Well, this is a short, light comedy involving Bleach's very own Hitsugaya Toshiro. Please read and review

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Tenth Company Taicho Hitsugaya Toshiro slogged wearily into his office, having only just escaped a vice-like congratulatory hug from his moronic fukataicho. "I'm surprised she even remembered…" He sighed moodily.

Toshiro turned on the lights to illuminate his stately office and sure enough, the right side of his desk was laden with several gifts. "Here we go again." The white haired boy grumbled as he continued his labored meandering.

Out of all the furnishings in his office, Toshiro's chair was the least professional. A week or so back, Kyoraku Taicho of Eighth Company had his subordinates replace his normal chair with a goofy little contraption from the physical world that allowed you to spin around in it. The message had been that it would make paperwork for 'fun' and that children from the physical world enjoyed it much more than regular chairs. It was only out of consideration for the whimsical Taicho's feelings that Toshiro did not get rid of it.

And for the sake of getting his useless birthday over with, Toshiro plopped down into the welcomingly comfortable seat and couldn't't help but grin: the height was adjustable, making him feel taller. The grin, however disappeared as quick as it came. On the day that he had first made the chair's height increase Matsumoto had boisterously commented that her little Taicho had suddenly gotten much taller, embarrassing his immensely.

Turning back to the presents Toshiro noticed that it was topped with a nice basket full of sweets in bright wrappers. The grumpy Taicho quickly pulled the basket over by it's broad handle. "Let me guess…" He asked rhetorically as he snatched the tag which read: Hinamori Momo in a tidy and fancy print. "It'll be a nice basket anyhow."

Not even bothering to waste the energy to lift the basket, he simply slid it to the left side of his desk. "Next."

The next parcel was a large, rectangular package with a more Christmas's pattern on the wrappings. "From Ukitake Jushiro and the rest of the Thirteenth Company." Toshiro read aloud. He knew even before he unceremoniously tore off the foolish paper that it was sweets. "Oh yay." He said exasperatedly. Those were placed on the left side of his desk as well, under the basket of sweets.

The next gift was a small box of Chappy BunnyTM bandages which were tossed immediately into the waste basket. Next up was a pair of slippers from Komomura Taicho, which Toshiro assumed were a replacement for the ones that he had crewed to pieces a few days back. And the final torture was a pair of lame sunglasses from Renji.

"Wow." Toshiro sighed, rolling his green eyes. "All of those presents and I'm only ever going to use the slippers…" But as he finished talking he spotted a present that had been inserted into his in-tray. It was a sloppily wrapped gift from Matsumoto Rangiku. The tired Taicho shrugged and tore the plain blue wrapping paper off of the present.

Most children would have scoffed at receiving a pad of paper for their birthdays but Hitsugaya was filled with surprise. Not only had his hair brained fukataicho not given his something childish, she actually give him something useful. "Well, I am impressed.!" he gasped. "I mean, first she remembers my birthday, then she give me the most useful present of the day." He eagerly opened a side drawer, his tiredness disappearing. "and it couldn't't have been better timing! Just the other day I misplaced an entire pad of paper."

As he placed the paper in the drawer he managed to catch a glimpse of the bottom of the pages. In fine print it read: From the desk of Hitsugaya Toshiro."

"Idiot!" He screamed.