Origin of Wario

It was a typical night a Koopa Castle. Bowser was in his lab forming plans to get rid of Mario once and for all. " Blasted Mario, how do I possibly get rid of that little italian. Bowser thought for hours how to get the job done, then it hit him.

" Of course, why didn't I thinks of this before. Who better to beat Mario then Mario." Bowser strangly ran around his castle, looking at the ground. " I found it" Bowser picked up some hair which looked like Mario's. Bowser rushed back to the lab.

" With this I will clone Mario, and then I will have the perfect weapon. But wait, this clone might be a goody good like Mario". Bowser thought of a way to make sure the clone was evil. then it hit him. Bowser pulled some of his hair and mixed it with Mario's.

He pulled the switch. Minutes later the clone was complete. Bowser gave him some overalls and a hat like Mario's only yellow in color. " I think I will call you Wario" Bowser snered. " Now Wario, you were made with one purpose, to destroy Mario" sadi Bowser. " Yes King Koopa, I will destroy Mario, but I will not take orders from you" said Wario. " What how dare you, I gave you life" said Bowser. " And I thank you for that, but I will not be a slave to a some giant reptlile" said Wario.

Wario jumped over Bowser's head, smashed through the wall, and ran out. " Come back here" yelled Bowser. As angered as Bowser began to realizes something. " So what if he does not obey, he will still destroy Mario, and then I will destroy him.