To all readers out there:

This story does not involve Sora, but his son Sarox, who has taken possession of the Keyblade. In this story, he travels throughout the worlds with his best friend, and love interest, Marlene; who is a Princess of Heart wielding a Keyblade. Along with their journey, they are joined by Max, Goofy's son, and PJ, Pete's son. Like Donald and Goofy, they serve as magicians and knights respectively.

Have a good read.

Ext. Lava Springs - Golf Course

Sarox, Marlene, PJ and Max appear in a beam of light on the golf course. They all look around and admire the view of the beautiful mountains and a country club ahead of them.

Sarox: Wow! This is amazing.

Marlene: Yeah, It's really beautiful.

Max: Hey, (points to the country club) that looks like a country club.

PJ: Oh, yeah! That looks like it all right!

Marlene's Keyblade appears and glows on the end.

Marlene: Guys, one of the princesses is here.

Sarox: Then let's find her.

Sarox begins to walk toward the country club, but Max stops him.

Max: No, wait. A country club is off limit unless you're a member.

PJ: Then let's see if we can get a job, so we can find that princess.

The others nod together. Suddenly MR. THOMAS FULTON appears.

Mr. Fulton: Excuse me. This is a country club. You are not allowed to be here unless you're a member.

Sarox: Oh, well, um, we-we're here to look for jobs, actually.

Mr. Fulton: Are you those Wildcats from East High?

Sarox: Well, um, no...

His sentence is interrupted by PJ who covers his mouth. Then Max comes in to take over the conversation.

Max: Yes, we are. We are all members of the Wildcats.

Marlene looks unsure, but doesn't argue about anything.

Mr. Fulton: Weren't you supposed to be here last week?

Max improvises as well as he can.

Max: We... we were busy with something... at home, so... the others came here first.

Mr. Fulton doesn't see anything wrong and accepts his excuse.

Mr. Fulton: Where are your resumes?

PJ: Oh, resumes... right.

He puts his hands backward and summons up four papers, two in each hand. He hands them to Fulton and he reads them.

Mr. Fulton: Well, I guess I can still give you jobs. Well, follow me then.

He motions them to follow him, which they do. On their way back to the hotel, they enjoy the view.

Ext. Lava Springs - Entrance

When they reach the entrance, they see the title "Lava Springs" hanging over it.

PJ: The Lava Springs Country Club.

Mr. Fulton: (To PJ) Hey! Come on now! We don't have all day!

PJ catches up to them.

Int. Lava Springs - Kitchen

They come into the kitchen and Mr. Fulton introduces them.

Mr. Fulton: Attention, everyone! The final members of your team have arrived. I wish you would've told me that some of your guys were gonna be a little late.

Everybody gets a little confused by Fulton. CHAD DANFORTH is the first to step in and talk.

Chad: What? What're you talking ab…

Max and PJ approach to stop him.

Max: Hey! Um... yeah, we were busy with something, remember?

PJ: Yeah, sorry about that, buddy.

Max stands to Chad so close that no one can hear him whisper.

Max: (whispers and begs) Please help us with this. We really have to get a job here. Please.

Chad: (talks aloud) Well, I... I guess you've got everything settled back home then?

Sarox and Marlene smile with relief. Everybody feels bewildered, but are happy to make a few new friends.

Mr. Fulton: Alright. (Turns to Sarox) Keys, you will be working with Danforth (points at Chad) and Bolton. (Turns to Chad) Where is Bolton and Ms Montez, by the way?

Chad: They're on the way, Mr Fulton.

Mr. Fulton: Well, that's an inappropriate and reckless thing for them to do. Well, they better be here in three minutes, or I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give them a strike. (Continues, turns to Marlene) Starrison, you will be partnered with McKessie as activities coordinator (points at Taylor McKessie). (Then turns to Max and then to Jason) Goof, Cross, make sure the dishes are out before you get off work. It's nice enough of me to let you even get a job. (And finally to PJ) Juno, you will be working with Baylor as chef assistants (Points at Zeke Baylor). Now, everybody! Get to work!

