Author's note: Wow first one in a loooong time. This was what came to mind when given a prompt from my livejournal friend, Stars. The prompt was to write a 100-1000 word drabble inspired by these lyrics from the song "Forever" by Papa Roach: "One last kiss before I go before I go/Dry your tears, it is time to let you go". I'm quite proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it. My only warnings are Sennin War spoilers, and you may want some tissues.


The sun set on the long, bittersweet day. The Sennin War was finally over, Bunchuu killed himself, giving Kongrong the victory. But at what cost?

Above the city, Taikoubou sat on a high plateau, facing the sunset. He had fought his hardest, keeping his head as clear as possible through the whole war. But now that the dust was settling, all that he had lost finally caught up to him, causing him to hug his knees to his chest and sit in silent tears. His spirit beast, Suupuushan, hovered close beside him, sympathetically watching the back of his master's head, not daring say anything.

As they remained still and solemn, they never would have imagined a third figure involved in this setting. Suupuushan didn't even notice someone patting him on the head, or the rustle of clothing in the wind. He didn't even glimpse the figure that glided past him, setting its feet down on the plateau. The remains of the presense of Fugen Shinjin had come, invisible to beast and master alike.

Silently the ghost took small steps, rounding Taikoubou and kneeling before him. Any sadness in Fugen's heart was never reflected in his face, only his familiar, warm smile.

"Bou-chan." he whispered, even knowing that he couldn't hear him. Being an intangible force, he could not brush his friend's tears away, but he could caress Taikoubou's face, smiling still.

"I'm sorry." he continued, "It was for the best. Someday you'll believe that..."

Were he a more violent being, Fugen probably would have cursed Genshitenson and the Houshin Project. To put himself and his friend, and so many others in so much pain. To sever the bonds between the living and those they loved. But alas, it was the only way. It was Fugen's destiny to sacrifice himself this day, even if the efforts seemed in vain. It was Taikoubou's destiny to suffer. All in the name of saving the human world.

Another breeze swept through the ribbons draped around the angelic sennin, dancing them around Taikoubou, eyes still vacant as the tears flowed. Fugen smiled still, leaning closer to his friend.

"We will meet again...I promise."

He kissed Taikoubou softly on the forhead, and dissolved into the wind. His goodbyes were said.