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It was 7.30 AM when Natsuki woke up with a start. A moment ago she had been nicely snuggled up under her covers dreaming of many strange things until her alarm clock started ringing.

The blue haired girl slowly prepared herself for school. Before she realised it, Natsuki was already a little late for school. Not bothering to eat her breakfast, she dashed out of her house and rushed to her beloved motorbike. With a loud Zoom, Natsuki drove away into the distance.

The same morning she skidded into class 20 minutes late, continuously voicing an apology to her teacher. Her whole class instantly froze, waiting for their teacher's response to Natsuki's late arrival. All her close friends silently made prayers for Natsuki, praying that their teacher will go easy on her this time.

"I'm sorry I'm late Sensei. My-"

"Late again Kuga Natsuki! I'm getting tired of this. This is the last time Natsuki, I'm getting very frustrated with you. Stand outside. I'll deal with you later."

"But Sensei, it wasn't my fault!"

"Excuses, excuses. Go stand out side."

The blue haired girl bowed her head in defeat and walked out of the room with a look of annoyance on her face.

After stepping out of the classroom, Natsuki sunk down onto the floor and buried her face into her knees as she hugged them. The green eyed girl was completely exhausted; it was obvious that she had tried her best to make it to school on time.

In the distance, two people were walking down the corridor. A tall handsome boy with dark hair followed by a tall slender girl with light hair. The two students were too far away from Natsuki to recognise who they were at first glance. The two students continued chatting idly as they made their way down the corridor. Soon they were close enough for Natsuki to recognise.

The blue haired girl's ears perked up when she heard an all too familiar soft spoken Kyoto-ben voice. Natsuki immediately stood up, straightening out her school uniform.

"Ah! Hello Natsuki-chan, late again? Did sensei send you out? Or have you not walked in yet?" Reito was the first to greet Natsuki.

"Hey Reito." The blue haired girl grimaced. "Yeah, I got sent out of the classroom."

Natsuki turned her head to Shizuru and smiled at her girlfriend. The moment their eyes met, Natsuki felt butterflies in her stomach.

Shizuru returned Natsuki's smile with a soft smile of her own. "Reito, you go ahead to class. I'll join you in a few minutes," Said Shizuru.

"Ok, see you in a bit Shizuru. Bye Natsuki-chan. I'll see you around."

"See you around Reito." Replied Natsuki.

"Good morning Natsu-ki..."

Shizuru waited for Reito to leave before she kissed Natsuki briefly on her lips.

"W-what was that for?"

"Do I need a reason to kiss my girlfriend?" Shizuru gracefully arched an eyebrow up at Natsuki in a questioning manner.

"What? Yes! I mean no! I-it's just that sensei might see us! She's going to come out any minute and have a good nag at me." The shorter girl bowed her head the slightest bit in an attempt to hide her upset face.

Natsuki was alarmed when Shizuru took one of her hands into her own and pulled her along.

"Wait, Shizuru! Where are you taking me?" Shizuru continued to drag Natsuki away.

"Away from your sensei. Come, let's go find some place quiet and away from these noisy classrooms." Shizuru gradually began to pick up her pace. Soon Natsuki was jogging behind Shizuru, the taller girl guiding her by the hand to the school grounds. After minutes of weaving in and out of the tree's, Shizuru found a decent spot where no one would disturb the two. Letting go of her girlfriend's hand, Shizuru sat down next to a tree and leaned her back on it.

"Shizuru, I wasn't certain about what sensei was going to do to me before, about you know... turning up at class late. But now I know for sure, she's going to kill me for doing a runner!"

"Natsuki, please relax a little. Come here." Shizuru patted the patch of grass in front of herself. "I'll give you a neck massage."

Unable to resist such a tempting offer, Natsuki flopped down onto the spot in front of Shizuru. The brunette leaned onto Natsuki's back, her arms circling Natsuki's waist. Shizuru inched her face closer to Natsuki's neck. Her soft mouth met the skin on the back of Natsuki's neck. The blue haired girl had to stop her eyeballs from rolling to the back of their sockets. Shizuru's mouth continued to smother every inch of Natsuki's neck. Natsuki soon relaxed into Shizuru's embrace; she had already forgotten that she was in serious trouble with her teacher.

"Mmm-Shizuru. What kind of massage is this?"

"Does it matter? It's working, is it not?" Shizuru closed her eyes and proceeded to kiss away all of Natsuki's worries. The dark haired girl moaned deeply, a sudden strong feeling of longing for Shizuru beginning to grow within her body. This raw intense feeling always took over whenever Natsuki was alone with Shizuru. Natsuki twisted around in their embrace until she was facing Shizuru; the younger girl pulled Shizuru into her lap.

Natsuki reached out to Shizuru's face and brushed away a few strands of hair before whispering, "I guess so."

