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Written: February-July 2008

Summary: The activities of the Stoppable Clan at the end of another day. (Story 8 of the Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe series)


Kim Possible: The Reflections Universe

For the Love of Family
Chapter 4 – A Surprising Morning
By JuPMod (aka JPMod)

Through the blinds, sunlight poured into the master bedroom, yet the blinds kept the ray's glare from disturbing the two occupants of the king-size bed as they continued to snooze away. However, oriental eyes of one sleeper blinked open, gazing up at the ceiling due to her being on her back, thus why her long raven tresses were fanned on the pillow around her head.

Feeling the urge, Yori Stoppable stretched her lithe body under the covers, a glowing smile spreading across her face in the process. She always felt great the morning after a night of lovemaking with her adored husband. Last night was one of the most passionate sessions she experienced, leaving her very pleased. Oh, she was always satisfied nearly 100 percent of their times together, yet she couldn't help but to think last night was special owing to the romantic preparations on his part. For the Yamanouchi female ninja, when it came to romance, she was a sap most of the times for it.

After noticing from the digital clock that it was just shortly after sunrise, a few minutes past 6 AM, Yori turned her head from the nightstand to the area to the left, where her vision took in the naked form of the love of her life sleeping soundly on his back. Her lips produced a warm yet amused grin upon noticing his boyish appearance. Even awake, Ron Stoppable would radiate boyish charm, especially when he was joking, however, she had come to find out he seemed even more boyish and cute in sleep than when he was conscious.

Propping her chin and right cheek on her right hand with elbow on the pillow, the Japan-born woman carried on her visual inspection of her America-born man. Just watching him sleep made her heart tighten, which prompted her face to display the love her heart was telling her. It still amazed her how much she loved this man after all these years together in matrimony, but she was not ever going to complain about it. She would rather have these wonderful nuptial emotions persist for the rest of her life than to one day wake up to find the love and stimulation gone, leaving a dull life of a marriage.

Several strands of her messed-up jet-black hair were annoyingly in front of her face, so with a couple of left fingers, she casually pushed the hairs behind her left ear. Only then did Yori reach out with the same left hand to brush across his blond locks with light touches, and as she knew they would be, the sunflower tresses were soft and fine. No surprise there, since she knew her husband used the same herbal shampoo that she did, a Japanese shampoo she had always made use of since she was a teenager.

Yori then followed what her heart and soul wanted very much at the moment. Scooting closer to his body, she leaned down to place a soft kiss on his forehead, which was trailed by one on the tip of his nose. Her lips even grazed over his eyelids, before planting a gentle smooch on his left cheek. Knowing the next kiss would do the trick, she placed a soft liplock on his mouth, keeping her eyes open steadily on his. Only when she saw his eyes started to move under the eyelids did the athletic woman gradually pull away to watch her husband enter the waking world.

Fluttering open, brown eyes sleepily gazed up at the ceiling for a moment before becoming aware of the woman leaning over him from the side. A warm, drowsy grin with affectionate eyes soon was brought into being. "Good morning, Mrs. Stoppable."

"Good morning to you, Mr. Stoppable," Yori purred back before bending down to smooch him.

Ron chuckled at her actions. "I guess you woke me up with your usual lovable, sweet, bon-diggity kisses, right?" Having started during their first year of marriage, it had become something of a ritual between them to wake the other up once in awhile with kisses and caresses. They found it was far better a wake-up call than an alarm clock at times.

"You are correct," his wife answered slyly. This time she placed a firm, melting kiss on him, enough to fully wake him, especially when she straddled over him without breaking the hold on their lips. In the meantime, her hips slowly lowered down onto his, enabling Yori to feel his private equipment nicely rubbing against hers.

Hands on her slim waist, the blond broke the liplock first, breathing a little heavily. "Whoa, Lotus Maiden," he said with a small grin. "You certainly can give a dude a caffeine jolt without the caffeine."

"I aim to please," the Yamanouchi female warrior replied, once more with a slight purr. His personal equipment felt so nice against her own that she couldn't help but to grind down onto him, making him react which in turn made her private insides began to liquefy.

