Things didn't turn out the way he had hoped.

He expected everyone to be shocked of what he said, but he didn't expect Sakura to suddenly refuse to talk to him, or even be near him. He was at least glad that she spoke to Chiaki at times, showing everyone that she was in good terms with the child.

He watched as Sakura talked with Chiaki with a bright smile, even to a point of lending the child her smokie hat, making Chiaki smile when she put it on. Sakura sure had a way with kids, and the sight of his girlfriend and Chiaki made him smile a bit.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?"

Sasuke looked up at Neji, then back at Sakura and Chiaki.

"Not right now," He said. "I'll tell you some other time."

"Alright," Neji nodded. "But you need to clarify things with Sakura, you sure dampened her mood."

"I know..." Sasuke lowered his head a bit, and then turned to the katana that rested on his crossed legs, before his grip on the weapon tightened. "I know."

Chapter 6: Atonement

"Sak," he called her, and she looked up from Chiaki to Sasuke. "I need to talk to you, alone." He said when he saw how Chiaki made a move to get up.

"No fair." The child pouted.

"Sorry Chiaki," Sasuke said. "Stay with your uncle Neji for the time being."


Sasuke then turned to Sakura who had her head lowered as she stood and walked next to him, but he noted how she kept her distance, and he knew that he will have to explain everything to her, or perhaps find a way for her to get the idea.

So, he led her to an empty field to avoid anyone from eavesdropping.

"You... want to ask me anything to start of?"

She shook her head, so he decided to just talk.

"My brother was spotted." He began, as they sat down on the grass next to each other, a few feet away. "Asuma encountered him when he was trying to escape from the Crusaders that were after his head, and that's when Chiaki came in." He glanced at her, seeing how she still kept her head lowered, but gave a nod as a sign that she was listening. "Tsunade took me to the Rogue Guild, where they kept Chiaki safe and away from harm, it's also there that I got the katana that was stolen from my clan." He sighed. "My brother apparently defeated an Akatsuki member, but is still accused for killing the clan, so he tried to get away. In reality, he's innocent, and that Akatsuki is responsible for the death of the clan, with an outside party involved."

"How sure are you?"

Well, she finally spoke.

"...My brother handed Asuma a letter for me to read. Right now, I'm not sure if he's still alive."

"And Chiaki..?"

"He... asked me to keep her safe."

"You should." She said. "She's your daughter, but why was she with your brother?"

He did not look at her. "I-"

"Tell me the truth." Sakura said, eyes brimming with tears. "Did you have a relationship with someone before me?"

"No." He said, still refusing to look at her.

"Then, you slept with another woman, which is the reason for Chiaki being born in this world..."

He sighed and looked at her, debating if he should tell her or not.

"Do you... really love me?" she asked. "Because I do, and... if you want to go raise Chiaki with her real mother, I'll have to... let you go..."

"Stop it." He said, shutting his eyes and turning his head elsewhere. "Just... stop it." He took a deep breathe in, and sighed it all out. "Chiaki is... she's..."

"Don't say that she's a mistake." Sakura said firmly. "No child deserves to be called a mistake..."

"I was not going to-"

"You should go. I understand..." She murmured, getting up and turning her back to him. "I... you can't neglect your responsibility as Chiaki's father."

He grabbed her hand, and her eyes widened when he had her on the ground and kissed her.

"So let me get this straight," Naruto said as Chiaki giggled at how Naruto can't seem to understand everything completely. "Sasuke is trying to cover something, at the request of his brother, and you know what's up..."


"Then... who's your mother?"

She giggled again. "You don't know her! Only daddy and I know her!"

"Yeah but... what's her job?"

Chiaki grinned. "Mommy is a ninja, and I want to be like her!"

"Hmm... your hair color would suit the outfit." Naruto murmured, staring at the fiery red hair of Chiaki that was pulled up in a high ponytail, while her bangs framed her face. "But you'll have to apply as a novice."

She shook her head. "Daddy said it's not the right time."

"Eh? With Sasuke, everything seems to not always be the right time."

"No, not him." Chiaki said, smiling yet again at the puzzled look Naruto gave. "Daddy was the one who said it."

Neji's ears twitched, and so did the rest of the guild members who were present.