With that, he leaves them in the kitchen. Then Chad steps forward to introduce himself.

Chad: Hi, I'm Chad, Chad Danforth. I'm the waiter.

Everyone joins in for introduction and handshaking.

Zeke: Zeke Baylor. I'm the assistant to the head chef.

Martha: Hello, I'm Martha. I am working as the food prep.

Max: Hi, I'm Max. Max Goof.

Kelsi: Hello, I'm Kelsi: The pianist.

Sarox: I'm Sarox, pleasure.

Taylor: Nice to meet you, I'm Taylor, Taylor McKessie.

Marlene: I'm Marlene.

Jason: Hi, Jason Cross: dishwasher.

PJ: Pete Junior, also known as PJ. I am your partner in the dishwasher department.

They burst into laughs at his joke. Finally, Chad gets serious and asks his questions.

Chad: So why did you tell Fulton that you are members of our basketball team?

Max: (Lies) Well… we just… needed to get a job. We're desperate and out of money.

Marlene: (Lies along) Yeah, so when he saw off running around the golf cart and asked if we were with the Wildcats, we had to say yes because we were afraid that he wasn't gonna give us.

Max: Please don't tell anyone about this.

Chad: (Doesn't like the answer) Fine. But you have to make sure that you don't screw up and tell Fulton that we lied for you. Okay?

Sarox: Alright.

Max: (Smiles) Thank you.

Just then, GABRIELLA MONTEZ and TROY BOLTON enter from the back door. Zeke sees and walks up to them.

Troy: Zeke, what's going on?

Zeke: We have four new Wildcat staff members here.

Troy and Gabriella approach and Chad introduces them to each other.

Chad: Hey, Troy. Gabriella. Come here. These are our new friends and staff members: this is Sarox; that's Marlene, PJ and Max. We told Fulton that they were with us to help them get a job.

Troy: What? Why?

Taylor: Desperate for jobs.

Chad: Yeah, so we decided to lie to Fulton along with them.

Troy: (To the heroes) Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Troy.

Sarox: I'm Sarox.

Gabriella: Gabriella.

Marlene: I'm Marlene, nice to meet you.

Max: Max.


Sarox and Troy shake hands and Marlene and Gabriella do the same. But suddenly the girls feel something wash through their hands as if they have some sort of electrical connection. Mr. Fulton comes in again and interrupts the tension.

Mr. Fulton: Excuse me, but I only hear talking in here. Tables need service. Now!

Chad: Yes, sir. (To the boys) You, go get changed in the locker room. And don't be late.

Sarox: Okay.

Jason: Come on, I'll show you where the locker room is.

Taylor (To Marlene) So are we, come on.

With that, everyone separates and goes back to their work. Max, Sarox, PJ and Marlene separate to get changed.

Unbeknownst to everybody else, RYAN EVANS has been eavesdropping from the outside.

Gabriella, Kelsi, Martha, Taylor and Marlene go to the lockers and help Marlene find clothes that fit.

Int. Lava Springs - Lobby

Ryan and Sharpay meet in the lobby to exchange information.

Sharpay: What happened in there?

Ryan: Four strange kids just arrived and got hired by Fulton.

Sharpay: Any idea who they are?

Ryan: I don't know. I didn't hear anything until five seconds before they were separated by Fulton.

Sharpay: And it didn't bother you to ask that piggy man about them?

Ryan, falling out of sink (figuratively speaking), shakes his head. Sharpay, angry at her brother's incompetence, turns away to avoid looking at him for a minute.

Sharpay: Oh, god. I can't believe I have you for a brother. (To herself) They must have some kind of connection to Troy and his gang. (Turns back to him) Keep an eye on them. If they are planning something, report to me immediately. I don't want those Wildcats to mess up my talent show.