Take my hand

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Raven ran. It was him, the one person who in her entire life she loved who used her for his own purposes. It had been years since she had seen him, and now she was more scared than ever. She tripped, falling forward and landing on her hands and knees. She winced in pain as she hit the cold marble of the castle she was in. She gasped, turning around and crawling backward as he stepped closer to her, his white hair falling in his eyes slightly. "Malchior…" She whispered. She felt her heart freeze over and her eyes grew hard as she said his name.

She embraced, with a smile

As she opened the door.

A cold wind blows,

it puts a chill into her heart.

Malchior walked forward, his hands in his pockets, and he gazed longingly at the woman before him, it had been 7 years since he had last seen her. Her hair had grown out and was now placed on the top of her head in big beautiful curls. She wore a midnight blue Elizabethan style dress with a bodice that was simple yet unique, just like Raven herself. On her back she wore black angel wings and silver glitter decorated the edges of her eyes. He looked into her eyes and he felt a blast of memories shoot at him causing him to stumble backwards. He had hurt her. He had lost her trust. And she had found another.

You have taken away the trust

you're the ghost haunting through her heart.

Past and present are one in her head

you're the ghost haunting through her heart.

"Raven!" Malchior turned to look behind him just as the green man ran past him and into Raven's arms. Garfield looked at Malchior, hatred flashed in his eyes and he helped Raven stand up, pecking her on the lips. "Did he do anything to you?" he asked. Raven shook her head no and Garfield turned back to look at Malchior. "You will not be able to hurt her anymore. You cannot have her either, she cares not for you anymore, do you understand?"

Take my hand as I wonder through,All my life I gave to you.Take my hand as I wonder through,All my love I gave to you.You have taken away the trust,you're the ghost haunting through her heart.

Malchior nodded his head and turned to walk away. He knew how to be a man but it hurt when he realized she was gone, she was someone else's. As he walked away he heard Garfield whisper to Raven. "Take my hand as I wonder through, all my life I give you. Take my hand as I wonder through, all my life I give to you." He turned away, running when he saw the delighted look on Raven's face. He destroyed her trust in him. He destroyed her will to go to him. Now all he could do is run, just as she had run from him.

A/N: ok, if your wondering I pictured this in like a huge castle with black marble tile and in like in old days where thy talked all proper and stuffs….but I don't think you got the idea from this. But basically this is AU and Malchior had like used raven to get a girl then left Raven for another woman and then 7 years later came back for Raven but Raven was taken and her trust in him was like gone…..ok…enough rambling, you prolly aren't reading this anyway.