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God, I'd forgotten what 5 months pregnant feels like, Mea groaned, putting her hands at the small of her back. She knew she really shouldn't be complainng. After all, Dora was 8 months pregnant, and Bella was due any day now. Still, the pregnancy hormones got to her and made her unnaturally crabby.

"MEA!!" She jumped at Bella's shriek and took off as fast as a witch 5 months pregnant could down the hall to her sister's room. Bella was sitting on the bed, her groin and legs soaked. Mea swore, yelling for Sirius, who came tearing in to the room, alert for whatever danger was threatening his family. One glance at Bella's legs and he swore, too.

"Take her arm. We have to get her to the hospital," Mea told him, grabbing one of Bella's arms and draping it over her shoulder, and Sirius followed suit. Mea grabbed her wand from her pocket and quickly sent a Patronus message to everyone else before they Disapperated straight to St. Mungo's hospital. Bella was quickly admitted to a room, very likely thanks to the bitching of the two pregnant women.

Twelve hours later, Bella screamed as another contraction tore through her body.

"Push, Bella, push!" Mea shouted through gritted teeth. She could have sworn she felt the bones in her right hand crack under the pressure Bella was putting on her. She looked across the bed at Sirius and saw tears streaming down his face as his left hand was crushed as well.

"I see the baby's head!" the Healer shouted from the foot of the bed. "Keep pushing!"

"What the hell do you think I'm doing!" Bella screamed. Ten minutes later, her pain subsided as a small cry filled the air.

"It's a girl!" the Healer exclaimed as she wiped off the newborn, wrapped her in a blanket, and placed her in her mother's arms.

"Oh," Bella gasped softly as she looked at her baby daughter. Her soft, pale face gave her the appearance of a porcelain doll, and a jet black fuzz topped her head. Bella smiled and gently stroked her soft cheek. The baby's delicate eyelids fluttered open and Bella stifled a gasp of shock when a pair of luminous hazel eyes looked up at her. She saw, as if superimposed over her daughter's, another pair of hazel eyes that slowly turned to blood-red, resembling those of a snake.

Mea's hand brushing her sweaty hair off her forehead brought her back to reality.

"Bella," Mea whispered in her ear. "You're a mother." Bella nodded silently, smiling at her daughter.

"Yes," she said quietly. "Hello...Evelyn." She brought the baby up and gently placed a kiss on her forehead.

"Evelyn?" Mea asked.

"Yes...Evelyn Delany Black."

Mea consiered for a moment, then nodded as Bella placed one more kiss on Evelyn's forehead before allowing the Healer to take her. She watched the woman leave before her head fell back into the pillow and she fell asleep.

Mea collapsed, exhausted, into a chair by the bed. She felt a strong pair of hands gently grasp her shoulders, and she looked up into Sirius's caring grey eyes. She smiled up at him and placed a kiss on his left hand, which was now red from Bella's death grip on it.

"Do you want anything to eat?" he whispered, leaning down to her ear. She smiled, nodding thankfully at him. He kissed her lips for a moment before leaving to find some food. Mea watched him go with a smile, then turned her gaze to her sleeping sister. The last almost year flashed through her mind. Bella had been on one hell of ride during it. To think that, this time last year, she had been a vengeful Death Eater, and now she was the mother of a beautiful newborn girl...Bella was a strong woman, Mea knew, and she knew that it had to have taken every ounce of hat strength and then some to overcome everything that had been thrown at her.

A sudden jolt in her swollen stomach brought a smile to her lips. She laid a hand on her stomach to soothe the child that now seemed to be jumping for joy within her womb. Thinking about the months to come, she sighed. Mea knew from her experience with Dora that taking care of a newborn infant was no easy feat. But it was February and they were expecting to have three newborns to handle by June: Dora was due to deliver by late March or early April, and Mea herself was due by either the tail end of May or the very beginning of June. In addition to the newborn babies that would be arriving soon, Dora also had a two-year-old son who had inheireted not only his mother's ability as a Metamorphmagus, but his father's Lycanthropy as well. They were certain that Teddy's younger brother or sister would inheiret those things as well. Mea sighed, knowing that their whole family would be in for a wild ride over the next few years.

Three days later, the Healers had confirmed that Bella and her daughter were both in perfect health and they were allowed to go home.

"Thank Merlin," she said as Mea and Sirius each wrapped an arm around her. Bella held Evelyn tighter against her chest as the four of them Apparated to Mea's house. "Much longer in there, and I'd have gone crazy." Mea and Sirius chuckled.

"Bella," Sirius said with a playful smirk, "how can you go somewhere you're already at?"

Bella and Mea looked at Sirius with a puzzled expression.

"And you call me the idiot..."

Suddenly, it clicked.

"Why, you impudent little pup!" Bella snapped.

"Bella..." Mea said warningly, giving a meaningful look toward her infant niece, whom Bella was still holding against her chest.

"Alright..." Bella huffed, and glared at Sirius before gently laying her daughter in the small crib they had bought last month. Mea gave her an encouraging hug, helped her slide into bed, and then waddled off after her husband, who had sampered out of the room when Bella glared at him.

Bella propped herself up on her elbow for a moment to watch the small little lump in the crib. She smiled and quickly wiped a few tears of happiness from the corners of her eyes before settling back into bed, falling asleep immediately from sheer exhaustion.

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