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A/Ns: For everyone's info, this story takes place roughly two years after "No Regrets" and one year before "Full Circle".

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Story rating: Rated M (aka R)
Written: February-March 2008

Summary: The activities of the Stoppable Clan at the end of another day. (Story 8 of the Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe series)


Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe

For the Love of Family
Chapter 1 – Afternoon Rendezvous
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

California. When it came to the 31st state that had become part of the United States of America, there were very few people in the world who were not aware of it. One of the largest states in the Union, it could virtually be a country of its own with a very large population and an economy that could able to fend for itself ranging from agriculture to manufacturing. Not bad for a state whose territory dwarfed most European countries, like Goliath compared to David.

As with any other American state, it has a school system designed to help the next generation learn what they needed in order to become well-rounded adults of the nation. Money spent wisely to provide teachers, material, equipment, transportation, and other means to see children get the best education they could get.

In one suburban community in Northern California around the Sacramento area, a yellow school bus trekked along its route carrying elementary children home after another school day was over. As one could expect, the bus's interior was filled with sounds of children laughing, talking, screaming, and doing other things they were allowed to do within the rules set by the school bus driver, a kind yet stern elderly lady in her sixties, who didn't mind helping children given she was a mother and grandmother.

In a two-seater near the rear, two six-year-old boys conversed animatedly. One was a typical Caucasian American with reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. The other could easily pass for a Japanese-American given his almost almond-shaped dark eyes and raven-brownish hair. Yet his skin color was not totally caramel as his Japanese mother's was, but was a somewhat lighter color variation since his father was a Caucasian American.

"I speak the truth!" the redhead lad told his friend. "Mom and Dad were doing something gross to each other in bed! They were naked and… Well, they were doing something! Dad was lying over Mom!"

"Come on, Dave," the oriental-looking boy countered. "Naked? They were just kissing, right? My Mom and Dad kiss a lot, so yours must be doing it too."

David shook his head. "I tell you, Yosh, they were doing something yucky to each other!" He stuck out his tongue in disgust. "I am not going into my folks' bedroom ever again."

"Yeah, yeah," the other boy dismissed, not believing his friend. "I know my 'rents will not doing anything gross. They kiss a lot that I know."

For Yoshi Donald Stoppable, he was used to watching his mother and father kiss at times in love and affection, and having heard of the story on how they had met again in Japan and fell in love; it certainly felt like something he had seen on those afternoon shows. What they were called again? Ah, yes, soap operas. He still could not understand why they were called that though, given they had nothing to do with soap nor operas where those people sing so squeaky high. Yet he couldn't deny how much his parents resembled those kissy men and women on those shows he at times was forced to watch whenever he was babysat by the neighbor's teenage daughter.

Mentally sighing, Yoshi knew his Mom and Dad sometimes had to attend those special parties and events by the Bueno Nacho Company. After all, as vice-president, Ronald Stoppable and his wife, Yori Stoppable, had to make those appearances at times for the benefit of public relations and the image of the company. Oh, he was not jealous, given how much he knew his Mom and Dad loved him and spent as much time with him as possible. It was just a drag for him to be babysat by the neighbor's daughter who would not watch anything else on the family room's TV but those soap operas on the Soap Channel. It would be cool if he had the ability to access his 'rents' TV in their bedroom, for he was not allowed his own TV in his own room. At least he had his computer.

David E. Ocam growled a bit. "Go ahead and not believe me, Yosh. I know what I saw. Just too bad I didn't had my vid cam with me that morning I walked into my 'rents' bedroom. The vid would show you what I saw." The auburn-haired boy stuck out his tongue again. "Mom told me what they were doing is how babies were made."

"That's not true," a girl's voice made the two boys turned their heads to look at the seat across the aisle from them, where a six-year blonde girl in pigtails was looking at them. "My Mommy and Daddy told me babies came from the storks. The storks deliver us as babies to them," she finished with a toothy grin.

