Chocolate Roller Coasters

by Impervious Marr


Summary: Ulquiorra glared at anyone who looked at the blue-haired Espada for more than two seconds, and pulled Grimmjow inside the amusement park, growling. Grimmjow smirked. GrimmUlqui.

Warnings: AU-ishishish. More 'ish'. MxM, GrimmUlqui, swearing, all the good stuff. Fluff and stupid humor. :D

A/N: xD More boredom. I just love these two. Seriously. I needed a fic that was way away from all the angst and the long, twisty plots - so cliches and fluff it is! Bahahaha!

Eh. It was actually supposed to be a one-shot, but whatever.

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Grimmjow stared at the scene in front of him, mouth going slack as his eyes went out of focus, thoughts scattered. He wiped off the drool that hung out a few seconds later.

Ulquiorra, on the other hand, gave him a mildly distasteful look. He couldn't believe that he was assigned to this kind of - of - moron - for a partner in this assignment. He fervently hoped that a fly would wander into the depths of Grimmjow's mouth - but then again, maybe not. The thought alone churned his insides.

"Grimmjow, close your mouth." Trash.

"But I'm fucking bored!" Grimmjow said. No. More like whined. Ulquiorra resisted the immediate urge to slap his forehead. Was this really what an Espada should act like?

But then again, there was the butterfly-pink-haired-freak-o-nature who played with voodoo dolls, Szayel.

Now that was just sick and wrong.

"Grimmjow. We are on an assignment."

"But Ulquiiiii," Grimmjow stretched long and low, grinning mischeviously, watching as Ulquiorra tensed at the maligned alteration of his name.

The green-eyed man glared.

"Do not call me Ulqui. It is Ulquiorra."

"Right, and people are trash," Grimmjow recited, as if he knew what went through the male Arrancar's mind at the moment. Ulquiorra bristled, but stayed put in his seat. "Hey, Ulqui. Can we take a look around?"

"For the last time, it's Ulquiorra, and no."

"But why not?" He grinned lopsidedly, and Ulquiorra felt the urge to punch his face. He was wearing shades; they put on casual, huan clothes to fit in and be inconspicious. But it's a bit hard to be, as Gin put it, 'hidden', with Grimmjow's vibrant blue hair.

Then again, he himself had green eyes. The people who walked by them stared curiously, but went and carried with their own business when Grimmjow glared at them.

"Because we are to stay here until we can intercept the target."

"But he's not gonna be here until late evening!" Grimmjow exclaimed, indignant. Ulquiorra scoffed.

"That information is at subject to change."

"Come on, Ulqui, I wanna look around."


"Come onnnn."


"Come onnn -"

"I said no!" Ulquiorra raised his voice, before breathing in deep, gritting his teeth. Grimmjow got to him like no other. The blue-haired man just grinned away, even at Ulquiorra's outburst, as if saying, 'I win'.

Oh no. He certainly did not win.

"Why are you so adamant to look around?"

"If you're asking why I'm so determined to take you around, it's because I'm bored, you need to get out a little more, and we're in an amusement park for god's sake. If this isn't the mother of all romantic cliches, I don't know what is."

Grimmjow's face didn't change when Ulquiorra squawked incredulously. Another outburst.

Grimmjow leads by two points.

A romantic cliche!?

Ulquiorra stared at him for a little bit longer, trying to gauge if Grimmjow went over the cliff already and was in wa wee woo land. maybe he was just hearing things. Maybe Aizen brainwashed him. Whatever it was, this was not the Grimmjow he knew. Nodding to himself, he abruptly turned around.

Grimmjow frowned.

"Hey, hey! I'm not crazy! I'm just sayin'. You know these girls here, they always take me 'round to see movies and stuff, and it's always 'bout those kind of things -"

Grimmjow froze at the force of the glare directed his way.

"You went on dates?" Ulquiorra asked calmly, raising a delicate eyebrow at the blue-haired man whose face in three seconds flat immediately went to 'oh shit'. "With the human girls?"

Grimmjow decided to stare death in the face and laugh. It came out more of a sheepish, small chuckle.

"Err, yeah. You know they can't resist me, always asking me out and stuff."

Don't kill me!

"You mean on all those times you were missing from Las Noches you were actually spending time with the girls in the Human World, and not actually doing your surveillance work like you told everybody else you did?"

I am going to gut you, Grimmjow Jeagerjacques.

"Well, Aizen did find out, but he was amused and shit. So he let me off, funnily enough."

But Ulquiorra was definitely, definitely not amused. Adjusting his black buttoned-up shirt and folding his sleeves, he snatched up Grimmjow's hand and pulled him inside the amusement park, growling at anyone and everyone who looked at them funny, or even tried to look at Grimmjow for more than three seconds.

Grimmjow on the other hand, smirked behind the green-eyed, furious Espada.



End Chapter One.



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