This takes place on a continuity after the events of Super Paper Mario, where Count Bleck, together with Tippi, is trying to create the perfect world- this time with love and compassion, and the aid of the Beige Prognosticus. Returning to the scene are some old friends.. and some older friends!

I hope this will be the first of a series, but if it isn't, then it isn't. I hope you like it. After all, it's for you.


"Minions!" Count Bleck's voice boomed through the meeting room. "All is going as we planned it!"

"Hail Bleck!" came the rallying reply.

"Yes, yes," Count Bleck said. "You have been doing very well with our Perfect World project. Count Bleck is pleased."

"It feels good teh be usin' me chunks again, Count!" said O'Chunks.

Mimi agreed, "I like being back, too! Tee hee!"

Count Bleck nodded. "Yes, it's a nice feeling to be doing good again after so long... However, I regret I have been so busy, I've been neglecting Lady Timpani."

Mimi gasped. "Oh, gosh, Count, I'm sorry-"

Count Bleck put his hand up. "Please hold your tongue until I finish, Mimi."

"Oops! Sorry!"

"Thank you," said Count Bleck. "As I was saying, to make up for it, we have decided to go away together for a short time."

Count Bleck put his hand behind his back and looked down at his minions who, after everything, were still so loyal to him.

"Can I talk now?" asked Mimi.

"Oh! Yes, of course, sorry."

"Well, I just think it's so sweet!" gushed Mimi. "Your little couple's vacation. Sigh... I wish I had a true love, too."

"I wish yeh did, too," ribbed O'Chunks. "It's easier teh listen to ya prattelin' on when yer fawnin over an actual person."

Mimi spun around on her spindly legs and glared daggers at O'Chunks. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"I do believe he's making fun of you," said Dimentio in a singsong voice.

Count Bleck held up his hands again. "Settle down!" he said in an authoritative voice. "I don't want you fighting amongst yourselves. This is exactly what we're trying to get rid of in these worlds."

"Sorry, Count Bleck," Mimi and O'Chunks said as they hung their heads in synchronized shame.

Count Bleck nodded. "And with that, I leave. Nastasia is in charge."

And with that, he did leave. He warped out with the Beige Prognosticus, leaving Mimi, O'Chunks, and Dimentio by themselves. He left so fast, they were still giving their goodbyes as he left.

"Don't yeh be worryin' aboot a thing, Count!" O'Chunks called.

"We'll take care of everything!" said Mimi.

"Yes, don't worry about a thing..." Dimentio said, smiling smugly.

Mimi turned to look down at Dimentio. "I don't like the way you said that," she said suspiciously.

"I'm sorry," said Dimentio. "How would you like me to say it?"

"How did you get back in here, anyway?" Mimi demanded, her stick-like hands on her hips.

O'Chunks grabbed her by the elbow and jumped down to the floor below. "SAY, MIMI," he said loudly. "Why don't we go find, Nastasia, eh? Get our assignments!" He pulled her ear close to his mouth and hissed, "Psst! Don't ask questions, lass. I don't like to think how he'll answer 'em."

"Oh, my."


Mimi and O'Chunks traveled down the halls of Castle Bleck, with Dimentio trailing a ways behind them. After a few turns, they made it to Nastasia's room.

"'Ey, Nassie!" O'Chunks called as he knocked on the door. "The Count just left. 'E said yeh'd be givin' us our assignments."

There was no response.

Mimi tapped lightly on the door. "Nastasia?" Mimi called sweetly. "Are you there?"

"I'm at my desk," Nastasia called from the other side of the door. Her voice sounded clogged and nasally.

Mimi opened the door. Nastasia was at her desk with her face in her hands. Her desk was surrounded by crumpled tissues as thick as snow. She looked up at her friends with red, swollen eyes. "So, uh, what can I do for you?"

"Oh, my," said Dimentio, looking around her room.

"Oy, Nastasia!" said O'Chunks. "What's been eatin' yeh, lass?"

"All over the place, it seems," Dimentio added.

"Can I help you?" Nastasia asked.

"Gosh, I could ask you the same question," said Mimi. She walked up to Nastasia and put a comforting arm around her shoulder. Are you okay?"

"Yeah," said Nastasia. "I've just been... BWAH! WAAAH!" she suddenly burst into tears again.

Mimi wasn't sure what to do. First she tried to comfort her by hugging her, but that wasn't right. Then she let go and waited for her to stop, but it made her feel like a big meanie. O'Chunks and Dimentio, not entirely comfortable with female emotions, simply looked in different directions and pretended they couldn't hear her.

