I'm looking for Something in Red.

Something that's shocking

To turn someone's head

Allison was in love with the dress from the moment. The dress was perfect for the cancer fundraiser in a couple of days. The cut of the dress would really accentuate her curves, something that she couldn't accomplish in the clothes she normally wore to work.

She hadn't planned on coming to this store since the prices were pretty out of her price range, but the Goddess of Shopping must've been smiling down on her today because she noticed a sign saying that the store was having a sale, thirty percent off. So she'd gone in and had found the dress buried in the back of some clearance items.

Strapless and sequined

And cut down to there

Stockings and garters

And lace underwear

Oh yeah, this dress was perfect! And the color complimented her coloring beautifully! Plus the sequins gave it a subtle sparkle without making her look like a showgirl. The only thing she was a little nervous about was the cleavage. It was a little lower than she normally liked her dresses, but she knew she wouldn't be able to find another dress like this if she looked through every store in the state.

After leaving the shop, she headed for Victoria's Secret and purchased a new lace bra with matching panties, then she splurged on a garter belt and some thigh highs that the sales girl swore would look perfect with her dress.

The night of the fundraiser, she styled her hair so that it curled on her shoulders and around her face. She applied more makeup than normal, praying that House would notice her again instead of Stacy.

The guaranteed number

To knock a man dead

'Well, that sucked.' Allison admitted to herself when she finally got home. House hadn't even noticed her until they'd gotten a patient and then it had been too late. He'd seen the dress and had been momentarily speechless but that had been it. So, here she was, still in her beautiful dress and not having accomplished what she'd wanted to accomplish.

She'd just begun taking off her clothes when she heard a tell-tale knocking on the door. There was only one person she knew that knocked like that. Cursing House since she'd just finished unzipping her dress, she rushed to open the door so he wouldn't disturb her neighbors by pounding on her door with his cane.

"House," she'd said, trying to sound normal despite the fact that she was trying to hold her dress up.

"May I come in," his voice sounded surprisingly shy, well shy for House anyway.

Allison nodded, opening the door wider to allow him inside. When she turned to face him after locking her door, she found herself pushed up against the door with Houses' lips firmly fastened to hers. The kiss quickly grew hotter and her beautiful red dress fell to the floor, revealing the lace underwear, garter belt and thigh highs she'd worn underneath. The heat in his eyes told her that he enjoyed the view before he growled out a question about where her bedroom was.

I'm looking for Something in Red.

The last thought that entered Allison's mind as Houseā€¦GREG began to move inside her was that she was going to keep an eye for sales in that store again.

The End