Hi! This is the sequel to my story Secrets and Lies. It is starts in mid-OotP and goes through HBP then post-DH. The story is mostly compliant with the books, except for the fact I've added an extra character. Reading Secrets and Lies is not essential to understand this story.

The story is told from Rose's perspective but there is lots of Remus, for all those obsessive Remus fanatics like myself.


Hogwarts castle, 1981.

The corridors of Hogwarts castle were unusually quiet for the early evening, devoid of the usual chatter of students. Except for one corridor, where a gargoyle had just parted from its position on the wall to reveal a large spiraling staircase, allowing for a hoard of young adults, Hogwarts professors and workers from the Ministry to noisily infiltrate the corridor.

"Rose?" said one young man with light brown hair, addressing the beautiful young woman who clung tightly to his hand. He looked anxious, as did most of the occupants of the corridor, though his expression was also one of steely determination.

"Yes, Remus?" replied Rose.

"Come with me, in here, for a moment," he said, indicating with his head. "I need to talk to you."

She followed his gaze to a small class room. She frowned.


"I'll explain inside," he replied nervously, his eyes darting across the corridor, landing on young woman with red hair and striking green eyes. "Lily?"

"Yes?" she replied, looking away from the two black-haired companions who were deep in conversation.

"Will you wait here for a moment? I just need to have a word with Rose."

"Of course, I'll wait here with James." she replied immediately, though her eyes narrowed in confusion.

"Thank you," he replied, quickly moving forward into the empty classroom, with Rose clinging to his arm.

"Remus, what's going on?" she asked her as he closed the door, her eyes full of concern. "You're all clammy, and white."

"Something has happened," he said seriously, wasting no time. "Dumbledore just told me. One of the werewolves – Fenrir Greyback – he's working with Voldemort."

Rose shivered, despite the distinct warmth of the air.

"He's a death eater?" she asked sharply.

Remus shook his head.

"No, not a death eater. He wasn't given that honour. But he is working with them. He's part of the pack I'm spying on," Remus paused, took a deep breathe and said, "And Dumbledore's spy against Voldemort said that Greyback suspects me of working with the order."

Rose gasped, and clasped two hands to her mouth in horror.

"No!" she said as she lowered her hands. Her eyes were full of fear. "Remus, this is dangerous! You need to pull out of this spy business! You can't afford to let Voldemort know you're working against him!"

"I can't," Remus insisted. "My work is important for the order. Greyback is trying to convince the werewolves to work for Voldemort. The order needs me to work against him, to slow him down."

"But Remus," she replied angrily. "Don't you know what will happen? They suspect you! You could be killed!"

"No," he said calmly, shaking his head. "Greyback can't afford to kill me. The pack is always loyal to each other. If the others find out, they will turn against him."

"But you can't be sure of that!" she said, her eyes searching his face desperately.

His eyes rose to meet her gaze. He looked at her distressed face with sadness and a hint of urgency.

"That isn't important now," he replied firmly. "No – just listen for a moment, Rose, don't interrupt. Dumbledore wants me to stay with the pack for a few weeks, without leaving like I usually do. That way it will look like I really am just one of them. That should shake of Greyback's suspicion."

Rose looked aghast.

"Weeks? Weeks? You can't spend weeks with them, they're dangerous!"

Remus sighed, though he looked tenser than he was earlier.

"I have to Rose, it's the only option, otherwise I look suspicious."

He paused for a moment, watching Rose pace frantically back and forth.

"But that isn't what I want to talk about," he said, his brow creased in a frown.

Rose stopped pacing, and turned to face him completely, looking very pale.

"No?" she asked, her voice shaking, sounding almost hysterical. "There's more? Something more than the fact that you want to live amongst the people who probably want to kill you?"

Remus sat down on a nearby table, resting his head in hands for a moment.

"Yes, there's more," he replied, looking up, his expression deadly seriously. "This werewolf – Greyback – he's a vicious killer. He isn't like the others, he loves what he is. He even goes out of his way to position himself near his victims on the night of the full moon, so he can bite them, maybe even kill them."

Rose tensed at these words, but she did not speak.

