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Bella's point of view:

Finally. Rosalie, Alice, and I are finally at Bridgeston Academy (I randomly made that up) and now we're heading to our dorm.

"Yay." Alice squealed. "Don't you think this will be exciting?"

"I don't know" Rosalie said, bored.

"No" I simply stated.

Alice frowned. "Why?"

"Well, first off we are vampires and what if our secret accidentally escapes?" I asked. (YES! they are vampires!)

"But then again, we're basically immune to human blood so we won't hurt anybody" Rosalie added.

"Fine. But I don't get how exciting this could get. Its not like there will be other vampires in this school that we can date." I said.

Alice dose off and came back to reality and blinked a few times. She had a vision. I was gonna ask what she saw but she just said, "You are so wrong."

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