Ext. Lava Springs - Talent Show Stage

The scene is crowded with guests sitting at tables and waiting for the performance to begin. The gang gathers onstage and get ready for their final performance. Ryan is going through the moves that they will be doing during the show.

Ryan: And when they sing to the final part, you two (to Zeke and Martha) will give the signal and then you will (to Marlene, Sarox, Max and PJ) join us all in the final part. You got it?

Sarox: Yeah, we got it.

Max: M-hm.

Sarox joins Marlene at the further back of the stage while PJ and Max go off to join the others at the end.

Sarox: You ready?

Marlene: (nods) Yeah. Let's do it!

They smile and hold hands, which endures their strengths to sing confidently.

Song: We're All Connected

Kelsi plays the piano; Troy and Gabriella go upstage and they both smile at Marlene and Sarox who join them on the front.


We were bothered by the malice

But the thanks to the light in our hearts,

The evils are expelled from their havoc

And now we can finish our singing parts.


Our hearts united as one,

That's how we pulled together and forced away

The dark cloud that ruined our songs.


Thank you for coming to us,

And Troy's magic Keyblade.


We are glad to have come and helped you out

And give more strength connected to the song.


Now we will hit the road,

But our worlds are all connected.


Which means, we are free to come and go!


So don't be sad, cause we'll come back soon to say hello!


Though we are separated, our worlds are all connected!

So we will always sing together.

Gabriella and Marlene:

We share the same sky

One sky.

Troy and Sarox reveal their Keyblades as they do the final part of the song.


So we're all connected

And someday

We will come together

And sing again!

Troy and Sarox

So we're all connected

And someday

We will come together

And sing again!


We're all connected!

Song ends.

Troy and Sarox point their Keyblades up in the air and shoot out harmless fireworks that form into flowers with hearts in the center. The impressed audience gives them applause and the performance ends. Fulton goes up to give the award. The others stand back while Sharpay steps to the front.

Chad: I can't believe she's the one getting the award.

Troy: Ah, come on. It doesn't matter who gets the award. All that counts is what we've accomplished.

Fulton is about to give speech, but then Sharpay snatches the award and the microphone from him.

Sharpay: Lades and gentlemen! If you would all take your seats, please. In every year, I have been given the Star Dazzle Awards. Today, I've decided to break the tradition, because this does not belong to me. Ladies and gentlemen: This year's Star Dazzle Award goes to… my brother, RYAN EVANS!

Everyone claps, and the surprised Ryan comes out to take the award. Sharpay gives the Star Dazzle Award to him and they hug and whisper at each other's ears.

Ryan: Thank you.

Sharpay: Ah, you've earned it.

When they let go, everyone gathers around Ryan and he lifts it up in the air to show his accomplishment.

Ext. Lava Springs - Golf Course

The show is over. Troy & Gabriella, Ryan & Martha, Zeke & Sharpay, Chad & Taylor, Jason & Kelsi gather at the golf course to see their friends off.

Troy: Sarox, Marlene, Max, PJ. Thank you.

Gabriella: Yes, thank you.

Sarox: Don't mention it. And you didn't just get help from us, we made it together.

Marlene: That's right.

Max: We'll see you again, Wildcats!

Chad: Yeah, we'll see you.

The four of them begin to leave, but then Troy stops Sarox with a call.

Troy: Sarox!

He stops and turns around.

Troy: Good luck with your mission.

Sarox: (smiling) Thank you. You think you can handle your new power, Troy?

Troy summons his Keyblade and looks at it for a moment, and then turns back to Sarox, with a confident smile on his face.

Troy: Yeah, I think so. If you can do it, then I believe that I can do it too. I just have to remember who I am fighting for. And never forget who I am.

Sarox: Good luck, Troy. This world is in your protection now. And so is she (points to Gabriella).

Troy and Gabriella hold each other tightly.

PJ: Hey, Sarox. Let's go!

Sarox turns around and catches up to the others. Troy, Gabriella, Chad, Taylor, Ryan, Sharpay, Martha, Zeke, Kelsi and Jason wave as they dissipate in the dark mountain.

Int. Gummi Ship – Pilot Room

Our heroes sit in position and get ready to head for the next world. While PJ and Max manage the flying setting, Sarox looks out of the window and stares at the world that they are departing from. Marlene sees this and holds his hand.

Marlene: We'll see them again. And when we do, we will sing together again.

Sarox smiles.

Sarox: Yeah.

Max: OK! Let's head for the next world!


PJ presses the blast-off button and the rockets blast away the Gummi Ship and head for the next world.

Ext. Lava Springs Country Club – Golf Course

The gang is enjoying the lovely night on a high point when a flying star suddenly flies past the beautiful sky.

Gabriella: We'll see them again.

Troy Yeah, because now we're connected.

The gang goes off to play on the golf course, leaving only Troy and Gabriella. The two look into each other's eyes. And then follow with a kiss. As they do so, Troy lifts up his Keyblade and creates some beautiful fireworks in the sky. Everyone just stares with wonder and immeasurable joy.

The End