"Yeah, I'm not saying that Sasuke didn't say so..." Naruto blinked. "Huh?! I don't get it!"

"Neither do I..." Hinata voiced out, brows creasing together. "I don't understand..."

Chiaki sighed and placed a hand on her hips. "Daddy said it's not the right time for me to apply as a novice!" she repeated. "It was daddy who said so."

"...Chiaki," Neji began. "Tell me, Sasuke is... not your..."

"Nope!" Chiaki grinned, relieved that someone finally understood. "He's daddy's little brother! He's only doing what daddy asked him to do!"


It was silent, before Naruto yelled: "WHAT?!"

Chiaki laughed out loud at Naruto's face and reaction. "Daddy knows uncle Sasuke would keep me safe, and to hide my identity and connection to daddy, daddy requested uncle to introduce me as uncle's daughter." She grinned. "But auntie Sakura was sad, because she thinks I'm uncle Sasuke's daughter, and I really, really wanted to tell her the truth, but uncle suddenly came to talk to her..." she beamed at the teenagers who gaped. "I called uncle Sasuke 'daddy' because he looked like daddy!"

"Er... so Sasuke didn't sleep with some random girl..." Naruto clarified.

"Hmm? What does that mean..?" Chiaki asked, blinking, wondering what was wrong if someone slept beside a girl. She sleeps next to her daddy all the time, until now that is.

"Nothing!" Naruto exclaimed with a nervous laugh. "So, you're Sasuke's niece, huh? Looks like Sakura worried over nothing."

"Chiaki, if you don't mind me asking..." Neji bent down a bit to be in eye level with the child. "What happened inside the Rogue's guild?"



Tsunade and the two Rogues remained silent and staring as Sasuke pulled away a bit to look at the child, seeing how she rubbed her eyes, how red her face was, and how she looked so much like Itachi – minus the red hair.

"No way..." he said, barely above a whisper.

Tsunade nodded once, still refusing to speak, before the child turned her eyes to Sasuke. He saw how dark her orbs were, just like his and Itachi's, noticed how those eyes widened when she looked at him.

"You're... daddy's little brother..." she said upon realizing the slight resemblance he had with Itachi, and as what everyone suspected, she hugged him and cried. "I want to see daddy! Take me to daddy! I don't like this place! I... I want my daddy!"

"How old is she?" Sasuke asked, turning to Tsunade.

"She's barely five years old."

"Wait, are you saying that even before the massacre..?"

"That's why we needed to know, was your brother in a relationship back then?"

Sasuke glanced at the child, then back at Tsunade. "None that I know of..." he trailed off, turning back to his niece. "But... how is this connected to the massacre..? She's not proof that Itachi is innocent or guilty!"

"Think, Uchiha." Tsunade said. "Is there a specific rule in your clan that will do any harm to the child and Itachi's spouse or lover, or whatever, if he brought them home?"

"..." Sasuke thought for a moment, before recalling the first rule he got rid off when his mother told him that he would be the clan leader as of now. "The clan's rule in terms of starting a family..." he narrowed his orbs. "Itachi knew that his lover and daughter would be accepted in the clan, but not as family, rather, they would be treated as..." he paused, glanced at the child who looked up at him in anticipation.

"Do you think that it would be the trigger for him to kill?"

"...No." Sasuke said firmly. "My brother is not a heartless person, and besides," he looked at Tsunade. "He could have just ran away with his family, he didn't need to kill the clan for it, and not only that, if this child is really barely five years old, then he's kept his affairs for four years at minimum." He sighed. "It's not piecing together, it doesn't make any sense."

"Which means..." Tsunade smirked when Sasuke finally got it.

"My brother is innocent." His grip on his niece tightened a bit, but not enough to hurt the kid. "Someone obviously knew of his affairs, and that person intended to accuse my brother for the death of the clan. All this time..." Sasuke gritted his teeth. "Itachi's been after the suspect, he knew something was going to happen on that day, which is why he did not stop me from leaving to meet Sakura, he made sure I'd stay alive to keep the clan under our name, he knew I'd make a decision of letting everyone know that no one survived..."