"How do you know what is true or not, Suzie?!" David pointed to the girl, leaning in front of Yoshi. "I know what I saw, and I know there were no storks in that room!"

"Calm down," Yoshi said a bit irritably as he pushed his friend back and out of his face before facing his other friend, Susanne Queen. "Dave is right, Suzie. How do you know that storks are where babies come from? I know they have to do something with our moms getting fat. I know for my Mom have pictures of her being big and fat and told me it was when she had me and my little sister."

Suzie let her smile dropped into a grim frown. "My Mommy and Daddy do not lie, Yosh. Are you calling them a liar?"

"No," Yoshi immediately answered, "just I do not believe the story. Babies have to do something with our moms getting fat."

David crossed his arms in frustration. "Well, my Mom was not fat when I saw her and Dad doing… whatever they were doing. Butt naked. Ugh!" He scrunched up his face in revulsion.

Yoshi shrugged, having no clue what his friend saw whatever his parents were doing. How could he picture what Mr. & Mrs. Ocam were doing if all he was told was that the adults were naked and lying on top of each other? He just could not see his 'rents doing such a thing.

Looking out the window, the Japanese-Caucasian youth saw his bus stop was approaching. "I'll catch you guys online later," he told Dave and Suzie with a tiny grin as he hefted his backpack off the floor.

Coming out of his funk, David nodded with a grin. "Will do, Yosh."

"Bye, Yosh," Suzie grinned widely just as the bus came to a stop, allowing Yoshi to get up from his seat to exit the bus.

Upon exiting onto a street adjacent to the main road, the small boy, without missing a beat, strolled over to an SUV parked on the right side of the adjoining street as the bus drove away. Despite that he needed to step up to reach the second door behind the driver's seat, Yoshi had no problems taking the steps needed to open the door, get inside, and close the door again after sitting down. Only then did he look up toward the grinning driver he knew ever since he was born.

"Hello, Yoshi-kun," spoke the feminine voice of his mother, Yori, as she looked over her seat to peer at her son. "School went well for you?"

Yoshi shrugged. "Same old, Mom. Learning numbers, words, and stuff. Nothing new."

Yori, her waist-length black hair in a ponytail held by a red hair scrunchie, softly chuckled. "Then it is safe to presume you should have no problems doing your homework." She chuckled again upon seeing her son roll his eyes as he fastened his seat belt, and only then did the matriarch of the Stoppable Clan face forward to start the vehicle.

Just as Yori turned the ignition key another voice greeted her eldest son. "Yosh!" a little girl's voice called out, making the boy lock eyes on those of his three year old, smiling sister sitting in a child's safety seat situated on the front passenger's seat.

"Hey there, Ronica," Yoshi greeted with a wry grin. The girl squealed happily, and the boy snorted a laugh at her antics.

His sister, Veronica Akane Stoppable, was cute looking with her short black/brownish hair and eye and skin features similar to his. Yet despite her adorable appearance, it was a façade to the inner monster that came out occasionally. There were times she was a pain to watch over, because ever since she learned to walk, she would get her curious hands in nearly everything. It was because of her that Yoshi kept his bedroom door closed and locked at times to prevent her from entering and touching his stuff.

As the SUV started to roll forward, the half-American/half-Japanese boy picked up a game pad controller out of a slot in the back of the driver's seat and ordered up a video game from the touch-screen imbedded in the seat. Soon after the musical introduction appeared, the youngster began to play.

For the six-year-old, he just loved this SUV. It was tricked up with all sorts of cool gadgets and stuff provided by his Uncles Wade and Felix. Two touch-screen computers built in the backs of the front seats. A drop-down wide movie screen was on the ceiling between the front and rear seats. A bigger touch-screen for the driver and front passenger was in the center of the front dashboard. Not to mention all these cool cup holders and pullout mini-tables for drinks and food.

Yet the child did not fully comprehend all the features of his family's SUV.