Knowing quite well what his gorgeous spouse was doing, Ron encircled his arms around her waist, one hand sliding up to rest between her shoulder blades as he closed his eyes and shuddered from her ministrations. He trembled again upon feeling her lightly nibbling his earlobe. "God, Yori!" he cried out. "Don't tell me you want—"

"Dessert," Yori huskily concluded for him in his ear before licking it along the rim once, making him quiver with a moan. "I want dessert."

"God, Lotus Maiden," he moaned once more before pulling away to lock his heated chocolate orbs with her smoldering onyx ones. "You're quick on the trigger this morning. Must be a new record for you to get this frisky this fast."

Yori whipped her head back as heartfelt laughter escaped her mouth. Her husband smiled at that wonderful sound, watching that joyful face radiate in mirth, before the laughs dyed down. Smiling warmly and broadly down at him, Ron's wife raised up into a sitting position, flinging the covers away, leaving both exposed with her hands on his chest and his on her waist.

"I have plenty of motivation, Chosen One," she spoke with a slight upturn of her lips on one side, "and I'm currently hungry for some Jewish sausage for dessert."

Ron inwardly moaned upon seeing that expression of hers. It was her 'I'm going to ravish you thoroughly!' face, thus the blond knew his oriental love was going to be taking charge of this morning's session. All he could do was stand-by and let the sexual craving woman do what she wanted with him.

Thinking back to last night's rounds, the ninja master knew she had been mostly passive then, letting him be the one mostly in control. Not that he minded, it was just their love life was mostly on equal basis, thus they pretty much just let things come naturally. There would be times he would be at the helm, others she would be in charge, and of course, most of the times ended up with them almost equally giving and receiving.

After seeing her give him a wicked grin, Ron watched as the sexy, exotic creature above him slithered down his body with kisses, licks, and caresses before her hands took over the part of him she sought highly. His mind barely gave him time to remember that they had skipped this part of lovemaking last night; for Yori began to remind him how talented she had become over the years when it came to this particular skill with hands and mouth.

As he rolled his eyes backwards and closed the eyelids soon afterward at the sensations his wife was giving him, Ron briefly wondered if he had enough energy for this morning's round. Not that he had to do any work, it was just that it was as draining to him staying still as it was doing the labor. Yori, being athletically fit as she was, has the tendency to work on him so hard that he would come just as hard as she did.

Moaning from vibrations coursing through him from his private area, the blond lost any coherent thoughts all together, but not before telling himself that he obviously did not mind at all, as many times before, that the brunette took control of their lovemaking. What man would be stupid enough not to let his gorgeous wife ride wildly on him until they both exploded together, especially since it gave a spectacular sight of said wife above him? Not one Ron Stoppable, that was for sure.


The soft click of the door knob was heard, indicating the door was unlocked, and a moment later, the knob turned before the door itself swung gently opened to allow the user to leave the room. In his long-sleeved 'ninja' pajamas, Yoshi Stoppable took the barefooted steps down the hallway toward the staircase, which would lead him to the first floor and the kitchen.

For the six-year-old, food was on the front of his mind. He remembered how exhausting the workout his father put him through last night had been, but as far as he was concerned, he loved it. Being exhausted enabled him to sleep well, and now that he was awake, earlier than he normally woke for the day, the first-born Stoppable child, with brownish bedroom hair, wanted very much to eat something to satisfy his growling stomach. If his parents weren't up, the sly boy figured he might able to make some ramen or eat several bowls of Fearless Ferret Puffs before he was caught.

As he reached the staircase, the small boy's ears picked up strange sounds that he had not heard before. They sounded much like the moans and groans of someone getting beat up like he knew from some TV shows, but these moans and groans were constant and much higher than any he knew from a person who was beaten up into a pulp. He could barely hear these sounds, and what was really odd that they seemed to be coming from his Mom and Dad's bedroom down the hallway.

"Eh? Did Mom and Dad get attacked by ninjas? Those are very strange moaning ninjas," Yoshi spoke as his feet took him forward past the staircase down the hallway toward his 'rents' bedroom.

As he approached the door at the end, the sounds grew louder and clearer. One very long feminine moan was quite familiar, for it sounded like his mother. "Were the ninjas torturing Mom?" he mentally asked. Then a masculine groan was heard, and Yoshi knew it was from his Dad. "No way, they captured Dad! He's the best!"