"You and your brother are both prodigies, no doubt about it." Tsunade turned back to the Rogues who nodded and went back to the room to retrieve something. "Your bond with your brother is strong, despite the distance, and now that you've figured it out, this can be given to you." She took a letter from one of the Rogues, as well as a weapon that once stayed within the confines of Uchiha clan's shrine from the other Rogue. "Read this first before you take the weapon back." She took the child from him, who at first resisted, but upon seeing her uncle's small smile, she silently let the female Champion hold her.

Sasuke then turned to the letter in his hands, before opening it to read the contents.

End of Flashback

"Sasuke..." she whispered when he pulled away. "I don't think..." she trailed off when his grip tightened on her. "You shouldn't..." she couldn't say it, or rather, she didn't want to say it. She may have been a High Priestess, but she wanted him all for herself, she didn't want him to leave her for Chiaki's mother, she wanted him to stay by her side, just like before.

"What do I have to do..?" he asked, his voice sounded desperate as he kissed her, then pulled away to speak. "What do I need to do to prove to you that I love you and only you?" he leaned his forehead to hers and closed his eyes, her doing the same as their hands found each other and their fingers intertwined. "Tell me..." he continued. "Anything, just tell me what... I'll do anything..."

"Stay with me."

"I promise."

"Don't go..."

"I won't."

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers feeling him, touching him as both their eyes opened to gaze at each other.

"I love you..." She whispered. "So please..."

"I won't leave you. Never again..." he said, kissing her softly. "I love you too much..."

"Sasuke, please." She looked at him. "Can't we seal this now?"

He eyed her for a while, unsure how to answer.

"I don't want anything or anyone forcing us apart, or to keep our distance."

"Sakura," she met his eyes, and he smiled. "Let's get married."

He tapped his foot impatiently, before looking up when he heard two people coming.

"Finally!" he yelled. "Didn't you two hear me knocking?!"


"Weren't you and Sasuke in the inn?"

"No," She shook her head. "We actually took a walk around."

"Oh, no wonder you weren't answering…" Naruto said, sighing. "Well, teme!" he turned to Sasuke who flinched from the Paladin's voice. "You didn't tell us that she's not your daughter! How could you?!"

Sakura blinked, and then looked at Sasuke who sighed. "She's my brother's daughter, but Itachi told me to introduce her as my own."


"Naruto, will you tone down?!"


Sasuke grunted. "It's to keep his whereabouts safe, and so that no once can use Chiaki against him." He glanced at Sakura who gave a sigh of relief. "And… there's something else we should let you all know."

"Holy crap! You got her pregnant didn't you?! Didn't you?!"

Cue Sakura's staff making contact with Naruto's head. "For the last time Naruto," She twitched. "Do you honestly think we're that desperate?!"

Naruto frowned and nursed his wound. "Anybody could think that! You two are always snuggled up against each other! It's actually a miracle that teme has yet to insert his freakin-" he got a kick from Sasuke. "WHAT THE HELL?!"

"If my niece starts saying things," his eyes shifted to sharingan as he glared at Naruto and hissed in a low voice: "You're dead."

Chiaki could only tilt her head and tug at Neji's wardrobe, asking him why Naruto called Sasuke a bastard, and what it meant, and what the Paladin was talking about when he said 'insert his freakin'.

"…Ask your uncle Sasuke." Neji murmured, coughing.

"Eh? Are you serious?!"

"Yes, Tsunade, Kiba dropped by earlier to report the news."

"Wow, funny how Orochi always finds out first."

"Shut up Jiraiya, stop calling me that." He frowned, before turning back to the guild leader. "What do you think?"

Tsunade grinned. "I think it's about time!" she exclaimed with a raised fist. "Get the whole guild together and we can give them a surprise!"

Jiraiya turned to Orochimaru who sweat dropped and twitched. "She doesn't know, does she?"

"Indeed." Orochimaru sighed. "Assassins do not react too well with surprises.

And that night, as Orochimaru said, Sasuke had instinctively shot out multiple daggers to the Phoenix Fire guild members who surprised them in the nearby pub.

"That was uncalled for Uchiha!" Tsunade snarled, holding Sasuke up by his scarf. "You almost embed a dagger onto my forehead!!"

He just eyed her with a bored look. "Hnn…"

"All you can say is 'hnn'?! HNN?!"


"Don't make me punch you Uchiha!" She snarled.

