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Vampiric Dream

"What the hell is Seigaku SHS?" Ryoma asked looking over the brochure in his hands.

"We promised that we would send you there when you turned sixteen," Rinko smiled warmly. That didn't answer his original question but oh well.

"Promised, who?"

"Ourselves, of course. Your father and I only want you to have the best and your father even went to Seigaku when he was younger. Isn't that right, dear?"

A grumbling sound of agreement was the only response they got. "Who are they?" Ryoma asked holding up a page on the brochure that had eight boys standing all together as if the were best friends. "Hmmmm…..oh, they are the Student Council."

Ryoma raised an eyebrow. "Student council?"

"Yes, they run the school under the teachers. They also happen to be the welcoming committee you will get to meet them as well. They do look like a batch of lovely boys," Rinko sighed. Wishing her son had friends like these, actually wishing her son had friends at all.

"I guess they look nice," he sighed going back to his perusing of the brochure on his new high school.


"Hey, hey did you guys hear, nya?"

"Hear what Eiji?" Oishi asked looking at the bouncing red head.

Eiji stopped bouncing long enough to speak. "New student. Male, 16, first year, I'm not sure what his blood type is. But I'll find out," Eiji smiled licking his lips.

"Kikumaru," a voice berated.

"Oh, gomen, gomen, buchou," Eiji apologized hiding behind Oishi.

"Lighten up Tezuka-buchou it has been quiet a while since we've had a new student," Momo sighed flipping through a magazine of half- naked girls.

"I'll be getting new data, excellent."

"I'll welcome him alone," Fuji suggested.

"Iie, iie, iie….you'll take him for yourself, nya."

"But girls are not as fun. They just throw themselves at me. Boys at least fight back and tend to question their sexuality by morning," Fuji smiled whilst keeping his eyes closed.

"Fujiko that's not very nice."

"Sumimasen Taka-san. I will try to keep it in check," Fuji said smiling warmly at his friend.

"You can use me as an outlet, Fujiko," Eiji cheered running towards Fuji but was pulled back abruptly. "No he will not," Oishi said firmly.

"But Fujiko always leaves marks. I like the marks, nya."

"Which is why he should refrain from any activities at all, considering the sadistic turn his pleasure usually takes," Tezuka sighed.

"Would you like to partake of me as a punishment," Fuji smiled but was surprised when he was pushed hard into Taka.

"Fujiko, you can't say things like that," Eiji hissed. "What? I merely offered my body."

"Exactly. Remember," Eiji whispered. "Tezuka," Oishi whispered as his best friend's eyes glossed over in memories. Fuji looked as well and felt a slight twinge of guilt. He had forgotten. There was only one in Tezuka's heart and whenever somebody offered him any form of sexual pleasure he would often get like he is now, lost in the memories of his long dead lover.

Fuji bowed. "I apologize, Tezuka. I forgot."

"It's alright," he sighed breaking from his reverie. "Iie, it's not. Fujiko how could you forget Ochibi. I should tackle you now."

"Eiji, he died there is nothing we can do to change that," Oishi said reasonably.

"So, I'll never forget him. He was like my best friend, nya."

"More like a glomp post," Momo laughed.

"ENOUGH!!" everybody turned at the sudden outburst. "Go to classes all of you."

They did as they were told. Touching on him was a very sensitive subject after all.



"Ryoma-san, onegai…"

"Yadda, Yadda, Yadda…"

"What is it now, brat," Nanjiroh sighed scratching his head. "I was just trying to get him to put on his school uniform," Nanako sighed.

"I don't want to wear it. There is way to many layers on that thing," Ryoma sighed.

"Can't I just wear the shirt and pants?"

"No, you have to wear the blazer to, its part of the uniform," Nanako said. "Fine," he growled roughly grabbing the items out of her hand, marching back into his room, and slamming the door shut. Ten minutes later Ryoma emerged dressed in the full uniform; of course it wasn't buttoned all the way to the top, his way of rebelling. As he descended the stairs he mentally prepared himself for the squeal that was sure to come.

