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Fuji wanted. Wanted, wanted, wanted.

He didn't need, crave or yearned, he wanted. So badly

"Echizen-kun," Fuji fisted his hand on the boy's shirt and yanked so the boy was forced to bend his back and look at Fuji who was sitting on a bench near the chain link fence that surrounded the courts where the only once left now were the two of them.

"What?" Echizen frowned at his sempai who had a strangely serious look on his face.

"I won't let you," Fuji whispered, but did not voice out the rest of his thoughts, be anyone else's.

"What?" Echizen repeated, not understanding what Fuji meant.

Fuji released his grip on the boy's shirt, only to bury his fingers in the boy's dark hair and brought the boy's head closer to his so he could cover the boy's pink lips with his own mouth. Fuji closed his eyes and heard his own satisfied sigh, brought out his tongue to part the pink lips. Their teeth clashed and in desperation Fuji pressed harder on the boy's head, trying to bring their lips even closer together. "Please," he nearly sobbed when Echizen didn't respond.

Echizen waited until Fuji's hold loosened, then removed the hands from the back of his head and laid them gently on Fuji's lap.

The boy stared at Fuji, mouth drawn to a tight line, his eyes that always held a fiery passion that threatened to burn Fuji, now froze him. A fear that he had never felt before crept up his spine when he saw the indifference in Echizen's eyes.

Fuji's head hit the fence when Echizen punched him. He tasted blood in his mouth and felt it trickle down his face. He closed his eyes and wiped the blood that fell from his nose with the sleeve of his uniform.

"You didn't have to hit me," he said. "You could have just said no."

"And you, shouldn't have done that," Echizen said.

"You're a brat," Fuji whispered and looked at Echizen with narrowed eyes. "A fucking brat. I hate you," he spat, still tasting the blood in his mouth.

Echizen laughed and Fuji hated it how beautiful he looked. "Well I don't feel anything for you, Fuji-sempai," he said and left.

"I know," Fuji answered when no one was there to hear him.

But it didn't matter. He still wanted. Wanted, wanted, wanted so badly it hurt.

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