Chapter Ten: Home

Dean bit in to his bologna sandwich. It tasted almost heavenly to the hospital crap he had been eating lately. Made with fresh bread, crisp lettuce, butter and a thick piece of bung bologna. He wiped the crumbs away as he finished his bite. "So…it was Susan who was doing it all along?"

Sam sat beside Dean's bed. His eyes were bloodshot, droopy. He hadn't eaten or slept in a days time. He just sat at Dean's side waiting for his brother to wake up. Why wasn't he waking up? All the other patients affected by Susan and Loathen were already awake. Some had already left the hospital…why the hell was Dean still comatose?

"Yeah." Lou smirked as he chomped on his cucumber sandwich. "Hard to believe huh?"

"Sam?" Sam was unmoving. He didn't care whether Bobby was worried about him. "Sam, your daddy would like to see you if you would leave Dean's side for a minute."

"Then he can come here." Sam snapped. His eyes never left Dean. He didn't need the machines anymore. His insides weren't aged. Why? Why was he still like this? Had Sam been too late?

"Did you know?" Dean took another bite of his sandwich.

"That it was Susan?" Lou shook his head. "I knew she was a part of it. I didn't know she was the cause though." Lou looked over to Erin who was thoroughly enjoying her PB&J. "Neither of us did right kiddo?"

"Right grandpa!" Erin piped up as she smiled to Dean.

"Sam, you've been at Dean's side for hours now. When do you plan on leaving?" Sam turned to glare at Bobby.

"When Dean wakes up."

Bobby sighed. "You heard the doctor. He said that it was unlikely Dean would wake up."

"He's off the machines isn't he?" Sam snapped. "So his body is better! He just…" Sam looked back to his brother. "…he's waiting for something."

"It sucks y'know." Dean chuckled. "I was planning on having some fun with her when this was all over. Kinda consoling the one who was wronged in all of this."

"Well unless Loathen was swinging another way you're would be consoling the wrong person." Lou chuckled.

"What's swinging another way mean?" Erin inquired.

"Gay sweetie." Lou bluntly explained.

Dean's jaw dropped. "I can't believe you said that."

"Ah Dean, I've said a lot worse to a lot younger."

"Just…get out Bobby." Sam mumbled. His hand clasped around Dean's. The hunter was unmoving. "I said get out!" Sam snapped.

Bobby winced. "You break my heart kid." Turning away Bobby left the room.

Sam rubbed his thumb along Dean's hand. "Dean…it's over now. Loathen and Susan are both dead. The altar was destroyed the gem smashed to pieces. You're better now." Sam sniffed. "You'll wake up soon right? The hunts done."

"I'm really sorry about what happened to you two. You didn't deserve to go like that."

Lou chuckled. "Dean, I was getting old. I was probably heading back to that hospital one way or another. I was glad to go down swinging." Lou rubbed at Erin's back. "And little Erin here. If she hadn't been snatched like that she would probably be in a lot of pain right now."

Dean sighed. "It's not fair y'know."

"Life never is." Erin spoke up as she finished off her sandwich. "Momma lost both her kids within a week of each other. I think that's worse then what I went through. At least I don't feel anything anymore. Momma. She stills cries herself to sleep at night."

Another hour had passed. Dean still hadn't woken up. It had already been six hours since the hunt was finished. Why? Why! "Sam." He knew that voice, stern, demanding.

"What?" Sam barked at his dad.

"It's time to go back to the motel Sam. We'll come back tomorrow to check up on Dean." John moved closer to his youngest and rested a hand on his shoulder. "You're no good to your brother if you're sick when he wakes up." Sam could tell his father didn't believe his own words. "We'll all rest up tonight and come back tomorrow."

Sam was silent. "What if he dies and I'm not here?"

John was quiet. "Than he dies." Sam winced. He didn't want to hear that. He knew his father didn't mean those words either. He always had to act so tough. Act like he didn't care. "Lets go Sam. I won't tell you again."