"But that isn't the worst of it," said Remus, his jaw tensing. "No, the worst is his style. You see, he doesn't go for direct revenge, no, he targets friends and family – children even, to make those who displease him suffer."

He paused for a moment, his eyes locked on Rose's, and for the first time, they were full of fear, as he said, in a quivering voice, "That means you, Rose. You are in danger, not me."

Rose simply looked at Remus in shock, her eyes equally fearful.

"B-But he doesn't know me, does he?" she asked nervously. "He doesn't even know your real name, right? You're using a fake name?"

"I am, but it won't hold, especially not now that Dumbledore suspect that there is a traitor in the order."

There was a moment's silence during which they simply looked at each other. Then Rose shook her head, and said,

"I can protect myself, Remus, that isn't an issue. If worst comes to worst, I can hide. But what about you? How are you going to hide if you're living with them?"

"No, Rose, you are not safe," Remus said firmly. "As long as everyone knows you're my girlfriend you won't be safe, no matter where you're hiding."

"But you don't even know –"

"Rose, listen to me!" he said forcefully. He stood up until he was right besides her, gripping one of her arms. There was panic in his voice as he said, "Listen, you will be target number one when Greyback finally figures out what I am doing – and he will. That's why, that's why –"

He paused, ripping his eyes away from hers, as though the words he was about to speak were to demanding to be formulated.

"Why, what? What is it, Remus?" Rose asked, though with the air of a person dreading the answer.

"That's why," he paused, took a deep breath, and said, "That is why we need to stop seeing each other, Rose. We need to end this."

Rose looked like she was ready to faint, her face was ghostly white.

"Only – only until you finish your mission, you mean?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"No," Remus replied, the pain in his voice was impossible to miss, his eyes silently pleading with her to understand, to forgive, "I mean for good, Rose. For - forever. I'm not safe for you, as long as Voldemort is out there, you're in danger because of me, and even if he somehow, by some miracle, dies, I'll still be a danger to you…"

The tears rolled down her cheeks silently, her legs quivered visibly, as though they would give up on her. She grasped his arms with both her own, breaking his hold on her.

"Remus. What are you saying? How can you say that? After all these years?"

Remus did not meet her gaze.

"I'm sorry Rose. You're better off without me. I've seen how our relationship has harmed your life. I have no job, no money. I'm a social outcast. I can't risk having children. I'm dangerous. I can never marry. No matter what you say, you are better off without me in your life."

"No!" she cried, her plea full of anguish, tears streaming freely down her face. She shook him frantically, "I don't care! I told you so many times, I don't care that you're dangerous! I don't care about money! I love you, Remus, I love you. It's been six years, can't you see that?"

His eyes were oddly shiny, but his resolve did not falter.

"I see an amazing young witch, wasting her life and time on a no body. I'm too poor, too dangerous, you deserve better. This is it; this is the end, Rose. Move on. You can find better than me."

"No! No, Remus, please, don't! You can't leave me!"

"I'm sorry, Rose," he said softly. His speech was suspiciously calm, though his eyes betrayed great pain. "I have to leave now. Dumbledore expects me to join the werewolves in less than an hour. Take care of yourself. Don't worry about me. J-Just forget me, move on."

"Remus!" she shouted in frustration and agony, shaking his body back and forth. "Don't you dare go!"

But he did not reply. He looked down at her, his expression returned to that of steely determination, though his eyes screamed in anguish.

"Goodbye, Rose" he said, taking on last looking in to her devastated, teary eyes. He escaped easily from her grasp and was out the door before she could pull him back, leaving Rose to collapse against the wall, her body heaving heavily as she sobbed.

Outside the door, a white faced Remus blinked back tears as he was confronted by Lily and James, both looking concnered.

"Remus, what happened? We heard shouting –" started James.

"There's no time, I have to go," he replied quickly, with admirable calm. He turned to Lily and said, "She needs you now. Please, take care of her?"

"Of course, Remus," she said quickly. "But what –"

"Thank you. She can explain when she's ready – I need to go. See you."

And Remus hurried off down the corridor, his eyes finally giving up. He hastily wiped away the tears as the corridor echoed with loud sobs behind him.