I'm looking for Something in Red

Like the one that I wore

When I first turned his head

Allison stepped into Victoria's Secret with a smile on her face. She'd finally gotten the all clear from her doctor to resume sexual relations, a check of the scale said that she'd lost all but five pounds of her baby weight and she'd managed to make arrangements for Lisa and Wilson to watch Nate while she and Greg went out to celebrate their first wedding anniversary tonight, so she was here to splurge on a dress that would knock Greg off his feet and tell Thirteen once and for all that there was no way in hell that she was ever stealing Greg away from Allison Marie Cameron-House.

At first she'd planned on buying a dress identical to the one she'd worn to the cancer fundraiser three years ago, but to her disappointment, she found out that no store carried that dress anymore and the old one was too small. So here she was, searching for a replacement.

Strapless and sequined

And cut down to there

But just a size larger

Than I wore last year

She grinned when she spied her prize, a red spaghetti strap dress with an empire waist. The bust would emphasize her still large breasts while concealing the fact that she was a few pounds heavier than she had been the last time she'd been here. To make things even better, she'd only needed to go up one dress size.

Allison was giddy as she tried the dress on in the fitting room and turned to look at herself. She wasn't a vain person by any standard, but she though she looked hot. She stepped out of the fitting room and modeled the dress for her favorite sales girl, who clapped and declared that Greg wouldn't know what hit him.

She purchased a pair of gold heels and skipped out of the store. She couldn't wait for tonight.

The guaranteed number

To knock a man dead

To say it made her feel good knowing that every man in the hospital was admiring her was a gross understatement. During the last months of her pregnancy, she'd felt fat and awkward and not the least bit attractive so feeling the admiring stares boosted her ego.

But all those admiring stares had nothing on the look in Greg's eyes when she walked into the Diagnosis office. The heat in his eyes was almost tangible and it made her shiver.

I'm looking for Something

I gotta have Something

I'm look for Something in Red

"Is that for me," Greg asked, his voice husky as he limped over to her.

Allison just smiled, "Who else would I wear something like this for?" She twirled around, "You like?"

Greg waggled his eyebrows, "Well, let's just say that we'll be lucky to make through dinner."

Allison grinned as she kissed him, she could see Thirteen's face over Greg's shoulder and it warmed her almost as much as the passionate kiss. "Well, let's get to dinner and then you can have fun unwrapping your gift."

Greg's grin turned lecherous, "Goody. I'm starting to like going out to dinner, I get the best gifts."

Allison laughed as she threaded her arm through his free one, turning her back on Thirteen and walking out of the hospital with her husband.

The End

Note: Well, that's the end of this story. Thanks for playing (and singing) along.