"Anou, I think you're just drunk." Sakura tried to pacify Tsunade. "And I think I'd like my fiancé to be present for our wedding tomorrow."

"Hmph. You're lucky Sakura is here." Tsunade hissed, letting Sasuke go and heading back to the counter to order more beer.

Sasuke glanced at Sakura when she was still grinning at him. "What..?" and she only laughed. "Ch. Instincts." He muttered, already knowing the reason behind her hysteria. But he felt pretty embarrassed after nearly killing the guild Tsunade handled, but it was purely on instincts. After all, Assassins are not meant to be surprised, because they are trained to be ready for what is to come, but right now, he isn't sure if he's ready to seal the deal with Sakura when danger is just around the corner.

"Sakura, can we… talk first?" he asked, looking at her.

She gave a nod and let him lead her out of the pub, their friends not noticing how they snuck out into the night.

Prontera was beautiful whether it was in the morning, afternoon, or evening – and Sakura loved to stroll around town because it made her forget how harsh life really is.

"What did you want to talk about?" she asked him as they reached the field, all the way out of the vicinity of Prontera. "You seem pretty serious about it. Should I start worrying?"

He shook his head and smiled slightly. "If you're thinking that I'm backing out, then you're wrong." He held her hand and had their fingers intertwined. "I'm more worried about what will happen after the ceremony."

"Why?" she asked, pulling his hand to her chest and holding onto it tightly for comfort.

"Akatsuki." He said. "I'm sure by now that they're aware of my existence, as well as my brother's and Chiaki's." his eyes narrowed as they landed on the full moon. "And in just knowing who I am, you and the rest are dragged into this mess."

"It doesn't matter." She told him. "I'd rather face the dangers with you, than be safe without you."

He couldn't help but smile at her answer, yet it didn't lessen his worries even for a bit.

"Hey, Sakura," he glanced at her. "Is it alright if… I just marry you right now, without the others?"

"I don't really care where or when," she admitted. "But tell me, why?"

Sasuke pulled her to an embrace as they eyed the playful Porings and Lunatics that were present in the field. "Our guild plus Tsunade's, and I'm pretty sure there will be other people present tomorrow, it would be harder to stay on guard or be alert of any danger that is to come."

"Then," she pulled away and looked up at him with a smile. "Let's go to Prontera Church."

"How sweet."

The couple was startled that they turned to the new voice, Sasuke instantly narrowing his eyes and stepping before Sakura.

"And that act is even sweeter."

"You." Sasuke seethed, having seen the person back in the dungeons of Morroc's pyramid.

He gave a haughty smirk. "Yes, me." he turned to Sakura. "And you're with her again, eh?"

Sasuke furrowed his brows. "He wasn't a Paladin, he's a Lord Knight." His fists clenched. "It's a lot harder to fight against their type."

"Not to worry," he took out his two-handed sword, the same weapon that came from the Assassin's now deceased clan. "I was only sent to kill you and spare the girl," he smirked. "We have other uses for a High Priestess of her caliber."

"Before that happens," Sakura looked at Sasuke when he had the blades of his katar appear with one swift motion of his arms. "I'm sending you to hell."

And when Sakura blinked, Sasuke was already behind the Lord Knight as he performed his Soul Destroyer, managing to get a good hit at his opponent, who was thrown back by the assault, laughing sinisterly as he got back up.

"I shouldn't have underestimated you." He began to glow after performing the Concentration skill, causing Sasuke to quickly move towards Sakura and tell her to keep a safe distance away, knowing that she wouldn't even leave him alone even if he told her to run. "After all, you're Itachi's little brother." He felt the effect of his skill activate, which increased his attack speed and hit rates. He used his next skill, Parrying, which would automatically deflect any attack with the use of his swords – this skill is pretty helpful for those who are up against Assassins at the same level as Sasuke and Itachi, and the younger of the Uchiha brothers knew that this Lord Knight meant serious business. "I'm coming to get you, Uchiha Sasuke."

Without warning, he ran at a fast pace, Sasuke cursing and rushing head on to also give out an attack of his own.

