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Chapter 1. Kiri Makes plans

"Hey! Kiri-chan!" yelled a hyper boy with a visor.

"Hmm?" sleepy chestnut eyes looked up at the boy standing by her desk.

"So loud…what is it Kei?"

"Hey! Hey! I want to ask you something!"

"So shoot." Kiri said rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Well, I asked Occhi but he said no; then I asked Naru-Naru but he just hit me and yelled. So I was wondering do you want to go with me?" Kei asked jumping up and down.

"Huh? Go where? Speak more clearly Kei."

"This weekend. A new candy store opened and I hear they have the best snacks! So do you wanna go?"

"Hmm…I'll go but you have to buy me snacks too. Deal?"

Kiri said with a serious look in her eye.

"Okay! I'll come by and pick you up at 1:00 ok?" Kei asked excited.

Kiri smiled so suddenly at Kei that it surprised him and caused a blush to cross his face.

"Ok, sound great Kei. See you this weekend," Kiri said then laid her head back down and fell asleep.

Kei stood there looking down at her suddenly at a loss for words.

"O-Ok. See you then Kiri-chan." Kei said as he ran out of the class with a more then red face.

"Dammit! Where's Kei? He's late!" shouted Narumi.

Ochiai sat at his computer trying to ignore Narumi's shouting.

When Kei ran in, his face completely red and a big smile on his face. Ochiai raised an eyebrow at his strange behavior.

"Your late Kei! What was the hold up?!" Narumi shouted.

"Nothing, just…Kir- uh never mind! What are we doing today Naru-Naru?"

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME NARU-NARU!" Narumi shouted at Kei completely ignoring the start of Kiri's name. Ochiai who never misses any details looked questionably at Kei. But Kei just ignored him and acted like his innocent self. After Narumi calmed down, he told them of his plan to train over the weekend. At this Kei looked up.

"Nope!" he said.

The room went silent. Narumi and Ochiai stared at Kei as he stood there smiling.

"What?" Narumi and Ochiai asked at the same time.

"I'm busy this weekend. Can we do it another time?"

"Well just cancel you plans! Right Kazuhiko?" Narumi yelled turning to Ochiai.

Kazuhiko pushed up his glasses. "Narumi, I always wonder if you'll make us death one day. But Kei can you tell us what exactly your doing this weekend that's so important?"

"Hmm that's a secret!" Kei said smiling.

"Well, whatever it is CANCEL IT! It's obviously not important and just a waste of time!" Narumi said then stomped out of the room.

"Do you have to do whatever it is this weekend Kei? You can't reschedule?"

"No! I have to go. I promised!"

"Ok, ok if its that important to you we can do this another time."

"Yay! Thank you Occhi!"

Ochiai twitched at the nickname Kei was always calling him.

"What's wrong Ochiai? You don't like you nickname?"

Just hearing her voice made Ochiai's heart skip a beat. He quickly turned to the window, where Kiri was leaning.

"Ko-Koshiba-san. What brings you here?" Ochiai asked hoping she decided to come in.

"Nothing much, just bored and decided to check-out what you guys were doing." Kiri's eye's roamed the room and seemed to be looking for something. "Where's Naru-Naru?"

"Not here. Why are you looking for Naru-Naru Kiri-chan?" Kei asked.

Kiri looked over at Kei and noticed he looked a bit upset by what she asked. So decided to change the subject.

She sighed. "No reason. So what's SP up to today?"

"Well, we were in the middle of discussing it when Narumi got upset again and left." Ochiai stated.

"So, just the usual going on here. Well I'm gonna go look for Kanako and Tarotard." With that she left. Ochiai just sighed and turned back to his computer. When he noticed he didn't hear any munching sounds coming from Kei. He turned to see Kei still staring at where Kiri was a few minutes ago. Thinking nothing of it he turned back to his work. To bad he didn't notice the small taint of pink upon Kei's cheeks.

Narumi stomped down the halls still clearly upset. 'Stupid Kei! Always getting me mad and acts as if it's no big deal!'

"Hey Naru-Naru," said a nonchalant voice.

Narumi froze mid-step. And turned to his rival. She just stood there and stared at him with a bored expression.

Narumi sighed. "So not cute." He looked back up st her to see she looked irritated by what he said. 'She's starting to show more emotions. This could be fun.' Just as he was about to say something…

"Naru-Naru," she said slowly with a smirk.

"What did I tell you about calling me Naru-Naru?! Call me SENPAI! SENPAI!"

"Naru-Naru senpai."

"Argh! Just forget it!"

This time Kiri sighed. 'He gets upset so easily.'

"I just wanted to ask you something. Jezz."

"Well, I'm glad your finally starting to notice the genius skills of I, Shogo Narumi, the next number 1 top hairstylist!"

"If your gonna act like this I'll just ask Ochiai to help me."

Narumi stopped and watched as she was walking away. He had noticed that Kazuhiko was starting to show some feelings towards Kiri. Just the thought of them alone together made him really mad. He started to fell a small hatred for him. Which was surprising since he was his best friend.

"Wait! Mussyhead!"

Kiri stopped and merely glanced at Narumi to show she heard him.

"You don't have to ask Kazuhiko. I guess I can spare some time to help you. What is it first?"

Kiri sighed but turned to Narumi. She looked down. 'I can't believe I'm doing this.'

"I need help on how to draw." she said bluntly.

"Well your drawings do suck." Kiri glares. "But I guess I can help you. Don't go telling others! It will have to be a secret. How about everyday after school at your house? My house is too loud with my little sister around."

"Hmmm..I guess that's alright. When do you want to start?"


"I guess that's fine. See you after school then Naru-Naru." Kiri turned and continued walking away as Narumi watched her leave. 'Well that was weird. She sure is acting different.'

'Well today sure was eventful. I wonder were Kanako and Tarotard are.'


"Huh?" Kiri turned around to find Kanako waiting for with lunch as well.

"Oh, Kanako. Where have you been?"

"Umm I went to go get us lunch. Where have you been Kiri-chan?"

"Oh, no where special. Did you get me juice?"

"Of course!" Kanako said with a smile.

"Umm..are you gonna be busy this weekend Kiri-chan?"

"I guess you can say that. I'll be busy for quite a while Kanako. So I won't be able to hang out as much. Sorry."

"Oh that's alright Kiri-chan."

Kiri looks over at Kanako who just out her head down. Kiri looked down then stood up. Then pulled Kanako up.

"We'll hang out soon. Don't worry."

Kanako smiled. "Ok. Until then Kiri-chan."

"Until then."

after school

Kiri stood waiting by the school gate. She watched as everyone left until almost everyone was gone. 'Where is he? Did he forget? Dumb Naru-Naru. Oh well might as well head home.' Just turning to leave she heard someone say her name.


"Huh?" Kiri turned and saw someone she never thought she would see again. She smiled and ran to hug him.

"I can't believe your back. We have lots to talk about. But right now I'm just glad to see you."

"Same here."

"Do you want to come over to see Shampoo?"

"Sure. Let's go." He grabbed Kiri's hand and lead the way.

5 minutes after they left Narumi shows up.

"Dammit! Where's Kiri? We didn't even decide on a place to meet. That was half an hour wasted. Well might as well head to her house. Maybe she's there."

So Narumi headed towards Kiri's house unaware of the strange string of events about to follow from here on out.


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