My High School Sweetheart

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It's a well known fact that the one and only Shizuru Fujino is Natsuki's girlfriend. No one dares to approach Shizuru when Natsuki is around… well, unless they want to beaten up into pulp. Natsuki is very protective over Shizuru who does not seem to mind. The couple have officially been together for almost a year & a couple of months or according to Shizuru only just a year, she believes they only became an official couple after they shared their first kiss and of course Natsuki has to disagree with this.

A year ago…

One breezy summer's day in a hidden garden, there laid down upon the freshly cut grass were two love struck teenagers looking up at the sky; their fingers laced together, daydreaming.

A small gust of wind brushed past Shizuru making her slightly shiver, Natsuki, quick to notice the small movement decided to act upon it. "C'mere Shizuru", sitting up Shizuru glanced up at Natsuki giving her a quizzical look. Settling on not saying anything Natsuki got up and positioned herself behind Shizuru. Hesitantly, Natsuki proceeded to get closer to Shizuru only to pause just inches away from Shizuru. Swallowing a small gulp Natsuki wrapped herself around Shizuru, her arms hugging Shizuru's waist and leaning onto Shizuru in attempt to keep Shizuru warm. Immediately, Natsuki could feel Shizuru's muscles tense up and then relax; smiling to herself Natsuki silently congratulated herself. "Mmmph" Shizuru closed her eyes and leaned back into the warm embrace.

A couple of hours later that day...

"Natsuki, it's getting dark and a little chilly. We should go, we're going to be in trouble. Neither one of us have told our parents we will be coming home late" Shizuru managed to untangle herself from Natsuki. Once she was up she looked down at Natsuki only to find Natsuki had laid back down on the grass with her arms folded behind her head; eyes closed with a small content smile on her face.

"Ne, Shizuru… let's stay like this a little longer"

"Ara, ara... I'd love to stay like this with you, but we are both going to get in trouble. We can always come back here tomorrow, right?"

Wordlessly Natsuki motioned Shizuru to come and lie down on the grass next to her. Giving in, Shizuru laid down next to Natsuki. Slowly, Natsuki rolled over onto her stomach and gazed at Shizuru's face, taking in her beauty.

"Natsuki looks so cute when she is deep in thought" snapping out of her reverie Natsuki blushed a cute shade of red. Immediately she looked away and whispered "You look even more beautiful under the moonlight", turning her head back to Shizuru she looked deep into those bewitching crimson eyes as if she were searching for something. Her face drawing closer and closer to Shizuru, before she realised it her face was barely centimetres away from Shizuru's. Not being able to hold herself back any longer Natsuki cupped Shizuru's cheeks and leaned down to capture those alluring lips. Letting Natsuki take control of the kiss Shizuru merely wrapped her arms around Natsuki's neck pulling Natsuki closer to herself. Natsuki didn't seem like she was going to deepen the kiss and so Shizuru had no choice but to take matters into her own hands. She rolled over smoothly; consequently she was on top and at advantage, after gently tugging Natsuki's lip with her teeth she slipped her tongue into Natsuki's mouth and began to explore. Moments later the two drew back for air, Natsuki was grinning from ear to ear; silently congratulating herself (for the second time) after noticing the adorable blush covering Shizuru's face.

"Yeah, i suppose we ought to leave now" Giving Shizuru a small smile Natsuki started to get up onto her feet. Shizuru still dazed from the kiss never made a move to get up. "Natsuki? We're leaving already?" Pouting, Shizuru grabbed one of Natsuki's wrists and swiftly pulled her back down.


Present day…

Walking down a crowded corridor of Fuka academy was Natsuki and her two close friends Mai and Nao, Mai and Natsuki were making their way down to their next class- English Literature.

"Nao, what class have you got now?"

"Does it matter, Mai? I'm going to skip."

"I thought you promised us you were not going to skip anymore?!"

"I didn't say those words exactly! I said I was going to cut down. And I am."

"Didn't you just skip last lesson?" Natsuki muttered.

"Shut it, Kuga."

Before Natsuki could yell at Nao someone grabbed her arm, yanked her into the girl's restroom and pinned her to the wall. "What the…" She was cut off her lips were pressed up against another pair of lips. Recognising the familiar scent of lavender she smiled into the kiss. Putting one arm around Shizuru's back Natsuki pulled Shizuru closer to herself. She used her free hand sneak down Shizuru's front to find the rim of her shirt, giving the shirt a quick tug she slipped her hand under the shirt and began to caress Shizuru's silky smooth stomach.

Must. Not. Ravage. Her. Right. Here. Right. Now. Those were the words being chanted over and over in Natsuki's head. As if she was able to read Natsuki's mind Shizuru let out a seductive chuckle.

As much as Natsuki loved this making out sesson with Shizuru, she could not hang about any longer for she was running late for her next lesson. Usually Natsuki would not mind arriving late for lessons, she actually has a habit of walking into a lesson just before it ends, but for this particular class Natsuki has to be on time unless she wants to be embarrassingly scolded in front of all her classmates.

"Mmm, Shizuru I have to get to class" Said Natsuki pulling out of the kiss.

"Can't you skip?" Replied Shizuru breathlessly.

"No, i can't. What about you? Do you not have class?"

"Yes, I don't have a lesson right now. However I do have school president duties to carry out."

"Then go do them Shizuru! My teacher is going to hunt me down and mutilate me if turn up at class late. I'm too scared to think of what she is going to do to me if I don't turn up for class at all!"

"Ah… then if you don't want to be mutilated i guess you should run along." Giggled Shizuru.

Panicking, Natsuki gave Shizuru a quick peck on the cheek before running for her life to her next class. "Ara, ara… she really is the cutest little thing ever." Sighing happily Shizuru made her way out of the girl's restroom.

"Psst, hey Natsuki! Where did you disappear off to?"


Giggling Mai gave Natsuki a knowing wink.

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