Sakura cast her support skills on Sasuke, doubling his speed with Agility Up, afterwards, used her Imposito Manus on him to add the attack strength of his weapon. To balance out the enemy's Parrying, Sakura performed Kyrie Eleison on both herself and Sasuke to stop block any attack. Next, to keep both her and Sasuke's skill points from emptying, she used her Magnificat skill to increase to SP restoration a bit faster. Her eyes went over to their opponent, and she used Lex Divina to silence him and prevent him from using anymore skills, and also Lex Aeterna to double the damage he will be receiving from Sasuke's attacks.

"Hmph. Quite the skilled Priestess you are." He muttered, his Parrying still active, which gave him an advantage during his weakened state after Sakura's skills.

"Sonic Acceleration." Sasuke used his skill to increase the hit and damage rate of his Sonic Blow, performing it on the Lord Knight twice to be able to take advantage of Sakura's skills' effects.

In swift movements, he moved behind his enemy and took out a red gemstone, using the skill of Venom Dust, effectively poisoning his target.

When he felt the Kyrie Eleison wear off, Sasuke used Back Slide to get himself away from the sword attack. He used one part of the blade as leverage to deliver a round house kick to his enemy's head, effectively removing the helmet which hid the man's face.

"Only a coward hides his face in front of an enemy." Sasuke managed to say, doing a back flip in order for Sakura to cast another set of her buff skills on him.

"Says the man who wears a Fox mask during missions." The Lord Knight chuckled, getting up from his kneeling position to reveal predominantly blue skin, gills for cheeks, and beady eyes. "I guess since you've seen my face, introductions must be made." He kicked the discarded helmet to the side and stepped forward. "I am Hoshigake Kisame, the Dark Lord Knight of Akatsuki." he had his feet apart as his sword glowed after using "Aura Blade", increasing the damage the weapon will be inflicting, as well as be successful in hitting Sasuke despite the high defense Sakura had him on, yet the flee rate of the critical Assassin before him will balance out this skill. It will be hard to deliver a blow to an Assassin Cross like Sasuke, who happens to have a full support High Priestess.

No doubt about it, a Sin-X and High Priest are a deadly combo.

"My leader sent me here," wind picked up as it surrounded him like a tornado, and from what Sasuke can see with his eyes, Kisame had activated his "Frenzy" skill, tripling his vitality, doubles his damage, and increases his attack speed. "To kill you."

And as Sasuke blinked, he nearly lost his head when Kisame had the blades detached, settling for a melee battle against the deadly Assassin.

"Fuck." The Sin-X cursed, getting a cut on his cheek due to the aura surrounding the blade. "Sakura! Stay back!" he told her, the girl nodding and doing what she was told, yet still remained close enough to be able to heal her fiancé and provide needed assistance.

"What's the matter Uchiha?" Kisame taunted, directing one blade to hit Sasuke from the left, and then using the other to attack on the right where Sasuke had moved to. "Is evading all you can do?"

Kisame admitted that this was the best way to wear out his speedy opponent, and when Sasuke finally tires out, that will be the time he'll move in for a close-range combat.

"It's all in the strategy." He gave a triumphant snicker when one of the two chained blades had wrapped around Sasuke's leg. He tugged at it, making the Sin-X fall to the ground, afterwards, used the other blade to attack. "It's the end for you, Uchiha!"

The sharp end of the weapon pierced through Sasuke's chest, making him cough out blood as Sakura cried out his name.

"Heh. How disappointing." He withdrew his blade, wiping one of the two clean from the blood, before turning his gaze back at the unmoving Sin-X. "And here I thought you'd be harder to take down." He shook his head. "Truly a disappointment."

"You bet it is."

Kisame's eyes widened when he turned his head to look back over his shoulder, unable to react in time when Sasuke had stabbed his left shoulder with the katana he just got from Tsunade. His dark eyes were shifted to red, revealing the Sharingan, and he used bits of his energy to channel electricity from his body to the blade, numbing Kisame who had fallen to the ground from the sudden impact of the attack.

"H-How…" he spluttered, teeth gritting.