Sure enough when he stepped down the last step his mother squealed hugging him tightly and petting his hair. "You look so grown up. Coming back to Japan was a good idea. I can't believe my little boy is all grown and in Senior High School," she cooed ushering him towards the table for breakfast. Ryoma was pleasantly surprised to see his favorite breakfast laid out for him. Though there was one addition he would rather had gone without. Picking up the glass he held it up in front of his face.

"I hate this tomato stuff, so why do I have to drink it?" he groaned swishing the liquid inside. The three other people in the room tensed. But Rinko was the one that spoke up. "Tomatoes are full of vitamins, Ryoma. Like a V8," she convinced using an American drink as a reference.

"I don't like V8s either," he sighed bringing the glass to his lips. The three other occupants watched with bated breath as Ryoma took the first sip. Ryoma's eyes widened in surprised and he quickly downed the rest. "That was a lot better than usual. What did you do to it?"

"Added some sugar," Rinko said simply before returning back to her washing. "Well you should do that more often."

"It's not that easy shishounen."

"Why not all kaa-san has to do is pick up a spoon and pour some sugar in."

"Alright, you need to go, Ryoma," Rinko smiled helping her son up who was trying to hurriedly finish his breakfast. "Ok, ok, I'm going," he said through a mouth full of fish. Grabbing his bag and slipping on his shoes he left the house. "How did you manage to get that, Rinko?"

"It wasn't easy. I was only able to get a liter for $200," she answered picking up the glass and dropping it into the sink.

Nanjiroh chuckled darkly. "The price of that stuff sure has gone up."


Ryoma was walking down the street minding his own business, as he usually does, when he was knocked to the ground. The two bike riders didn't seem to notice him as they continued to peddle as if in a race. "Today is my win, Mamushi," one yelled. While the other, Ryoma could have sworn, was hissing.

"Please tell me they don't go to my new school," he moaned getting up and brushing the dirt off the back of his uniform. Holstering his bag once more he continued his walk to the school. After merely five minutes he could see the large school looming in the distance but right in front of him he saw the two who had knocked him down. They seemed to be arguing over who got which spot on the bike rack. "Hey…" Ryoma called trying to get their attention.

The two continued to argue. Words such as Mamushi and teme caught his ears along with a few tell tale hisses. "Hey," Ryoma yelled this time the two stopped their mindless arguing their eyes turning to him. Ryoma knew he was probably going to be the target of the yells now. But neither spoke just gaped at him as if they had seen a ghost. "You knocked me over back there and I would like an apology."

"Go…men," they said slowly as if in disbelief.

"Whatever," Ryoma huffed walking into the school grounds.


"Echizen Ryoma-kun, right?" the receptionist said kindly. Ryoma nodded his head in confirmation. "Alright, you are in class 1-A this is their assigned room, teacher, and schedule. But you don't have to worry about class today. You see it is customary for all new students to spend the day with our Student Council. They will show you around the school and answer all your questions."

Suddenly a random girl jumped up from her seat in the office. "But if you don't want to go. I'll go. Spending a day with Tezuka-kun is my dream."

"Komari-chan please sit back down."

The girl called Komari pouted but none the less returned to her seat. "Now the student council room is located on the second floor. Room 2B. They have been given the day off from classes to show you around. Don't think about skipping either for they have an uncanny ability to find people."

Ryoma sighed in defeat before heading to the aforementioned room.


"Look, ask Mamushi, I swear this kid looked exactly like him," Momo pleaded to the group.

"That's enough Momoshiro," Tezuka scolded.

"No, I mean exactly like him. The height, the hair, the eyes, everything was physically the same."

"While I hate to agree with Momo-baka, I have to say the similarities were uncanny."

"Hmmm….the probability of somebody looking exactly like our Ryoma-kun is very low," Fuji said cynically whilst swishing the contents of his wine glass around.