Shizuru smiled at Natsuki, a rare smile that not many people got to see. The smile was enough to make Natsuki smile back at her with a rare smile of her own.

"Ara, I'm glad it was working."

Natsuki slowly lowered herself onto her back, taking Shizuru with her. The two of them closed their eyes in content. Shizuru buried her head further into Natsuki's chest, the feeling of Natsuki's heart thumping beneath her cheek bringing a smile to her lips. Natsuki, unaware of her actions, stroked Shizuru's hair with all the care and adoration she had for Shizuru.


I wonder, I wonder if she knows... I wonder if Shizuru knows that she's all I ever think about.


"Oh, nothing. I forgot."

"That's strange."

"Yeah. Yeah, it is."

"Natsuki? Are you ok? You seem to be out of it today."

Do you realise that I can't stop thinking about you? It's my weakness, Natsuki. You're my weakness.

"I'm fine." The blue haired girl let her hands caress Shizuru's face, her fingers lightly drawing delicate patterns on Shizuru's milky white skin. Natsuki's mind wandered off to the day she had confessed her true feelings for Shizuru.

A year and a half ago...

It was past midnight when a young blue haired girl was outside the Fujino home, pacing up and down the front yard with a single red rose in her hand. Natsuki had been rehearsing everything she wanted to say to Shizuru. Every few minutes or so she'd stop pacing around and slap her own two cheeks with her hands hoping to slap herself out of her nervousness.

Finally the young Natsuki stopped pacing up and down. She quickly wiped her forehead with the back of her wrist. Whilst doing this she noticed it was past midnight. She almost screamed out in frustration, it was too late now to just knock on Shizuru's door and wake up her whole family. Natsuki had planned to knock on Shizuru's front door before 10pm. Too caught up in her thoughts, Natsuki never realised how fast time flied past. The young girl glanced up at Shizuru's house and noticed all the lights in her home were switched off, save one - the bedroom which was most definitely Shizuru's bedroom.

"Psst Shizuru!" Natsuki whispered as loud as she could. Unfortunately for her Shizuru didn't hear anything outside her bedroom. The brunette was currently absorbed in one of her many books.

Not giving up, Natsuki continued to call for Shizuru. The young teen considered for a moment throwing something at Shizuru's window to grab Shizuru's attention. Deciding against it, Natsuki attempted to climb up Shizuru's balcony, but then collapsed. Time after time Natsuki kept trying to climb up Shizuru's home. After her 15th attempt the blue haired girl fell down onto the floor for the very last time. Finally Natsuki gave up, after picking up her battered rose she started to make her way out of Shizuru's front yard.

"Who's there?" Shizuru's gentle voice cut through the silence. Natsuki's whole scratched up face lit up the moment she saw Shizuru's face poking out of her window.

"Shizuru! It's me, Natsuki!"

"What are you doing here, so late in the night?"

"I-I came to see you."

"Natsuki, daddy will get angry if he see's me talking to you right now. Why couldn't you come tomorrow?"

"Because it's important Shizuru. I can't wait any longer. I've waited long enough." Natsuki's voice sounded almost pained.

Shizuru took notice of Natsuki's serious face and tone. "Wait there. I'm coming down to you. Don't go anywhere."

"I'll wait." A few moments later, the front door opened up revealing a slim brunette dressed in a purple camisole with matching shorts. Natsuki blushed at the view she had of Shizuru's skin.

Shizuru rushed up to Natsuki, suddenly coming to a halt when she noticed all the scratches on Natsuki's arms and face.

"Natsuki? Why are you all scratched up? Did you get into another fight with Nao?"

"No. I kinda scratched myself when I was trying to climb up to your bedroom."

Shizuru's facial expression changed immediately into a more concerned expression. "What is so important Natsuki, that you had to- is that a rose?"

"Ah-ah-ah. Well, yeah it is. I got it for you. I wanted t-to-to-" The speech Natsuki had prepared for Shizuru flew right out of her head. Days and days of practising her lines were all now wasted.

"You got them for me?" Shizuru was suddenly overcome with uncertainty. After debating for a couple of seconds the brunette hugged the shy blue haired teen. "Thank you."

"Ohh ahhh-ah-ah, Shizuru, careful I think my arms are bruised!" said Natsuki wincing. Shizuru released Natsuki immediately, the brunette looking down at the rose in her hand and smiling from the bottom of her heart.

"I-uh-I wanted to tell you something important. I had everything planned you know. B-but-"

"Shhh, it's ok Natsuki. Take your time." Shizuru placed a hand on Natsuki's shoulder and placed a quick kiss on Natsuki's temple. The small sweet gesture made Natsuki's condition worse; the poor girl had momentarily lost her mind. After gaining back a little piece of her mind, Natsuki was able to speak again.

