She ran in the darkness of the night, her dark blue cloak billowing behind her. She had always been accustomed to darkness –she even preferred it to light- but now it seemed to be closing in around her, threatening to suffocate her if she did not move fast enough. She could hear his footsteps behind her, slow and unhurried, but no matter how hard she ran, he could somehow catch up with her, his breath on her neck. No matter where she teleported to, he always seemed to find her, thanks to that device he had implanted under her skin when she was under his capture.

For the fifth time that day, Raven Roth teleported.

A feeble attempt considering the fact that she had literally no more energy left to use her powers, but at least she got herself at a lake. When the hell was there a lake in this damned city? When she left Azarath, the first thing she saw was a pizza place, she wandered around for a few days to get used to Earth, and then someone had grabbed her from behind and knocked her out. And the next thing she knew, she was tied up in some laboratory, which looked like some factory with all its machinery. What happened after was unpleasant, and she winced as she pulled up the sleeves of her leotard to examine the multiple bruises and scars on her arm. She wanted to heal herself, but summoning her powers felt the same as constipating. Fuck. My head hurts. She rubbed her head, wincing again at the pain, then turned to find an enormous tower in front of her. Maybe it was just her wild imagination, but what she saw was definitely a gigantic T.

Oh my word. A fucking big T. She felt faint. Maybe she would just die here and now, and when someone found her body she would look like that poor little girl in the human fairy tale who couldn't sell any matchsticks or vegetables or tissue paper or whatever that was, and people will give her a nice big funeral. (Well, in the Azarathian fairy tale, it wasn't the same, because that poor little girl was actually a 16-year-old demoness and she got killed because she pissed off one 6-eyed demon by trying to sell him demon spectacles.) And the newspapers will read Penniless Girl?/Alien?/Woman? in Goth-like Costume Died After Seeing a Big T. Whatever that tower was, there had to be people inside, and considering humans (excluding the one that tortured her for hours in that factory-slash-laboratory), she will definitely be taken in and be treated like a dying patient. She stumbled towards the door –why were there so many weird buttons?- and thumped her fists against the door with all her might. She was going to collapse, she just knew it, but she could not afford to be found by that masked bastard again. She didn't know how he did it, but whenever he was around her she could not use her powers, her mind became unfocused and the next thing she knew he was inflicting pain on her, whipping her with something she couldn't see, forcing her to submit to him. "Serve me," he hissed, "and maybe I could spare you the agony of dying a painful death." It sounded so cheesy, come to think of it, but at that time she couldn't do anything. She couldn't let herself get captured again. She wouldn't let herself get captured again. If she had to give up her own life to do it, she would.

She rammed her whole body against the huge metal door, screaming, "Open the door, someone open the door!" She must have sounded like some maniac, because the next thing she knew the door had opened, and a very shocked person was standing there. He had spiky hair which was ruffled into a very messy state, a mask plastered on his face, and a long pole in one muscular arm, looking as if he was ready to swing the pole in her face any moment. He could be called handsome if her eyesight wasn't so blurred, because now his face was just a patch of beige. "Jesus…" she heard him breathe as she stared at him, trying to focus on his face. Before he could continue, she had collapsed right into his arms and her whole world turned black.


Someone was talking. No. Some people were talking. And where the fuck was she? Raven tried sitting up, but some wires stopped her from doing so, and she warily lay back down again. She didn't know if she should scream for help, teleport, or pull out the door of the room she was in with her mind. But somehow, she felt safe. Teleporting would just lead her straight back onto the cat-and-mouse game with her executioner, though she was sure that now he would have had already known where she was, and the only people she could 'scream for help' to were the people outside. She strained her ears towards the door.

"Oooh, so naughty little Robin has brought a girl home with him? When did you go party? Why didn't you bring me along?"

"Shut up, BB. She collapsed right on our doorstep."

"Aww, come on… No one can fool the sex god."

"Shut up, BB."

"Introduce me, will you? I'm extremely…sociable."

"Sure. You want an introduction to my foot?"

Silence ensued. The person called BB seemed to know what the person called Robin was capable of when he was annoyed. Raven shifted around in her bed. Who the hell calls himself BB anyway? She tried fitting names, Boring Bitch, Bloated Ball, Big Boy, but they all seemed out of place.

Someone else talked. This time it was a girl. "Friends, do you think she may be in some sort of trouble that she ran all the way here to look for us? Like friend Robin said, she collapsed right on our doorstep."

"Star, you know the meaning of 'collapsed'?" The self-proclaimed sex god asked in a surprised tone. To Raven, BB was now the stupidest person in the group.

"Of course! My English has been improving lately. I have been reading the dictionary. It is so interesting how L follows K and M follows L and N follows M…" Okay, maybe BB wasn't the stupidest.

"Okay thanks Star, but now we have an issue. We have a girl stuck in the room, we don't know where she's from, but one thing for sure is that there is someone chasing her." All-knowing Robin replied.

"Wait. Didn't we call in a new maid recently?" Someone else talked now. Raven wondered how many people were there. He continued, "She was supposed to come tomorrow, uh, I mean today, it's already 2 am in the morning." Oh. My. Word. Now this person thinks I'm a maid. Maybe BB and Star aren't the stupidest.

"That's a bit impossible, Cyborg. No maid comes running over and fainting at our doorstep at midnight." Oh, at least there is comfort in knowing that there is a smart Robin in this gigantic T.

"Hey, for all we know she's scared of squirrels," the man called Cyborg said helpfully. "We got animals runnin' all over."

"Maybe it's the ducks. They promised me they will help keep security around the tower." How dumb could this BB get? Ducks promised him to keep security around this super big T? She wondered if this tower was an asylum.

Cyborg echoed her thoughts. "How can ducks keep watch around the tower, man? I've got high-tech security all up, we don't need bloody ducks."

"Hey don't insult them! They do a much better job in protecting the tower than your machines and they are probably the sexiest creatures you'll ever get."

"How the fuck can they be sexy?"



"Shut your mouth you stupid green-"


"Did you ever know you are as sexy as a FART?"


"Hey both of you cut it out…"


There was immediate silence. Star cleared her throat, and said, "Friends, I think she has awoken."

Oh. My. Word.

Before Raven knew it, the door had swung open, and four figures walked in. She recognised Spiky-hair, probably Robin (she really wanted to know why he was wearing a suit that resembled a rainbow, no, more like a traffic light), a girl with long pink hair who had to be Star (she didn't seem to be standing on the ground, she seemed to be floating), a tall black man who seemed to have merged himself with a car, probably Cyborg (the name really fitted him), and a short (though not considered small) green person who looked as human as Star. What have I gotten myself into?

Little did Raven Roth know, she was staring at the Teen Titans.

She didn't even know that she was in a place called Jump City.