"But it would be really cool, nya."

"Eiji, that was a very inconsiderate comment," Oishi frowned all the while keeping an eye on Tezuka who seemed to have spaced out again. Drowning in the memories of his ex-never forgotten-love. Inui opened his notebook ready to interject with his calculations when a knock came from the door.

Three things happened in dominion effect, one the door slid opened, two the sound of shattering class filled the air, and last Eiji gave a very quiet yet still very audible 'Ochibi' as he fell off the desk he was perched on.

Ryoma received the same look as this morning. As if everybody in the room had seen a ghost. Holding up the paper he stated simply. "The receptionist sent me here."

"He even sounds the same," Oishi whispered in awe.

"De-demo we all saw him die that day," Taka-san interjected trying to give a reasonable explanation to the current situation.

Ryoma jumped when a cool hand touched him. The hand pulled away after a matter of seconds. "Body temperature, 96.2. Height, 5'4"…." Inui began mumbling flipping through his data book. "The exact same stats."

"Hoi, hoi, what's your name?"

Ryoma's eyes turned away from the data master to the neko like red-head. "Echizen Ryoma."

Once again Eiji fell to the floor, as everybody in the room visually stiffened. Even Inui was in such a state of shock that he dropped his notebook on the ground.

"It's not him," a low voice said. Ryoma's eyes followed everyone else's as they landed on the brunette staring out the window to the activity below. When his eyes landed on the speaker Ryoma's mind seemed to blank out:

"Mitsu…." The name came out in a moan as two bodies tangled together. "Mitsu…onegai…chotto…."

The older of the two stopped his assault on the younger boy's neck to look him in the eyes. "Ryo, what's wrong?"

Ryo blushed turning his head to the side. "Well….it's just….the villagers have been saying things…and…I…"

"What things are they saying?"

"Stuff like you're a monster and responsible for those deaths and that you and your friends 'frolic' in the night."

"While I would not use frolic…"

"Mitsu," Ryo scolded.

Mitsu sighed. "Yes, Ryoma they are true. But I didn't kill all those girls. One of my friends has a taste for virgins."

Ryoma didn't move away but continued to listen to everything his lover was saying. Mitsu rolled over freeing Ryoma from his grasps. "You can leave if you want."

Ryoma laughed. "Why would I do that?"

"Now you know the truth of what I am. Aren't you afraid?"

Ryoma laughed running his hand across his lover's cheek. "Of course not. I love you and nothing will ever change that."

The older man pulled his lover back towards him, whispering huskily in his ear. "Then let me show you real pleasure, my love."

Ryoma gasped as a sharp pain went through his neck.

"Hello, calling look-a-like, you still alive?" Momo chuckled at his own quip before shaking the boy's shoulder. "Huh? Nani?" Ryoma said blinking his eyes a couple of times trying to regain some sense.

Ryoma was thrown slightly off balance when a body landed against his side arms wrapped tightly around his neck. "Aww…is the chibi day-dreaming about Tezuka-buchou. Well you wouldn't be the first male to ever do that," Eiji laughed while hugging the boy.

Ryoma was in shock, the older boy was squeezing him but he didn't feel light headed at all. But that wasn't possible considering his neck was being squeezed hard enough to cut off air supply. "Come on, we have to give you a tour," Eiji cheered finally pulling away but getting his sleeve caught on something. Pulling roughly Eiji released his sleeve along with something else that had been secured around Ryoma's neck. Ryoma's eyes widened as Eiji detached the chain from his sleeve. He held it up so the room had a clear vision of it.

Ryoma made a jump for it but as if his life depended on it but couldn't reach it. The next moment he knew Tezuka was next to the red head taking the chain and gripping it in his hand. The small ring that was attached to it gleamed in the sunlight. The three hazel jewels placed on it shining beautifully. "Where did you get this?" Tezuka asked examining each hazel stone.

