Disclaimer: Not mine

Fandom: Curse of Chalion

Summary: Roya Ias to Dy Lutez. Because not everybody in Curse of Chalion got an happy ending.


Where did you go?

You were always there for me. When I spoke, you listened. When I hurt, you comforted me. Whe I felt happy, you were there to share my joy. When I turned you were right behind me.

And now…

What did I do?

No, no – what did we do?

Because you were just as much a part of it as me and Ista. Just as much – and maybe more. For we – Ista and I – we just hoped for a solution and you were the one to offer…

Why did I accept? I could have refused, I could have said no… No, I couldn't. Because it was you right to offer, your right to decide. And I could not have refused your offer for I am a roya and a husband and a father…

You knew it. I could not leave it. Even when you... I could not stop.

Forgive me.

I do not even know if what we tried could have helped in any way. I do not know if the curse could have been lifted – from me, from my family, from my land. I do not know. I am sorry. I do not know if I could have done anything differently. I do not know if anything can help my family. Myself.

And at this moment I cannot find it in me to care.

I miss you. As stupid as it sounds for a man grown – I do not think I can live without you. At least not really.

I miss you.