It was so hard to let go. Sam's squeezed Dean's hand once more. "I'll come back Dean." Sam swallowed the lump in his throat before standing up and leaving with his father.

"So now that this is over…I have one question for you?" Dean finished off his sandwich. "What does the reopening of the sewers have to do with this hunt?"

Lou laughed. "Absolutely nothing."

"Excuse me?"

"It was a distraction. Turning hunters from them on to something else completely. They planned it well."

"You're telling me." Dean grumbled. Wiping the crumbs from the table he stood up. "Thank you Lou. You saved me and you saved my family."

"What about me!" Erin waved an arm high.

Dean chuckled. "You too Erin." Ruffling her hair he gave her a hug before shaking Lou's hand. "It's been great but I better get going. Sam's going to lose his head without me."

"Good bye Dean." Lou saluted. "And good luck."

"Bye Dean." Erin waved. "Come visit me okay?"


Sam was unmoving from his bed. He had been lying like that since he had gotten back. The only thing he wanted to do was go back to see his brother. He felt empty, lost, alone, and broken without Dean. He couldn't even find the want to answer his phone. It continuously vibrated in his pocket. Then it stopped. Whoever it was could go screw them selves.

Then his father's phone went off. John read the caller ID before glancing to Sam. Flipping his phone open he held it up to his ear. "Hello?"


"I don't understand dad? Why are we going back to the hospital?" Sam's insides shook. Was Dean okay? Did he die!

"We just got a call from the nurse telling us to come in." John turned to look back at Sam. Bobby was driving the car due to John's injury. "Being called in isn't necessarily bad news."

"Since when has it ever been good news?" Sam snapped. Sam's knee began to bob. When were they going to get there? He was sure Bobby was taking a longer route then necessary.

John sighed as he turned forward. He knew exactly what was going on. He knew exactly what to expect when they got there. A smile pulled on John's lips as they reached the hospital front doors. There standing outside with his hands stuffed in his jacket was his eldest son. Ready to go home.

Sam lifted himself from the seat. His jaw fallen in awe. "D…" He couldn't get his brother's name out. He was choking on his own relief. Before the car had even come to a complete stop Sam threw open the door and walked over to his brother. He stopped right in front of him just watching Dean.

"Hey Sammy." That did it. Sam's faced lighted up in a smile as he threw his arms around his brother, Dean doing the same. "It's good to be back little bro."

Moving back Sam eyed his brother once more. He seemed perfectly healthy. No marks, no discolour. Once he knew his brother was okay he took a step back before clocking him in the jaw.

"Oww! What the hell?"

"You jerk! Why the hell did you wait to wake up!"

Rubbing at his jaw Dean looked from Sam to his father leaning against the Impala. He rose a brow waiting for Dean's reply. Looking back to Sam Dean threw a punch of his own effectively knocking Sam back. "I had lunch with Erin and Lou, bitch."

The rest of the morning had gone on like that. Sam and Dean sharing their fist throwing brotherly moment, bickering back and forth and then struggling to apologize in the end. When it came to mid afternoon Dean had finally had enough fighting chick flick moments and took a trip in his baby.

Parking the Impala he glanced over the graveyard. Lou's body had been sent home after he was cremated. His family needed him more then this town did. Erin however…. Dean stepped out of the Impala with a white teddy bear in hand. It was the same size as Erin's old one but with fuzzy fur, big blue eyes and a red bow around the neck. On the feet it said Erin's name and had the year of her death in golden stitching.

Walking up to her grave Dean could see a woman kneeling over it. She was dressed in black holding three red roses. Dean recognized her. That was Erin's mother. "Hi." Dean spoke low. The woman turned to look at him. She smiled.

"Hello." Standing up she turned to Dean. "You must be Dean. Erin told me about you. She said you were a very cute young man." The woman smiled. "My name is Amanda. I'm Erin's mother."

Dean shook her hand. "I'm sorry for your loss. It must be hard losing your kids like that."