"Ninja technique," Sasuke said. "Cast Off Cicada Shell." He smirked. "The moment you got my leg, I performed the skill and left a clone in order to flee." He pushed the blade deeper. "Looked real, didn't it?" he glared, smirk disappearing and replaced with a scowl. "I'll kill you, I'll kill you and the rest of Akatsuki." He sneered, placing his left palm on the floor as he summoned a puddle of water. "I'll avenge my family, even if it's the last thing I'll do." He brought up his left hand close to his lips, the pointer and middle finger extended out as he gave out an attack in a low voice. "Lightning Crash." And as soon as he uttered the words, he jumped back, using the katana that pierced Kisame as a lightning rod when the lightning struck at him, the sword pierced on his body being used as an absorbent of the attack, causing Kisame to yell out, with the puddle of water he laid on adding additional damage.

If this was in a PVP room, Sasuke would have had to use Final Strike to end the battle, but since this is outside the PVP room, the attacks were real and could literally kill.

When Kisame ceased to move, the Sin-X walked over to the body and pulled out the katana. He sliced the air to get rid of the blood, afterwards, eyed Kisame with a cold glare, Sharingan deactivating as Sakura rushed to him to engulf him in a tight embrace.

"Sakura," he murmured, kissing her forehead lightly after placing one arm around her shoulders. "Come on," he whispered. "We still have a wedding to start and finish."

"He failed." He scoffed, shaking his head. "Kisame, you fool." He turned his back to the scene and disappeared within the shadows of the trees. "Strategy may be a great deal in a battle, but the element of surprise changes things."

"You have no idea."

Startled, he whipped around to see an incoming dagger coated with poison directed to his chest, and he fell to the ground due to the impact.

"Looks like you ate your words, huh Kakuzu?"

He growled. "I…Itachi..!"

Itachi's dark eyes turned red. "Where are the rest of Akatsuki?"

"Like hell I'd tell you!" he snarled, gurgling out blood.

"You better." The Uchiha said, unmoving while he watched Kakuzu be encased with ice starting from his feet. "Because you'll be facing it off with Phoenix Fire Guild's best interrogator: Morino Ibiki." He smirked, turning back to where his little brother and future little sister were when Kakuzu was completely frozen. "Mizuki, don't you think that was harsh? Doing the process very slow?"

The red-haired, blue-eyed ninja walked over to Itachi and wrapped her arms around him. "I thought you promised never to interfere after almost losing me?"

"That was because I thought I really lost you."

She smiled and turned to where Itachi's gaze was. "Go to him Itachi, I'll take care of Kakuzu." She let him go. "Send me a message when you're done talking to Sasuke."

"Mizuki…" he eyed her. "I'll wait for you at Prontera Church, alright? It's high time we seal this legally."

The woman could only give a warm smile before leaving, taking the frozen Kakuzu with her.

"Here goes." Itachi breathed in, and then exhaled it out before walking out of the shadows, seeing Sasuke stiffen for a second before directing his eyes towards him. "Ototo." He nodded once.

Sakura felt how Sasuke shook slightly and saw his expression before also following his gaze, her own set of emerald orbs widening at the sight of her lover's elder brother.


Itachi had to smile at that.

To be continued…

Next on Resistance: Chapter 7: Satan Morroc

Naruto had to bite his tongue in order to not lash out and instead, let Sasuke do the talking.

"Why did you choose us?"

"Your guild has nearly the complete set of job classes." The King said. "One High Priestess, two Champions, one Paladin, one Gunslinger, two High Wizards, two Snipers, one Gypsy, one Star Gladiator, one Whitesmith," he then stopped his gaze on him. "And you, an Assassin Cross and Ninja in one."

"We only have two people who can support us, and not all of us are experienced enough to take down an MVP monster – especially a creature at the level of Satan Morroc!" Sasuke clenched his fists. "This is a suicide mission, it's like you're actually telling us to get ourselves killed!"

"Is Morroc not your hometown?" the Kind said, turning his back to the Sin-X. "It is, right? Is it the place wherein your clan once lived? Do you not wish to bring justice to the evil that has brought upon the destruction of Morroc – after a thousand years of peace?"

Sakura noticed Sasuke shaking, and she can sense how much anger and sorrow was radiating from his aura.

"Did you not swear to that Akatsuki member that you would avenge your clan?"

"Your highness!" Sakura yelled out. "That was uncalled for! You're only manipulating him!"


She turned to Sasuke with wide eyes, surprised that he snapped at her, and also shocked that his eyes had activated the Sharingan, and it was directed at her.

"Don't interfere." He said in a low and warning voice.

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