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Chapter 3. Not as good as it Seems

Kei was walking down the hall with a sucker in his mouth, humming a tune.

So far his day was just great! He got chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, at school he was handed lots of sweets from girls and in all his classes he didn't have to do anything.

He was also glad it was finally Friday. He smiled at the thought of spending Saturday with Kiri. With nothing to do he decided to head to the Sp room.

He opened the door only to find Narumi there practicing as usual.

"Where's Occhi? Naru-Naru," Kei asked closing the door.

"Huh? Oh, I don't know. Why?," Narumi replied not even looking at him.

"No reason," Kei said looking out the window opening, with a new box of snacks in hand.

Narumi sighed, 'I might as well tell him now.'

"Hey Kei-"

"Oh! I think lunch break is over. We should head back to class, Naru-Naru." Kei said already walking out of the room.

"Argh! You could at least wait till I'm done talking! And what did I tell you about calling me Naru-Naru!" Narumi yelled forgetting the earlier conversation he wanted to start.

~~Narumi and Kei go back to class~~

The teacher walks in with a smile.

"Alright everyone, take your seats. I have an announcement to make. We have a new student joining us today. You may come in now!" the teacher called to the door.

Narumi's eyes widened when he saw who walked in.

Rio walked in calmly. He stopped by the teacher and faced the class.

"Hello everyone! My name is Rio Mizuno. Nice to meet you. I hope we can all be friends." Rio said smiling.

Girls started chatting right away on how cute the new guy was. When Kei raised his hand.

"Yes, Kei?" the teacher asked.

"Can Mizuno-san sit next to me?!" Kei said excited.

'Urgh! Your making a big mistake Kei!' Narumi thought.

"Sure. Is that alright Mizuno-san?"

"Yeah! Why not?" Rio said.

Rio walked over to Kei and took the empty seat next to him.

"I like your style," Rio commented to Kei.

"Thanks! I can see your not a fan of the school uniform either." Kei said then laughed.

Rio was wearing a brown long sleeved turtleneck, with a light short sleeved yellow hooded sweater over it. With black jeans that had a few chains on it.

"Well, I kinda wanna be a fashion designer. Sometimes a change of style can boost someone's confidence. I want to help people feel better about themselves," Rio said looking forward.

"That's cool! Hey wanna come to our club room after school?" Kei whispered. The teacher kept glancing in their direction. Giving them the warning to stop talking.

"Sorry, I'm meeting someone. Maybe next time." Rio whispered back.

"Sure. Is it your girlfriend your meeting?" Kei asked with a grin.

Rio blushed and started doodling in is notebook.

"She's not my girlfriend yet. But she will be. We belong together."

Kei gave him a strange look. But then shrugged and faced the teacher again. 'That guy is strange, But at least I made a new friend! I wonder if Kiri will be there after school.' Just thinking about her brought a slight tinge of pink to Kei's cheeks.

~~After School~~

"HEY NARU-NARU!" Kei yelled.

"Must you be so loud!? What is it?" narumi yelled back.

"Have you met the new guy, mizuno-san?"

Narumi tensed up.

"Uh yeah! What about him? He's an idiot!" Narumi said angrily.

"Jeez. I was just wondering. He seems kinda strange but kinda cool too and-…"

Kei had stopped talking. Narumi turning around and saw Kei who seemed frozen. He walked over to see what had made Kei freeze like that. What he saw made him upset all over again.


*Outside during the time Kei was talking to Narumi*

Kiri was waiting for Rio. She had stood there for a while now and was starting to get sleepy. When she feels someone hug her from behind.

Kiri sighed but then smiled and turned her head.

"Hey Rio. What took you so long? I wanted to get to the store and buy Shampoo some sardine treats."

Rio laughed. 'Still the same Kiri.' He let her go and took her bag.

"We better get going then." Rio said with a smile.

"Yeah. Um can you hold on a sec. I need to do something really quick first." Kiri turned and headed towards the Sp's room window.


*Back with Narumi and Kei*

When Kei saw Kiri get hugged by Rio. His mind was confused and he didn't understand how he felt. Then when Kiri smiled up at Rio, it was like a bucket of cold water was splashed on him. What ever gave him the idea that Kiri would want to hangout with someone like him? When she had someone as cool as Rio.

Too busy thinking, Kei hadn't even realized Kiri was at the window watching him.

"Hey Kei," Kiri said with a smile.

Kei jumped. But forced a smile feeling nervous.

"Uh, hey Kiri-chan!" ' What's wrong with me? Ok, just breath and everything will be fine.' Kei thought.

"Don't forget tomorrow at 1:00. Ok? I can't wait." Kiri said with a smile thinking of all the new sweets she will get to try. The she turned to Narumi.

" See you later Naru-Naru," she said with a wink.

Narumi knew Kiri meant her drawing lessons but he couldn't help but blush alittle from Kiri's wink. As he turned his face and muttered a "yeah". Kei was blushing from Kiri's smile but still managed to talk.

"Yeah! Me too!" Kei said forgetting his earlier feelings.

"Well, I gotta go. See ya!" Kiri said as she headed back over to Rio.

~~With Narumi and Kei~~

Kei's smile slowly disappeared as he watched Kiri walk off with Rio.

Narumi watched Kiri for a while then glanced at Kei. Then let out a big sigh. 'I don't think I'll be helping much if I talk about Rio with Kei.' Narumi glanced at Kei again, then shook his head and went back to practicing some more till he had to go over to Kiri's house.

~~With Kiri and Rio~~

"So…How long have you know this Naru-guy?" Rio asked nervously.

"Hmm? Oh, Narumi? For a while I guess. We're in the same club and we've even met up in L.A, once. While I was visiting my mom." Kiri said. "Why ask?"

"No reason! Just curious. Ha ha!" Rio said quickly. 'Darn it! At this rate Kiri will end up with the conceited jerk!'

Kiri looked up at Rio and saw he had a frustrated look.

' I guess I should get this over with before he starts to get too jealous.'

"Hey, Rio?" Kiri asked.


"How long are you gonna keep up with this 'belong together' thing?"Rio stopped and grabbed Kiri's arm to keep her from walking away.

"What are you talking about? I know we belong together. Who knows more about you then I do? I even helped you raise Shampoo. I was there when you accidentally cut your mom's ear-"

"Stop," Kiri whispered, but Rio didn't hear.

"I was there when your mom left for L.A. and you felt abandoned-"


"I was even there to save you when you where almost-"

"STOP!" Kiri yelled while covering his mouth with both hands.

"Please….stop." Her hands slid to his shoulders while hanging her head, As she stared at the floor, she blinked away tears that tried to come out.

"Ki-kiri…I'm sorry. I really am. I never meant to hurt you." Rio said then hugged her.

"I know." Kiri said in an emotionless voice. "Lets just go now." Kiri pulled away from Rio and started walking. Rio looked at her, then cursed himself for bringing up something so painful. Then ran to catch up with her.

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