Amanda turned back to Erin's grave. Her brother was resting beside her. "Yes. A parent should never have to bury their children. It's not right." Amanda looked back to Dean. "You brought something for her?"

Dean nodded as he looked down to the bear. "Yeah. She could use a new bear." Kneeling down Dean set the stuffed animal on to the grave. A lump was forming in his throat. Standing back up he looked to Amanda again. "She was a great kid. Had a lot of energy for what she was going through."

"Yes…" Amanda wiped away another tear. Turning to Dean she handed him a rose. "I never got a chance to thank you in the hospital. Before I could you had taken a turn for the worse. It's good to see you well though." Amanda's hand shook. Dean set his own hand on top of hers. "I'm sorry." Amanda sniffed as she wiped away another tear. "Thank you. Thank you so much for spending time with my daughter." Another tear fell. "None of the kids played with her because she had lost all her hair. They all made fun of her and refused to share. She cried for days in that hospital. But after she met Lou and after she met you…" Amanda wiped at her eyes again. "I had never seen her so happy." Amanda placed her hands around Deans. "Thank you so much Dean. It meant a lot to her and our family. Please…take this rose. It's the least I can do."

Dean swallowed his lump again. He couldn't speak so he just nodded. His fingers curled around the rose. "Anything to see her smile." Amanda let out a soft laugh.

"Thank you Dean." Taking her hands back Amanda looked to her daughter grave before blowing her a kiss. "Good bye."

Dean stood in front of Erin's grave watching her mother walk off. She was broken. She had lost both her children and Dean had no idea if there was anyone else to console her. It wasn't his decision anymore. Erin's mother had to grieve on her own and perhaps take another shot at starting a family. He hoped she would be a grandma one day. Looking back to Erin's grave Dean smiled. Erin was sitting on top of her headstone waving her legs back and forth.

"Hi Dean." Erin squeaked.

"Hey Erin." Dean looked down to her lap. "I see you found the bear I left you."

"Yup!" Erin pulled her new bear close. "Thank you. My old one was getting lonely."

"You're welcome."

"Dean…" Erin lowered her bear again. "…I don't blame you. I know you tried your best and almost died saving me and Lou. You did great! You made my momma a little happy too!" Erin gave a thumbs up. "I was real glad to meet you Dean. It's been a slice." Erin gave Dean a salute before jumping from her grave. "But I gotta go with Grandpa Lou now. My brother and my daddy are waiting for me." Looking both ways Erin waved Dean to come closer. "I have something for you." Smiling Dean dropped to one knee and leaned forward.

"What is it?"

Erin's cheek turned a soft pink as she leaned in and pecked Dean on the lips. "A kiss!" She giggled as she turned around and ran off. "Bye Dean! I hope I see you against sometime!" Waving to him as she ran off she went to join Lou. Standing up Dean watched the two with a smile. He nodded his head to the old hunter. Lou did the same. Taking Erin's hand the two walked off into the graveyard. Their image slowly disappearing with the sun's rays.

"Rest in peace." Dean returned to the Impala.


Throwing open the trunk of the Impala Dean scrambled for anything to cover his brother up with. They had been on the road for too long and once again Sam pushed himself way past his limit. He was coming down with a horrible fever and lucky for Dean they had to spend the night in the Impala thanks to all the 'no vacancy' signs.

Grabbing the coarse green blanket he had snatched from his dad's truck after his father died Dean wrapped it up in his arms. A dried rose fell as he pulled at it. Pausing for just a moment he reached in and grabbed the rose. His fingers curled around the dried stem. A soft smile tugged at his lips.

Putting the rose back into the trunk he closed it and returned to his brother curled up in the back. Throwing the blanket over Sam Dean crawled into the back with him. Setting Sam's head against his chest he used his own body heat to keep his brother warm. It had been four maybe three years since the youth snatcher incident. Neither of them had gotten sick since then. "It's okay Sammy." Dean whispered as he moved his brother's moist bangs form his forehead. "I'll take care of you." Dean rested his chin to Sam's head. 'Just like you did me.'

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