Ever since the American energy crisis that began around 2006, car manufacturers were engineering more fuel-efficient vehicles to meet demands, but regardless of better mileages, energy prices would not go down unless there was a better fuel alternative to so-called Black Gold. It was fortunate that Dr. Wade Load, with help from several other world scientists, had found the means to create cold-fusion six years later, giving the world abundant, environmentally friendly energy, thus paving the way to the end of world-wide oil consumption. With this new energy source, more electric cars were being made and sold.

The Stoppable's family SUV was a special case however. It was run by electricity, but it did not require to be recharged by an outside outlet. Instead, thanks to a mini fusion generator Wade had created two years after founding cold-fusion, the SUV had all the electricity it needed to run everything onboard constantly, thus no one needed to worry about battery drainage from all the computers, gadgets, and stuff without affecting the motor's performance.

Ron and Yori were pleased with the wedding anniversary gift from their two friends, especially given they were expecting parents at the time. The additional safety features Wade had placed on the SUV sure were a relief to the couple, knowing their children would be safe in this vehicle. However, Yori firmly placed her foot down on the suggestion of making the SUV flyable. She was not going to have her children riding in a vehicle that in any way shape or form could fly as high and fast as an Air Force jet fighter.

Looking briefly into the rearview mirror, Yori chuckled and shook her head slightly at the sight of her son so glued to the video game he was playing that she would likely need a bo staff to pry him off the game console once they reached home. Dark eyes facing forward, the Yamanouchi ninja knew it would not take long to reach their destination, which was a mile away.

She remembered years ago when she and her husband arrived in the States from Japan after their brief honeymoon. The condo they had lived in for a year was okay, but they needed space in order to raise a family properly, and just as predicted, it was not easy to find a good home to suit their needs, and fine undeveloped land was scarce. It was so much great luck that they had came across a huge plot of land that the owner wanted to sell for home development purposes.

Given his large wealth, Ron gave a good price for the whole 100 acres and went through the process to pave a mile stretch of road, including underground utilities, which ended in a round dead end just before a slight land upraise. The entire land was mildly sparse with trees, so it was close to what Yamanouchi looked like. After the Stoppables had built their home at the end of the street and moved in, they sold good size plots up-and-down the road for those who also wanted to build homes in this nice area, yet they had kept the rest of the land surrounding the mile-long road untouched regardless of the many offers from development companies who would love to get their hands on the land. This process had given those living here room in an open environment without feeling cramped-in like one would have in a condo townhouse complex.

Seeing the end of the road up ahead and the round u-turn, Yori reached over to the central computer panel on the dashboard and tapped a control on the touch-screen to open the driveway's steel gate, situated only 1/8 of a mile off the road. By the time the gate was swung fully open, the SUV was rolling through it, and it began to immediately close thanks to sensors that had detected the passed vehicle.

The two-story conventional house, with finished basement, was just a quarter of a mile past the gate. It was not huge as a mansion, but it was certainly not puny either compared to most simple American homes. It was built just right to suit the Stoppables' needs, not only in raising a family but also for business purposes, given their work for Bueno Nacho as well as any calls from Yamanouchi for assistance..

Passing the jug handle in front of the house, Yori pressed another touch-screen button to open the central garage, one of three positioned on the right-side of the dwelling, and once the door was fully opened she pulled the SUV into the garage spot with ease. She shut off the motor and placed the keys in a pocket before gazing over her shoulder to face her son, still glued to the video game.

"We're home, Yoshi," Mrs. Stoppable announced. "Save the game, and shut it off now."

"In a minute, Mom," Yoshi replied, his eyes not ever leaving the small screen, his thumbs moving rapidly over the controller's buttons.

