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Vampiric Dream

Final Chapter

Ryoma slid across the hard ground, his body aching all over from healing so often. He was definitely in more pain then he should be in. "Onegai!"

"No," his opponent yelled before charging once again sending a blade flying towards Ryoma piercing the small boy through the stomach.

"Mitsu, onegai! I'm tired," Ryoma whined pulling the sword out letting it fall to the ground.

"I'm sorry Ryoma but you have to get fully adjusted to your full blood abilities so you can easily go into trance."

"Its been 12 hours already!"

His lover sighed. "Fine, go hunt and relax."

"Mitsu, don't be like that," Ryoma pleaded but Tezuka was already gone. He didn't mean to upset his lover but it had already been a week of constant training. Of getting his body slash to ribbons, throw, stabbed, everything known to man. It really did put a strain on his body to keep healing that much.

A week of hearing the news of their friends dieing. The one that had come as the biggest shock had been Yukimura, he could still remember when Kirihara had come to them.

"Tezuka-san!! Tezuka-san!!"

Tezuka opened the door letting the black haired boy fall in. "Yuki-yukimura-san…he…he is dead."

They helped him to sit down getting him something to drink to calm him. "It was so weird. He said he had orders to give up his immortal life. I didn't know that was possible. He soon after committed suicide saying 'see you in the new world..' It was really odd. Oh, and he told me to give you this," Kirihara explained pulling the paper out of his pocket handing it to Tezuka. Tezuka toke the document opening it and reading it. Suddenly he got very serious. "Thank you for informing me, Kirihara-kun. Ryoma, lets go."

Ryoma was curious to what was on that paper but Tezuka wouldn't let him see. "Where?"

"To train. You've got a week and half to learn how to go into trance."

Kunimitsu was hiding something from him that much he knew. He had gotten very serious with the training and took to holding him very tightly when they slept. Like he was afraid to lose him. It was all very confusing. He found a nice young female to feed on not even bothering to kill her, returning home soon after.

When he returned he found Kunimitsu seated at a desk reading old books and documents. Ryoma glared at him. "What's 'new world'?"

"Nothing of consequence."

"Tell me!"


"Why not?"

"You wont like it."

Ryoma huffed. "I wont train if you don't tell me."

Tezuka sighed looking up at his adamant lover. "We are going to 'destroy' the world."

"We can't…."

"That's what Yukimura said in his letter."


"All immortals gave up their immortality committing suicide soon after."


"I don't know all the details myself. He was quite vague. He said something along the lines of being tired of this world."

"But then Mitsu if we….well…wont we…"

"Yes, we will die."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I just heard of it myself when Kirihara gave me the letter. You see there is this higher power, most mortals call it 'God'. This higher power gives orders and we do them. It looks down on us watching perhaps waiting. It has grown tired of the never dieing. The constant struggle of power between races, it wants it all stopped."

"Then how are we going to do this?"

"It has allowed Aimee to gain power. Aimee will go into trance and we will go into trance at the same time. The power will be to much and the world will end."

"How long do we have?"

"3 days."

"3 days," Ryoma repeated in a whisper.


They had been training hard during the day, making love at night. If these were the final days they were going to make the most of them. Ryoma had finally started getting a hang of allowing the powers to flow through him and was well on his way to trance. He had to admit it scared him slightly. If there was in fact a new world what would it be like. Would they remember being vampires? Would they even remember being lovers? That's the thought that scared him the most. He really didn't want to lose Kunimitsu, not after everything they had been through together. Ryoma lay awake looking at his lover's sleeping face. 2 days.


"Hey, Kunimitsu if this higher power was going to destroy the world why did they bring Atobe and Jirou back?"

"Probably as a test I would think."


"Yes, reincarnating human souls is easy but they were both soulless undead creatures. So how do you re-build a lost soul?"

"I don't know."

"Nor, do I. But it knows that's all we need to know."

"Do you think our friends are already in the new world?"

"Yes, I believe they are."

"How about us?"

"I bet we are sleeping. Waiting for our souls to find our bodies."

Ryoma smiled cuddling into his lover's cold body. To be honest, Tezuka didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know if he would ever see Ryoma again. Most mortals believed that 'God' was a all knowing benevolent being. Tezuka had never believed in God, while he did believe there was a bigger picture, he doubted it was God. If so, then he had a cruel sense of humor. What kind of benevolent being allows so much evil into a world. Hmph. If there was indeed a God he would find out tomorrow.


