Impulsive Buy

It was the coolest thing ever, according to Bart.

Carol didn't disagree with him, per se. The teen hero Impulse now had his own comic book. While Bart had initially been more than a bit gaga over it – literally bouncing off the walls after mainlining the first six issues in seven seconds – he'd finally gotten mostly over his original starry-eyed love of the comic. The recent three-part miniseries Our Bodies Aren't Ourselves, featuring the mischievous Gender-Bending Bugs from Betelgeuse Prime had helped immensely with that.

Bart had been going on and on about how, "If that ever happened ta me, I sure wouldn't act so…silly-frilly!"

Carol wasn't entirely sure about that – her boyfriend often protested too much; it was part of his exuberant charm – but at least those issues had given her the opportunity to let Bart wear his Impulse costume again this Halloween, and to match him.

Situating her spandex skirt just so, Carol stomped her feet in the lightning-bedecked go-go boots, straightened her matching mask, and smiled at her reflection in this mirror.

When Bart saw her dressed, for lack of a better word – the costume wasn't really fit for a speedster; it didn't even have pants – as Impulsiva, his idea about what was the coolest thing ever…well, she knew it would change.

Even if it didn't, this costume was still definitely the best 19.95 plus tax she'd ever spent.