intently to notice she was being watched at all. Severus decided to go into her mind once again to see if he could find anything that agreed with Lucius' assessment. He looked around the room once more to make sure he wasn't being watched and to make sure no one's potion was on the verge of explosion before his concentration was focused elsewhere.

He waited patiently for her eyes to lift, he needed a split second of eye contact in order to start his search and as usual, she didn't disappoint. As she stood straight to stretch her back, her eyes drifted to the front of the room. The eye contact was hardly noticeable, but it was the window he needed and with a gentle push, he entered her mind and started his search. The first few minutes were hardly worth mentioning. Useless memories whirled around like a cyclone. The girl would make his mission harder with her mind going non-stop about trivial things.

Pushing past that, he continued to search. Childhood memories were playing in the back ground, memories of the day's events, and even memories of recent conversations were in plentiful supply but there was nothing he needed.

Resigned, he started to withdraw when he noticed a memory flash by. It was foggy, more of a memory of a dream than anything, but he latched onto it. He focused as hard as he could without alerting her as he tried to view the memory. It was fragmented, fractured; he knew for certain he was watching a dream as the memory wasn't crisp and clear, but hazy and dark around the edges. Still, he was drawn to this particular memory and it didn't take long for him to see why.

The first thing he noticed was Lucius, naked with his head thrown back as he took pleasure from the woman in front of him. He had a tight grip on the witch's hair as he pounded into her relentlessly from behind. The memory started to take on a clearer shape and in doing so; he could clearly see that the witch in question was certainly Granger, fully participating in the act with Lucius. He had to admit he felt a little let down that it wasn't him.

The memory shifted slightly once again and his disappointment ended very quickly. Yes, Hermione Granger was enjoying the attentions of Lucius Malfoy, but Severus found himself enjoying the attentions of Grangers mouth.

"Dear Gods, Lucius was right."he whispered to himself as he quickly withdrew, not wanting his body to react in an embarrassing way in front of a class full of students.

With what he had seen, he decided he would continue to look a little every day until he was sure and that it wasn't just a onetime memory or a fluke of some sort.

Over the next few days, Lucius and Severus would dip into her mind, finding small memories but nothing too extravagant. They were at a standstill as to whether or not she was truly interested, that was until Friday morning.

Hermione had walked into the great hall, looking tired and flustered. Severus and Lucius looked at each other briefly before Severus turned his attention to Hermione to view her memories once again. He was pleasantly surprised to instantly find what the cause of her disturbance was. It was another dream, but it was running through her mind in vivid detail. No hazy recollections or dark blurry edges, it was crisp and crystal clear.

He could see himself lying on the bed with Hermione on top of him, moaning in pleasure as she rode him. He then noticed Lucius crawl onto the bed and slip behind her, pushing her down until she was flush with him, chest to breast, so that Lucius could join into the activities. He watched as Hermione went limp to allow access for both men to take their pleasure with her.

Severus pulled out of her mind and glanced to Lucius, giving him a nod to look. Lucius pried in gently, finding what Severus was interested in almost immediatly. He watched for a few minutes before pulling from her mind and turning to Severus, "Game on" he whispered

"Indeed" Severus replied.