Yori frowned as her eyes narrowed in disapproval. Yoshi did not take much after his father, but if there was one thing that both father and son enjoyed tremendously, it was playing video games. That sentence both Stoppable males would verbalize had become one of the Yamanouchi kunoichi's most loathed sentences in the world, for a minute would become 5, then 10, then 15 with no end in sight of the game playing. Yet the Japanese beauty had found a simple way to get her men to stop… Just pull the plug.

Eying the SUV's main computer console out of the corner of her eyes, Yori reached over and tapped a series of commands, and the next thing she knew, her ears heard the game bleeped out followed by the irate cry of her son.

"MOM!" shouted Yoshi as he glared up at his mother. "I was at Level 10! Now I have to go through all those baddies again on Level 9!"

Her son's words did not faze her as Yori trained a displeased expression on him. "You know the rules, Yoshi. No playtime for you, until you finish your homework and some studies."

Yoshi pouted with a sigh. "Hai, Okaa-san," he answered before placing the game controller back in its slot holder.

"Yosh not win against baddies?" Veronica innocently asked.

The boy picked up his backpack. "I will win against them, Ronica. I will win." He glared at the video screen for a moment before exiting the SUV.

After shaking her head a bit with a sigh, Yori exited the vehicle before walking around the other side to the front passenger side to unbuckle Veronica. She and her husband had agreed to teach their children Japanese along side English as both grew up, so this way they could interact with anyone in Japan whenever they visit Yori's homeland. Oh, they knew Yoshi and Veronica would not be perfect in knowing the entire Japanese language, but if they could understand as much as their father, they would able to talk to other Japanese okay. It was just their son sometimes spoke in Japanese whenever he had to do something he was reluctant to do. They only hoped it was a phase he would eventually grow out of over time.

With her daughter in her arms, Mrs. Stoppable, after securing the SUV, strolled toward the door that separated the garage area from the rest of the house. Yoshi was waiting there for her beside the two doorsteps, and then they stepped up to the door, which the 30-something woman opened to let them into their home. Once her son passed the threshold, Yori pressed a button beside the door to close the garage door before following her first born inside toward the family room.

It looked like any typical family room, with a couple of couches in a L formation, a daybed in the corner, a single-person recliner, a full entertainment system in front of the couches, and various games and toys strewn around indicating to any newcomers that children lived in this residence. Yet instead of the usual coffee table, a Japanese-style low table was placed between the couches and the TV, for not only it doubled as a coffee table but could be used for anyone to sit on the floor to read, eat & drink, and do other things one needed a table to do.

Yoshi plopped down on a cushion at the low table before taking out his homework from his backpack, and once Yori placed Veronica down on a cushion, she too sat down between her children. The little girl immediately latched on a toy car made for her age, while her mother began to guide her brother through his schoolwork he placed down on the table. The family of three then settled down in each other's company for the rest of the afternoon.

TBC (End of Chapter 1)


More A/Ns:

1) Well, I initially was aiming for a simple Ron/Yori smuff story for Valentine's Day, but when I'd started writing, I realized that this story would be a lot more than just telling of Ron and Yori's time by themselves. The events leading to the smuff is going to show Ron and Yori with their children engaging in family time, thus I knew I had to change the story's title as well as summary from the original, which was called "A Night to Remember".

(Yes, the original title has the same title as one of Captainkodak1's K/R fics. I had told him I was going to be using the same title, but it seemed my muse in the end made me completely change it to a different title. My apologies, Cap. I hope you will not take offense that I have to change my title. (grins sheepishly))

2) Like I did with "Entwined Spirits", I'm posting this story in chapters as I write it along. Unlike "Entwined Spirits", I only see another two to three chapters before this story is complete.

3) Okaa is the Japanese word for mother. Yoshi was saying "Yes, Mother" when he spoke in Japanese. I figured that since Yoshi and Veronica are half Japanese, it's fitting for their parents to teach Japanese to them as a secondary language to English. After all, if the kids were to interact with other Japanese, especially those from Yamanouchi, they should know to speak Japanese. It is after all part of their heritage.