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Yes this story is before the arrival of haruko and before all the crazy-ness of Flcl began.

12 year old naota was sitting underneath the bridge watching nonchalantly as a hyper active mamimi shot another photo of him. ''Smile takkun!'' she cried out as she walked closer to him to get a better shot of his face. Naota merely rolled his eyes and laid down on the grass closing his eyes.

Mamimi frowned and put her camera back into her bag before walking over to him and sitting next to him. ''Takkun what's wrong?'' she asked sounding concerned. ''I'm bored'' was naota's simple reply. ''Well why don't we go do something?'' ''There's nothing to do. This town is so boring.'' Mamimi slowly moved her hand to his face and stroked his cheek in a surprising display of affection. ''You always seem so down nowadays takkun. Why don't you ever smile?''

Naota opened his eyes and blinked slightly surprised to see her face so close to his own. ''Why don't you stop that?'' he asked, meaning of course her stroking his cheek. Instead of answering his question she asked hers again. ''Why don't you ever smile takkun? I think I remember a time when you used to.'' Naota snorted ''Oh and when was this? Tell me when have you ever seen me smile?'' Mamimi thought about it for a moment then said ''Never really. I guess your right.''

Only then did naota answer the question. ''I guess it's because there's not really much to smile about. I have to deal with a drunken father every day and a grandfather who could care less about me. And on top of that every single day is always the same. Always boring and dull. I wish there was something to smile about though. If I could get away from this place I'd be happier... Mamimi nodded slowly in understanding. ''Don't worry takkun things will get better I promise. One day we'll both run away from here together. Just me and you. And leave this place behind forever. That made naota smile. Us run away together? Heh. Maybe… He closed his eyes again and allowed mamimi to lay his head in her lap. He started to doze off and mamimi gently stroked his hair singing a soft song to lull him to sleep. When she was sure he was asleep she slowly lowered his head back on the ground and went to her bag pulling the camera out of it. With a huge grin she took a picture of his sleeping face. ''My god you look so cute when you sleep takkun'' then she put the camera away and laid down beside him and fell asleep as well.

The End.