Finally, Nastasia got herself under control. She straightened her glasses and said, "I'm sorry. I still want to be loyal to him...but when I see him and her together like that, I just... BWAAAAH!" And once again, she couldn't help herself and started bawling.

O'Chunks decided to try saying something. The best he could come up with was, "There now, lassie, chin up."

"Don't cry, Nastasia, please don't cry!" Mimi put her arms around Nastasia, and Nastasia returned the comfort hug.

Finally, she let go and wiped her eyes clean. She took a few deep breaths, waited a good long moment, and said, "I'm sorry. I lost control. I feel better now."

"You don't look better," Dimentio said.

"Dimentio!" Mimi snapped.

Dimentio threw his hands up and shrugged.

"Look, this is just something I'll have to deal with," Nastasia said as she turned back to her desk. "Now, you came for your assignments, I believe?"

Mimi sighed. "Gosh, I wish we could help you..." Suddenly, her face brightened up. "Hey!" she said with glee. "Maybe we can!"

Dimentio snapped his fingers. "Ciao!" he said, and quickly disappeared.

O'Chunks, who didn't have an easy escape route, went along. "What d'yeh mean, Mimi?" he asked.

"I'm not sure," Mimi explained. "But maybe it wouldn't hurt Nastasia so much to see Tippi and the Count together if she had somebody of her own."

Nastasia spun around in her chair. "What? Oh, no. No. Yeah, sorry, but there's no way I could do that, 'K?"

Dimentio reappeared between Mimi and O'Chunks, hanging in the air and looking around curiously.

Mimi continued, "Well, I mean, maybe you don't have to, like, start seeing anybody, but if you knew that there might be someone else for you, it might not hurt so much to loose this one, you know? It worked when I broke up with Sean. I knew there were other people in the world, and that kept me going until I met Gary."

"No, I couldn't," said Nastasia, slumping back over her desk. "Let's just drop it, 'K?"

"Oh, I think it's a wonderful idea," Dimentio said encouragingly. "It's always a good thing to expand your horizons."

"Ah, I'm not sure it's such a good idea," said O'Chunks uncertainly. "I mean, aren't these things supposed to take their own time, and all?"

"Oh be quiet," Mimi said to him, "You don't know anything about girls."

"I'm just not sure it works that way."

Dimentio laughed. "Oh, what do you know about love?"

"What do YOU know about love?"

"What do ANY of you know about love!" Nastasia shouted, slamming her fist on the desk.

The other three looked at her, stunned. Nastasia straightened her glasses and turned back to her desk.

Finally, Mimi said, "Golly, Nastasia... I'm sorry... I just don't like to see you so unhappy... I hate that we can't help."

There was another silence as everybody shifted uncomfortably.

Nastasia broke it and said, "Well, all right. I suppose it couldn't hurt to try any more than it hurts now."

Dimentio snapped his fingers. "Splendid!" he said happily. "I shall bring the snacks!"

Bleck and Tippi appeared in a flash in the middle of town square. Bleck took a deep breath of fresh air. "Aah... here we are, my dear Timpani," he said. "Are you ready to begin our vacation?"

Tippi looked around before coming to a rest on Bleck's hat. "Where are we?" she asked.

"This is Rogueport," said Bleck, sweeping his arm around. "Home of the Pianta Parlor, the Trouble Center, and this lovely hangman's noose right here... look at that, doesn't that just set the scene?"

Tippi gasped. "But... but Blumiere, Rogueport is home to all the thieves and ne'er-do-wells of the world! Why on earth would you bring me to some place this dangerous?"

"Don't worry," said Bleck. He held out his finger for Tippi. She moved to it, and he brought her down to his face. "I told you I would take you somewhere that would accept our love. And here in Rogueport... well, they just don't ask many questions."

Tippi sighed. "But... but Blumiere..."

"Hold on a moment," said Bleck. He turned around, where a craw was crouched behind him, reaching out to pick his pocket. The craw looked up at him.

"If you try it, I will send your head to a different dimension than your body," said Bleck.

"I was just passin' by," said the craw.

"That's right, you were," said Bleck, nudging him along with his staff.

The craw hunched over and glowered at Bleck as he skittered along, out of the way.

Tippi went back to rest on Bleck's hat. "I feel so safe around you, Blumiere," she sighed.