"None of your damn business. Now give it back." Now normally Ryoma wasn't one to lose his cool but when people he didn't know were pawing his necklace he couldn't remain calm. Fuji was now standing next to Tezuka. "I guess I should probably introduce myself and the others. My name is Fuji Syuusuke, this is Tezuka, that is Kawamura Takashi, Momoshiro Takeshi, Kikumaru Eiji," Eiji waved enthusiastically. "Kaido Kaoru, Inui Sadaharu and Oishi Shuichiro," Fuji said smiling kindly. "Now that we all know each other I think it's only fair that you told us where you got this."

"Why should I? Its mine and that's all you need to know."

"Because I can tell it is real and probably worth a lot of money you wouldn't want us thinking that you're a thief now would you?"

Ryoma huffed. "I've had since I was born. My great-grandmother was a very superstitious woman and had it made and blessed. It has been passed down in my family and blessed every time a new baby was born. That's not the original chain it was on though. The original chain was silver but I'm allergic to silver so my mom bought me a white gold chain."

"You're allergic to silver," Oishi asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, I was born anemic and with an unexplainable allergy to silver."

"Any distaste of garlic, no reflection, cross burns," Momo laughed looking the boy up and down.

"Actually I don't like garlic. I can eat it but I don't like the taste. By the way the vampire joke is so worn out that it has no effect on me, anymore," he glared.

Eiji appeared in front of Ryoma and opened the younger boy's mouth. "Nope, no fangs," he announced to the room.

"These are rare jewels. Each seems to look like a cat's eye when reflected. Well, over fifty years old and this ring is still pure white gold. Not even a little bit of rust," Tezuka announced to the room. "Yeah, so? Like I said it's blessed so give it back."

Tezuka nodded. Leaning down slightly he went to secure the chain around the boy's neck. The boy that looked so much like his lover and who happened to share the same name. Accidentally their skin came into contact and Ryoma's eyes widened as did Tezuka's. For a moment their eyes bore into each other and something appeared in Ryoma's eyes. Emotions and recognition of the man in front of him but as soon as it came it left. Ryoma took two steps back while tucking his chain back inside his shirt.

Fuji's eyes opened. "Well on with the tour. Come along everybody," Fuji cheered putting an arm around Ryoma who in turned glared. "I wish to stay behind."

"Alright, Tezuka-buchou. It's in my bag if you need it," Fuji smiled ushering everybody out of the room.


As Fuji had said the bottle of liquid was in his bag. Popping the top Tezuka downed the whole thing. He knew Fuji wouldn't mind because Fuji usually did prefer to work for his a bit. Tezuka of course just preferred the easy way, which was of course buying it. But he never had the urge to drink it as much as he did now. The moment his hand came in contact with the boy's neck he felt his own blood rushing through his system at an accelerated rate. This had only happened with his Ryoma.

Naturally his first thought had been that this boy was some sort of descendant but that wasn't possible since his Ryoma had been gay and had never been with a woman. His next thought had been reincarnation but is fifty years really a far enough time span for somebody to be reincarnated with the exact same look, mannerisms, and name. He was really running out of options as to explain this strange occurrence. But for now he would focus on getting to know this boy and see what the true connection is.


"I apologize for that back there," Fuji stated.

"Whatever," Ryoma huffed waving a hand before the hand went involuntarily to his neck.

"You really are attached to that necklace aren't you?"

"I've never taken it off," Ryoma stated simply in his natural bratty tone.

"Tezuka-buchou's lover use to have a necklace like that, nya."

Ryoma raised an eyebrow. "His lover? Who is she?"

"Anou…perhaps we should talk in a more private area," Oishi suggested leading the small concession to an empty room on the third floor.

"This doesn't seem more private," Ryoma said looking around the room.

"Nobody uses this room except for us. It's like our own private classroom," Inui stated still frantically scribbling in his notebook.

"Now, you can take a seat right here," Momo said pushing Ryoma down into a chair.

"So you are going to tell me about his lover. Who is she?"