"Sh-shizuru. I can't hold it in anymore." Natsuki continued in her broken voice "I didn't know what it was when I first encountered it, I couldn't quite put my finger on it. At first it was a horrible feeling at the bottom of my stomach, it used to hurt so bad Shizuru, it felt like something was eating away my insides. But then as the days progressed, I got to spend more time with you and then one day I realised what it was. I finally understood why it hurt so much. It pained me because I was denying those strong feelings. Let me tell you now Shizuru, trying to suppress such strong feelings... really burns... That burning pain continued to build day by day when I tried to squash out my real feelings. After coming to terms with it, I was able to embrace those feelings, Shizuru. It didn't hurt so much after that. It actually bought a smile to my face." Said Natsuki, finishing off her sentence with a soft smile.

"Natsuki... I-"

"I'm not making any sense to you, am I? It's ok. I can't understand myself either sometimes."

"Natsuki... I-"

"Well, this-uh wasn't how I planned this night would go. And what I was saying a moment ago wasn't what I had been rehearsing for the past few weeks. But now that it's off my chest, I don't really care how it came out. As long as I got my feelings across to you. What I'm trying to tell you is that-"

"Natsuki, I love you."

Natsuki froze, this wasn't what she had planned to happen. Instead she was going to say those three magical words to Shizuru, not the other way round. For a moment Natsuki stood still, her jaw almost hit the concrete beneath her feet. Uncharacteristically, the blue haired girl giggled nervously for a moment, Natsuki brought up her free hand to the back of her head and scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

"Well-I-uh was getting to that bit. Shizuru. I've fallen deeply in love with you. I would have been lonely throughout my whole life if I hadn't met you."

"Natsuki... I've grown to feel the same way about you too."

Shizuru took a step closer to Natsuki, reaching out to the younger girl. Their fingertips briskly met before their fingers laced together. Natsuki pulled Shizuru closer to herself until their foreheads were touching.

"You don't know how happy I am to know that you feel the same way about me."

"Oh really now?" said Shizuru coyly.

"Yep! I even had a rejection speech ready, ya' know?"

Shizuru laughed heartily.



"What do we do now?" Shizuru leaned her head closer to Natsuki's, bumping their noses together. The blue haired girl nuzzled her nose against Shizuru's.

"Well, firstly, we should go out on a date. But first-"


"First you get back into your house and get a good night's sleep. I'll come again and see you tomorrow. How does that sound?"

"Sounds fantastic Natsuki." The brunette hugged Natsuki tightly before letting go and walking away back to her home. Natsuki's eye's followed Shizuru until her front door closed and Shizuru was out of sight.


Natsuki chuckled to herself when she thought of the speech that she read out to Shizuru. She cringed every time she thought about how everything she said that night sounded so cheesy. Her thoughts were suddenly brought to a halt once Shizuru placed both her palms on either side of Natsuki's head and heaved herself up onto her hands and knees.

"What's Natsuki thinking about?" Inquired Shizuru with a light smile. "I want to know what is so funny that makes Natsuki suddenly laugh out loud."

"Don't worry, it's nothing you don't know about already. So, what should we do now? I'm getting bored already."

Shizuru's face dipped down closer to Natsuki's. Her short fringe briefly brushed over Natsuki's pale forehead. "Would you rather be in class?"

"No. No way." Natsuki gulped loudly, enough for Shizuru to hear her nervousness. After a year and a half of dating, Natsuki would still get nervous when she was in close proximity to her girlfriend.

Shizuru grinned cheekily, "Well then that solves it. Natsuki can't complain about being bored." Whispered Shizuru onto Natsuki's mouth. Their lips were almost touching. This close proximity to Natsuki reminded Shizuru of what sinful yet oh-so-pleasurable deeds she had done the previous night. Shizuru's breathing began to steadily grow more and more heavy and her heart pace started to pick up. A slow blush began to rise to her cheeks.

Natsuki's raised her eyebrows at Shizuru, before she knew it, she too started to blush ferociously. Before she could stop herself Natsuki firmly gripped Shizuru's exposed legs and flipped her around, their positions were reversed in less than a split second due to Natsuki's raging hormones. Shizuru sighed deeply as Natsuki fought with the buttons on her shirt. Suddenly Natsuki stopped all her movements; not wanting this to stop Shizuru groaned in fustration. She lazily peeled one eye to peek at Natsuki, her mind focused on the stern look Natsuki was giving her.

Unable to figure out what was going on, Shizuru leaned up on her elbows and placed a small kiss on the corner of Natsuki's mouth. "What's wrong Natsuki?" Natsuki bowed her head until the bangs on her forehead fell forward and covered her forest green eyes from Shizuru's view.

"Shizuru, don't you think we've waited long enough?"

Shizuru's eye's widened. No, she can't be talking about that? Can she..?

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