"Down to the last two pure bloods," Aimee smiled staring at the two who were standing across from her in the vast desert. "Finally with your deaths I can have Keigo all to myself."

"Uh…Atobe is dead," Ryoma told her. She stopped her talking looking him dead in the eye a painful death promised. "What?"

"He killed himself."

She glared even harder, before throwing fireballs at the two who dodged them having to jump apart from each other in the process. "No, it's a lie!! Keigo would never…."

"He couldn't bear a life without Jirou," Tezuka said. She aimed her attack at Tezuka momentarily forgetting the other boy. "NO!! you killed him!! You didn't want me to have him so you…you…you…"

Ryoma took his hand punching through her chest aiming for her heart. Unfortunately he missed merely knocking out one of her lungs. She grabbed the boy pulling his fist out of her, throwing him towards his lover. Tezuka caught him with ease, holding the small boy to him. "We have to force her into the trance. If we keep on about Atobe and Jirou it may do it," Tezuka whispered to the boy.

Ryoma could feel power begin surging through his body. "Its true, he killed himself to be with Jirou on the other side."

"No, there is no other side. There is just nothingness, now I know your lying," she snarled letting more power flow through here.

"They were together for over 300 years, if he didn't love him why would they stay so close to each other," Tezuka asked. Aimee could feel her anger coming to a boiling point, a power surging through her that she hadn't felt before. Suddenly everything in her mind went blank.

"Your brother how old is he?"


"The other?"

"Oh, Jirou. He is 15," she smiled taking another sip of her tea.

"15? That's a good age."

"I guess."

"He always seems to be smiling and isn't afraid to be blunt. I admire that."

"Yes, he is pretty strong willed but not a lot of people around here like that."

Atobe stood up closing the small distance between them. He bent down to her ear whispering seductively. "Your going to bring him to me."


"Jirou, lets go," Atobe summoned.

Jirou stared at his family sadly. "Goodbye, forever."

Her parents cried for their lost son. It was all her fault. She ran away. Faster and faster. Until she couldn't run anymore. She needed a way to die.


"Here," the man said holding a cup to her.

"I keep feeling this weird tingling sensation."

"Its love."


"Your master. The one who made you, is in love or extremely happy and now you can feel that."

"So they were really in love with each other. I guess I am kind of happy for that."

"You shouldn't be…."

She caught sight of his eyes. "They wronged you. Took your life, threw you away, and ran off. Hate them. Destroy them. I can help you," he said coming over to her, draining her of the rest of her life.

"You feel that? She is going into trance. Begin to release your power slowly," Tezuka told him. Ryoma did as he was told feeling the three energies as they swirled around each other.

She stood watching them as they smiled at each other. "Keigo-chan! Keigo-chan! Who was that other man?"

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, another pure blood."

"He had a lot of friends, why don't we have a lot of friends."

"Shishido and Ootori are you friends."

"I guess and I have Keigo-chan. Keigo is my best friend," Jirou smiled hugging the older vampire. Atobe wrapped his arms around Jirou waist kissing his neck. "I love you," Jirou smiled.

"Ore-sama loves you to."

She was sick at the sight. She wanted nothing more to rip their throats out and she knew how but she couldn't not yet.

The energy was getting stronger and stronger. Ryoma could here people screaming in terror in pain as death approached them. Aimee's eyes opened staring at the two, she began moving towards them wanting to kill them for loving each other. Two men shouldn't love each other. Halfway there she found she couldn't move, something was holding her in place and all she could feel was this growing pain. It hurt. But she was supposed to be immortal she wouldn't die, she couldn't die. She looked around. The world was disappearing around her. "STOP THIS!!" she yelled.

"Stop it now!!" she yelled again the pain intensifying trying to free herself. She was scared. Terrified. This wasn't supposed to be happening. She was supposed to kill them and rule over the mortals. She wasn't supposed to die. Not here not like this. "No!!"

"This is the end," was the last thing any of them heard as the energies grew to their climax point, swirling upward around them and above them. Causing them to see nothing but darkness, here nothing, feel nothing but fear and the icy cold hand of death once again.


Ryoma stirred he felt nothing heard nothing. He looked around. "Is this heaven?"

"No, this would be Mu," a voice said a figure appearing in front of him. The person was neither male nor female. Not a human or a creature it just was. The figure peered at him before turning into a figure he recognized. "Is this better?"

Ryoma stared at the face of his mother. "Are you God?"