Now the American/Japanese child was right in front of the door, the eerie sounds were easily identifiable, and he knew only his mother and father were making them. A long feminine moan followed by a "Keep doing that, Ron-kun!" made Yoshi even more confused. "What is going on here?" he mentally asked, and in order to find the answers, he reached for the doorknob.

After slowly turning the knob, Yoshi found it unlocked, and only then did he push to open it gradually. Yet as the door gave way to give the boy a view of the room, what he saw shot both his eyebrows up and his jaw dropped down.

There on the large bed were his 'rents buck naked, but they were doing something to each other that did not make any sense to him. She was on top of him on his lap, bouncing up-and-down, while he was holding her by the waist. They sure didn't see him, since their eyes were closed and they were making those weird sounds. Yet what really made child feel something was not right was the sight of something on Dad sticking into Mom as she bounced on top of him. It looked… It looked… gross!

"What is going on here?!" Yoshi cried out, startling the occupants of the bed to look at the door, and immediately upon seeing their son, they shrieked together.

"YOSHI!" both hollered out in shock as their instincts made them break apart and quickly yank up a blanket to cover up their nakedness before facing their first child with racing hearts from being totally caught off guard like this.

"Mom! Dad! What are you two doing?!" Yoshi pointed to his parents with a bewildered and stunned expression.

Ron placed on a forced grin as he rubbed the back of his head. "Well, Yosh, it's how babies are made."

"What?" the young boy asked, being even more confused. "That's how babies are made?" His eyes blinked for a few moments, until they went wide once more. "Oh, Kami! Dave was right! This is absolutely gross! EWWWW!" he scrunched up his face and spat out his tongue before running down the hallway toward his room. The lad planned to be staying in there all day or even possibly, for the rest of his life.

Letting out a breath, the two parents plopped backwards onto the bed with their heads resting on a pillow. It was quite obvious the encounter was much like being doused with cold water, for it had ruined the mood totally.

"Yori?" Mr. Stoppable called out to his wife, as his brown eyes kept gazing up at the ceiling.

"Hai, Ron-kun?" Mrs. Stoppable answered with her dark orbs also staring up at the ceiling, her right hand over her still somewhat racing heart.

"Remember our conversation on when it might be okay to tell the kids about 'The Facts of Life'?" he air quoted. Out of the corner of his eyes, the blond saw her nodded. "Well, it seems we will be telling Yoshi several years earlier than planned."

Yori closed her eyes and groaned. She was not looking forward to trying to explain to a six-year-old about sex and the process of how babies were made. Yoshi barely remembered her being pregnant with Veronica, thus it would take quite some time to even get their son to understand that it was a normal thing that men and women do together, especially if they were in love.

As they lay on their bed, realizing they soon had to get up, shower, and prepare for the day, Ron and Yori knew they would have their work cut out for them regarding their son's lesson in 'The Birds & The Bees'. It definitely was not going to be a walk in the park.


As expected, over the course of nearly a week, the first-born child of the Stoppables was not his usual self around his parents. The couple did their best to explain what they could to the boy about 'The Facts of Life'. It had taken time, but Yoshi eventually accepted what they told him, but not after swearing not to ever walk into their bedroom ever again, especially if he heard them making those strange noises. Least Yoshi's friend Dave now has a firm believer in his camp on what he saw his parents were doing to each other, now that Yoshi had seen his parents doing the same thing.

Yori, after the incident, firmly made it clear to her husband to lock the bedroom door from now on. It was obvious the children could walk into the room at the most impropriate times, as Yoshi had no doubt proven. She did not want to repeat the entire event with Veronica, and Ron agreed with his wife 100 percent.

That was until Ron, one day a year later, forgot to lock the door, and Veronica walked into the bedroom and then the bathroom to see her parents kissing each other. But this was a story for another time.

The End



1) (snicker) For those who remember the ending of "Full Circle", yep the idea for the ending of this story came from "Full Circle".

For those who do not know what I'm talking about, it was mentioned at the end of my story "Full Circle" regarding Yoshi walking into his parent's bedroom while they were in the middle of 'ravishing' each other. I had started this story on a Friday night to fit with "Full Circle", and I have to say that I couldn't have come up with a better ending to keep with the continuity flow of the TRU series. :-3

And yes, I'm sure no parent would want to try to explain 'The Birds and the Bees' to a six-year-old. LOL! XD

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