"The first thing you should know is that she is a he. Tezuka's lover was male," Fuji stated bluntly.

Before Ryoma could respond to this information the others cut him off and continued on. "Well, we met Ochibi a long time ago and I immediately like him. He was really fun to glomp."

"Yeah, the kid was bratty though and didn't even shirk away from Tezuka like everybody else did," Momo smiled.

"Well over time. 'Ochibi' began to spend more and more time around us and it was starting to become apparent that he was growing attached to Tezuka," Oishi explained.

"You see that ring you have looks exactly like the one Tezuka-buchou use to wear. But he gave it to 'Ochibi' after they well…." Taka-san was naturally hesitant to speak.

"It was a sign of ultimate love between the two. Tezuka gave the ring to his lover after they first had sex. It's as if the two never wanted to be separated," Fuji elaborated.

"Ochibi never took the necklace off. And he was always happiest with Tezuka-buchou. He didn't like to socialize and hardly ever smiled but when he was with Tezuka it was like he was a totally different person," Eiji continued getting lost in his own memories.

"Well what happened to him?"

"He died. Was killed to more precise. Someone took a knife and stabbed him multiple times in the jealousy," Oishi explained.

"As you can already guess a lot of girls here have an attraction to Tezuka. Well this one girl found out that he was gay and she was so jealous that she killed Tezuka's lover," Fuji said frowning.

"We all watched him die and even to this day Tezuka-buchou blames himself and refuses to love again," Kawamura sighed.

"That's a really sad story."

"And a very true one. You two happen to share the same name as well. Tezuka's lover's name was also Echizen Ryoma," Fuji said in a dead serious tone.


"You sure frown a lot. Why?"

"Why do you?"

"Mama says I'm just not the social type," the boy said having fun bugging the older boy.

"Then we have something in common."

"That's not true you seem to have lots of friends."


The boy nodded, his black-green hair falling into his face. "Yes, we have known each other for quite a while so I guess you could call them my friends."

"Hehe…just because you know somebody for a long time doesn't make them a friend. Do you consider them your friends?"

The brown haired man looked down at the younger boy. "I guess I do."

The boy smiled a false smile. "Then you're lucky."

"What's your name?"

"Echizen Ryoma."

"Echizen Ryoma? Well my name is Tezuka Kunimitsu and I guess I can be your first friend."

This time the boy smiled for real.


"Ahh….you are so KAWAIII, NYA!!" a voice yelled before glomping the young boy. "How old are you?"

"I'm 13 about to turn 14," he replied trying to pry the energetic red head off him. "I apologize for him," a kind voice said prying the neko boy's arms off. "My name is Oishi Shuichiro and this ball of energy is Kikumaru Eiji."

"But you can call me Eiji everybody does."

"You seem quite attached to Tezuka," a smooth voice said slowly circling Ryoma. "Hoi, don't scare him."

"I apologize. My name is Fuji Syuusuke and the quite one there is Inui Sadaharu. Don't let this one fool you, his name is Kawamura Takashi and he can be quite the devil if provoked."

"So speaks the sadist," Eiji laughed glomping Fuji from behind. Fuji turned his head towards Eiji with a smile. "Come on along Eiji I think I have a game you would like to play," Fuji said pulling Eiji along with him to a secluded area. Not even five minutes later a scream erupted in the space. A scream of pain or pleasure, Ryoma wasn't sure, but he was leaning towards pleasure, because at the scream Oishi stomped off to where the two were. Kawamura blushed. "You don't think that he…."

"There is a 91 chance that Fuji did what you are thinking and an 98 chance that Eiji enjoyed it immensely," Inui said flipping through his notes.

"Hey you guys….wouldnt….believe…." the words trailed off as the new comer looked at Ryoma. "Are we having a party?"

"Ah…Momoshiro. This is Echizen Ryoma. Tezuka brought him here and where is Kaido," Inui asked looking behind him.

"Like a care where the mamushi is. I'm still curious about this."