"I've been called many things by many. I am neither living nor dead. I just am, here in nothingness staring down at the world below," she said beckoning him forward. He found he had no reason to fear this person therefore he stepped forward. She waved her hand an imagine appearing in front of them. "The world you knew is no more. This is what is now," she said showing him the imagines of people and schools. "What am I looking at?"

"Hyoutei Gakuen, I'm sure you recognize quite a few faces in there. To them none of this ever happened. They have no idea what they were and what they did all they know is what is."

"So then everything…."

"Oh it was all very real, but they will never know that. Nor will anyone else. If they do happen to remember if will all just seem like a dream nothing more."

"Ryoma!" Someone called. Ryoma turned to be embraced tightly in a hug. "Kunimitsu! How?"

"I led him here."

"If we are together than what happened to Aimee," Tezuka asked. The mother waved her hand again. "Aniki!!" a small girl yelled running up to Jirou and hugging him. "You have to go with Nii-san I have practice," Jirou smiled leading the girl to their older brother.

"Even darkness deserves to find a light," she smiled.

"But why did they become human?" Ryoma asked.

"Everyone deserves a second chance in life. The world was dieing and I had no choice but destroy it. However so many innocents beings did not deserve such a fate as death may they be human, immortal, vampire, etc. For this reason I gave them a second chance to re-live the human lives they lost and I'm making you the same offer."

"Offer?" Tezuka questioned refusing to let go of Ryoma's hand.

The mother nodded. "I assume you saw the note that Seiichi left. I can make you an offer. You may continue to be vampires, but you will cut all ties to the human world you will fade into the blackness wondering in Mu for the rest of eternity together or you may take a second chance at a human life losing your immortal life, powers, and Vampiric state all together along with your memories. The vampire will become no more than a myth that will fade into time."

"Did you make the same offer to Atobe?" Tezuka asked.

"I didn't need to. He knew what he wanted. Both of them. Just a chance to be together again with each other. Most of them were that simple. A love they wanted to be with no matter what. No matter if they love another man or not. I am not one to deny them true happiness."


"Do not fret, I will put you with the ones you were closest to. Unfortunately, I will have to erase all the memories of your relationship, but if your love is strong enough it will remain I do not have the power to erase true love. It will however need to be reawakened."

"The same with them," Ryoma pointed to the screen. "Yes, while they might not be in love right now. The potential is there. They are just happy to be around each other."

Tezuka accepted this answer but there was something plaguing him. Their ages.

"If we go back how about our ages?" Tezuka asked wondering how old or young she will make them.

She smiled serenely. "Ryoma you will be 12 almost 13 years old and Kunimitsu you will revert back to 14 almost 15 years old. That was the age that Ryoma fell in love with you and the day everything snowballed."

"How about my parents?"

"Nanjiroh, Rinko, Nanako, even your cat Karupin were all be reborn as well. Living their lives in Japan, with their son and niece. They are all just waiting for their son to come back from school. As for you Kunimitsu, your mother, your father, and your grandfather will all be waiting if you choose to return. As will everyone else. That includes your friends and their families. Everyone."

"I want to do this," Ryoma declared, a little shocked by his own eagerness but was sure none the less.

"Ryoma?" Tezuka squeezed his lover's hand.

"Like she said our love will remain we just have to realize it again and I know I can fall in love with you all over again," Ryoma smiled. For some reason Tezuka felt as if this was the last time he would see Ryoma genuinely smile for a long time. Tezuka leaned forward covering Ryoma's lips with his own. After a moment of the sweet chaste kiss he pulled back.

"We both wish to return to our human lives," he said clearly. Ryoma nodded. She smiled her consent before disappearing in a flash of white light.


"What was in that thing, Inui?" Momo asked.

"Oh, Tezuka-buchou is not going to be happy about this," Eiji smiled. "Should we wake them, nya?"

"This is odd though, Tezuka is usually immune to the effects of Inui's juice. Perhaps he is sick," Oishi voiced going into mother hen mood.

A shutter click went off. "Saa….perhaps. Then again he may be just looking for an excuse to cuddle our adorable little kouhai."

Ryoma groaned cuddling into the warmth that was his pillow. "Awww….Ochibi is so cute. He looks like a kitten cuddling up against his master," Eiji laughed urging Fuji to take another picture.

"Eiji! I don't think neither one realizes what is going on," Oishi scolded.

Ryoma groaned. His senpai were way to loud and what were they doing in his house anyways and when did his bed get so hard and why could he hear people playing tennis. That's when his eyes snapped open. He was NOT in his house and this was definitely NOT his pillow. It was…. "Tezuka-buchou?"

