Let me begin this tale of tragedy, life, love and… death. This is the TRUE story of Romeo and Juliet in modern times. The names have been changed to better fit modern times… screw the innocent!

Let me set the characters and the stage:

Danny: Taking the role of "Romeo Montague" is Danny Fenton, age 16. Danny is a teen rock idol and son of ghost-obsessed Lord Jack Fenton ( I changed Montague to Fenton! ) and Lady Madeline "Maddie" Fenton. He is the lead singer of the rock band "The Montague's". He falls in love with a Manson (Capulet in the original story), but the Fenton family's war with the Manson's prevents him from following the path of true love.

Sam: Taking the role of "Juliet Capulet" is our very own Samantha "Sam" Manson, age 16. Sam is a gothic rocker whose parents don't accept her environmentalist view of life. She is the only daughter of socialites Lord Jeremy Manson and Lady Pamela Manson She falls in love with the lead singer of "The Montague's" not realizing he comes from the Fenton family her family constantly wars with.

Maddie: Taking the role of "Lady Montague" is Maddie Fenton. Loving, caring, and a little lax when it comes to her 2 children are all qualities of Maddie. Unfortunately she also hates the Manson's with a passion and doesn't want Danny or Jazz anywhere near them.

Jack: taking the role of "Lord Montague" is Jack Fenton. He's the head of a mob family that hunts ghosts on the side. He is a loving, if not oafish, father of 2, Danny and Jazz. Surprisingly dim-witted and clumsy are things Jack is known for. His hatred of the Manson family dates back to ancient times and is sparked by a century's old family feud.

Jeremy Manson: taking the role of "Lord Capulet" is Jeremy Manson. He is the head of a mob family that rivals only the Fenton's. He cares more about public opinion and his family's good name than he does about his daughter, Sam's acceptance. He has prided public opinion over his daughter's happiness. He, like Pamela, hates the Fentons with a passion.

Pamela Manson: taking the role of "Lady Capulet" is Pamela Manson. She, like her husband Jeremy, prides public opinion over anything else and also hates the Fentons. She tries more so than Jeremy to get Sam to act "socially acceptable".

Jazz: taking the role of "Benvolio" is Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton. (please note I only made Jazz take the role of Benvolio is because Benvolio was a Montague and Romeo's friend in the original story) Jazz is Danny's older sister and subsequent pain in the neck. She understands Danny better than anyone else and sometimes uses his teenage hormones to get a good laugh. She dislikes the Mansons, but tries to play peacekeeper and stop the fighting.

Tucker: taking the role of "Mercutio" is Tucker Foley. Tucker is Danny's best friend. He dislikes the Mansons because of their snobby "If you aren't civilized then you're not worth our time" act. He still has his womanizing ways, but is usually shot down before the question is even asked. He plays the electric guitar in "The Montagues".

Damon Grey: taking the role of "Prince Escalus" is Damon Grey. He is the police chief and next in line for the throne of the Kingdom of Amity. His daughter, Valerie Grey, has her sights set on Danny… even if Danny doesn't have his on her.

Dash: taking the role of "Paris" is Dashiel "Dash" Baxter. Hired by Jeremy to woo Sam, his dim wit and love of brute force keeps her from ever loving him though. He comes from a wealthy well-liked family, but he is nothing like his family, preferring brawn over brains.

Kwan: taking the role of "Abraham" is Kwan. Kwan is one of Danny's friends (I only stuck him like this because he seems like the only one who would even attempt to make friends with Danny) and is the bass guitarist for "The Montagues". He picks brains over brawn but has an even mix of both. He, like Dash, comes from a wealthy family. He hates the Mansons with a passion like most of the Fentons.

Ida Manson: playing the role of "the nurse" is Ida Manson. Sam's grandmother and Jeremy's mother. She is full of old-age wisdom, but doesn't let it stop her from having a little fun.

The OC's-these are characters I made up to fill in the rest of the gaps. No stealing them! You can only use them with my permission if I'm at least credited for them.

Tyson: taking the role of "Tybalt" is Tyson. Pamela's nephew and Sam's cousin. Strong, able-bodied, and impossibly hotheaded are all qualities of Tyson. Tyson might as well be a contract killer for the Mansons, usually starting fights between the two families. He is well mannered, but his passion for hate of all Fentons and his love of fighting over-rides all. He is a skilled fighter trained in 15 different martial arts. He prefers a knife or a katana to guns despite modern times.

Friar John and Friar Laurence will be played by themselves. (not enough lines to give a good description other than the fact that they're priests.)

The Apothecary will be played by Doctor Bert Rand. (not enough lines other than the fact that he's a poor doctor)

Playing Balthesar will be Brandon. (Not enough lines to give a good description other than the fact that he plays in "The Montagues" on the keyboard and he hates the Mansons)

Sampson will be played by Brock. Brock is Jeremy's bodyguard. Although he is trained in many martial arts, not much else is known about him.

Gregory will be played by Elliot. Elliot is Brock's right hand man, but again, not much else is known.

Capulet servant will be played by Manson servant.

Sorry for the quickie descriptions at the end (anime sweatdrop), but there wasn't much about these characters originally to begin with. The only characters who got a good description were people with a semi-large or a large part. WARNING: I might ruin this and make it a musical. I can't stand watching musicals but writing them is so much fun! I will add my own twists and turns and probably end up ruining a classic. Oh well… why hasn't anyone else thought of doing this? These are the characters of "Star-Crossed Lovers: The True Story of Romeo and Juliet"