Momo began circling Ryoma like he was a piece of freshly caught meat. But in Momo's eyes that's exactly what he was. "My name is Momoshiro Takeshi. Call me Momo," he said while still circling the boy.

"Hey, Oishi he didn't do anything bad. Let me go," Eiji yelled as Oishi dragged him back to the meeting spot. "Oh, Oishi lighten up. We are in a forest after all. None of the villagers dare venture out this far. We can do as we wish here," Fuji stated wiping his mouth then licking his fingers.

"As that maybe true just keep my koi out of your fantasies," Oishi stated sternly trying to calm his koi.

"Come on, Oishi we were just having a little fun. You know you're the only one I love," Eiji smiled.

"Anou…..when is Kunimitsu coming back?"

Everybody stopped what they were doing in a instant and looked at Ryoma as if he had grown a second head. "What did you call him?" Momo asked.

"What? What's wrong? That's what he asked me to call him," Ryoma said innocently.

"Wait, Tezuka-buchou asked you to call him that?"

"Yes I did," the voice of Tezuka said as he appeared in the clearing.

"Ii data."

"So I see."


"My parents say I shouldn't trust," Ryoma said as he rested his feet in the crystal clear water of the town lake.

"Hm…why is that?"

"Because we always meet out in the woods. They say the woods are Satan's dwelling. Actually everybody in the village calls it that."

Tezuka smiled at the boy's naivety. If only he knew. "They also said that Eiji-senpai and Oishi-senpai are un-natural."

"Ah….because they have feelings for each other that go far beyond friendship."

"Exactly, my mom says boys are supposed to like girls and girls are supposed to like boys and there is no other alternative."

"That maybe but how do you feel?" Tezuka asked bending down to Ryoma's level. Ryoma became flustered at the closeness. Tezuka moved his face a little closer. "Do you think it's abnormal to have feelings for another boy?" he asked gently pushing his lips against Ryoma's in a chaste kiss. Ryoma's eyes widened in shock. But before he got the chance to respond he heard his name called. "Ryoma, come in. The sun is going down."

Tezuka pulled away. "Meet me in the forest tonight at 11:30, understand?"

Ryoma's hand went to his lips touching them gingerly before nodding dumbly. "Ryoma," his mother called. Getting up Ryoma ran back to his house, his hand still to his lips.


Tezuka sat watching his friends. "Will you be joining us?" Fuji asked sweetly.

Tezuka merely shook his head in the negative. Fuji bent over so only Tezuka could hear him. "Be careful, we still don't know if we can trust him." With that Fuji disappeared along with the other members of the little congregation. Tezuka waited. He was sure Ryoma was going to show up. He almost felt bad about what he was about to do but it was his nature and Ryoma was very….shall we say enticing. All Tezuka would have to do is entrance the boy and then Ryoma's life would be over. It would only take a few seconds but if he didn't hurry they would most definitely be caught.

The boy did appear in the woods. Slightly disorientated and in his night wear. Tezuka looked up at him and their eyes met. He beckoned Echizen towards him. Ryoma took one step after another towards his death sentence. Tezuka reached out and grabbed him pulling him down into his lap. Stroking his neck gently, Tezuka bent down placing his lips over Ryoma's. He mentally commanded him to kiss back. So starts the battle of tongues. After a few moments Tezuka pulled away kissing the younger's jaw line, slowly descending towards that delectable neck. Finally his lips were at that neck and the pulsing vein under neither, flowing with blood, flowing with young fresh life. But that's when he realized it. He didn't have a hold of his victim anymore and he didn't want to exert his control again.

Ryoma quickly pushed away to stand up. "Gomen," Tezuka said trying to avoid Ryoma's gaze.

"Is this why you kissed me earlier? Do you actually have feelings for me or do you just want to fulfill your desire?"

Tezuka laughed darkly. "At this point I have no idea. At first it was just to have your body but something stopped me from that. I think I might actually, unconsciously, be developing feelings for you."