"Eh? It seems Echizen-kun is awake, ii data."

Wow, had his dream come true. Wait, dream but it had felt so real.

"What dream was that Echizen," Momo asked laughing his head off now that Tezuka was awake and heard the statement as well. The camera shutter clicked again and only then did the two realize their position. Tezuka was leaning against the fence his arms securely around Ryoma. While Ryoma was half way into his buchou's lap cuddling to him like an attention starved kitten. They both pulled away from each other, both equally embarrassed. Thinking someone had a very odd sense of humour.

"What kind of dream did you have, Echizen-kun?" Oishi asked kindly.

"You wouldn't believe me, but it seemed so real. I could have sworn," Ryoma sighed rubbing his temples.

"What was it?" Kaido asked getting as curious as his senpai.

"Well senpai-tachi were there, along with Hyoutei, and Rikkai, and Fudomine. Anyways…."

"Don't care about the other schools. What about us?" Momo asked anxious to hear.

"We were vampires from all different time periods and Tezuka-buchou and I…..well….we were….."

Fuji could tell by the increasing redness of Ryoma face that he and Tezuka were more than teammates in this dream.

"Skipping that part. I was killed and had lost my memories and then I met senpai-tachi and found out that Tezuka-buchou was a pure blood vampire and then I met Akutagawa. He was the monkey king's lover and the monkey king was a pure blood. Akutagawa's sister wanted revenge or something so she was trying to keep my memories suppressed so I would not return to my vampire state….."

"That's quite a dream," Taka mused as Ryoma kept going.

"Chotto, Ochibi. Do you have sex with Tezuka-buchou to regain your memories?" Eiji asked dead serious.

Everybody said 'what' before looking at the two who were now blushing Tezuka very lightly but blushing none the less. Ryoma had tried avoiding say how graphic his dream got. The cherry red blush on Ryoma's face was enough to confirm their suspicions. They all turned to look at the redhead, how did Eiji know. "How did senpai know that?" Ryoma hesitantly asked scared that he had been talking in his sleep or worse moaning.

Eiji smiled running back to the club room to retrieve his book bag. He returned a few moments later dropping down to search through the bag. "Found it," he cheered pulling a book out and holding it out happily. Flipping the book open he searched frantically for what he was looking for. Finally stopping he handed the book to Ryoma. "Is that the scene from your dream?"

Ryoma raised an eyebrow before looking down at the book. It was exactly the scene from his dream to a T, even the conversation. He flipped through a few more pages. Everything was the exact same as his dream. The scenarios. The conversations. Everything. Ryoma closed the book on his fingers reading the title. 'Vampiric Dream.'

"Its my favorite BL manga. The dream you just described is that exact manga that's how I knew," Eiji smiled.

"How does it end?" Taka asked eyeing the cover. Ryoma was curious to. His dream had just kind of ended they really hadn't been a finale, like he had been shaken awake before it could end.

"Anou…..Yuu and Koutarou go into battle with Ashiya, sadly most of their friends die, but they succeed in destroying her. Koutarou has become a full blood vampire like his lover, but only after taking the blood of the only other pure blood that was alive, Kazuki. Kazuki had died trying to get revenge for his lover, Takuya, who unfortunately was killed by Ashiya. Well, anyways the divine mother gives them a choice to be vampires or humans. They choose to give humanity a second chance. They met up again after becoming human and fell in love all over again, it was a really cute ending," Eiji rambled off without taking a breath. Ryoma flipped to the back of the manga, all of it seemed oddly familiar. More real than a dream.

As Tezuka listened to Eiji's explanation and looked at the book he couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed that the romance wasn't his own. Why, he wasn't sure. He still, however, felt this longing to hold his kouhai/ "Minna, back to practice," he called finally standing up. Ryoma handed the book back to his senpai who slid it back into his bag. All his senpai dispersed going off to their separate matches. A tug on his jacket caused Tezuka to turn. Ryoma stood behind him smirking.

"If your interested buchou I can give you a more detailed retelling at my house later," without hearing a response Ryoma walked off bouncing his racket on his shoulder. He felt on tingling sensation flow through him at the offer knowing he would probably end up taking it. Tezuka sighed maybe drinking Inui juice did have its upsides. He looked down to see something sparkling on the ground. He picked it up to see it was a white gold ring like the one in that book. "Masaka…." he looked up at Ryoma. Perhaps it had been more than a Vampiric Dream.


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