"I'll admit that I feel a certain attachment to you and when you kissed me today….." Ryoma's hand went back to his lips. "I don't know. It felt right. I don't know if its love or admiration but I just want to be with you."

"You can't be with me, forever. But I don't see why I can't give into you for a little while."

"I took everything from you that night, didn't I? Your heart. Your innocence. Your freedom. I truly am a monster," Tezuka mused as he watched below. His companions were still giving the new Ryoma a tour. The new Ryoma seemed to be enjoying himself even though his face didn't show it.


"Eiji-senpai!! Eiji-senpai!!" a voice called approaching the small group of boys. "Who is this?" she asked peering around them. "Oh, this is Echizen Ryoma. Hey, this is Ryuuzaki Sakuno. A good friend of ours, nya," Eiji smiled licking his lips suggestively earning a hit from Oishi.

"What are you boys up to in the midday sun," an older voice asked.

"Ryuuzai-sensei how are you today," Fuji asked smiling in his way. "Just fine. Curious to where my granddaughter was last night though."

"Actually Obaa-chan I don't remember. I remember being out with Eiji-senpai, Oishi-senpai, and Fuji-senpai but then I don't remember anything between then and waking up."

Scowling Ryuuzaki-sensei grabbed Eiji and Fuji by theirs ears away from the group. Both just sighed. They already knew the scolding was going to be coming since Oishi usually was the innocent one and only erased Sakuno's memories. Bending down she spoke in a low enough voice for only the two to hear. "Do not take advantage of my granddaughter is that understood? No mind tricks. No pleasure bites. Nothing."

"Oh come on. We didn't hurt her nor take away her purity," Eiji defended.

"Yes, Eiji is quite right. Virgins taste better. I usually take my sexual pleasure out on Taka-san, Eiji, or some other unsuspecting victim."

"Be that as it may I would like you to stay away from my granddaughter in the future," she pleaded.

"Alright," they both said dejectedly before walking back to join the group. "Treats us like were kids when were older than her mother," Eiji mumbled grumpily to Fuji. Fuji merely laughed in response. Ryuuzaki joined the group once again.

"I saw properly introduce myself. My name is Ryuuzaki Sumire. Might I ask you something Echizen?"

"I guess," he shrugged.

"Who is your master and from what time period?" The whole group's eyes widened looking between Ryoma and Ryuuzaki. Sakuno just looked around in confusion. "I'm confused," Ryoma said honestly.

"Well I assume by your physical appearance and aura plus the smell you have to be just a few years younger than the rest of these knuckleheads."

"I'm only sixteen. I guess the rest of my senpais are 17 and 18."

"Oh, you know what I mean," Ryuuzaki laughed.

"No I really don't."

"Come now. By the feel of your physical energy I would have to say. Feudal era. Fresh scent. So you just fed."

"I'm seriously confused," Ryoma sighed shaking his head. "As are we," Inui said looking between the two. "Sakuno would you go get me my water bottle."

Sakuno bowed before running off. "Now that she's gone….you don't have to hide it. My mother knew vampires when she was younger."

Ryoma looked at her for a moment before laughing out right. "Vampire? Lady you have gone off the deep end."

Ryuuzaki stepped up to him. "I maybe human but I'm not stupid. I know a vampire when I see one."

Ryoma took a step back. "Besides that, that necklace you're wearing can't be touched by a human. It's a protective vampire charm. Usually given to human servants or vampiric lovers."

"Seriously, you need to see someone…."

Ryuuzaki touched his forehead. "What are you…."

"Don't worry. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. I can see vampire's physical time of death. A trait past down in my family that Sakuno will inherit as well. Lets see if I had to say I would say….oh dear I was wrong not as far back as the Feudal era. Physical time of death 1876 by a blade piercing your lung and liver then a final lunge to your heart."

"The lung."

"The liver."

"The heart." Momo, Kaido and Eiji said in one right after the other. "Seriously, you're starting to creep me….." before he could finish. Multiple voices yelled.




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