Hey, I'm back for something completely new. Whether I complete this project or not, is a completely different matter, but I intend to write a series of monologues. 60, to be precise. Nothing too long, just a collection of each of the Friends thoughts at the end of each season. I'm starting with Rachel (I'm going to go in order of their appearance in the opening credits). So, I'm not sure how people are going to take this idea, but here's chapter one!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Friends.

'Everything's changing and I don't feel the same'- Keane.

'Today should be my one-year wedding anniversary, celebrating one year's wedded bliss of show shopping, beach holidays and occasional sex with a balding orthodontist. So much for that. Instead I'm remembering a quick escape through a fancy bathroom window and legging it down to the nearest subway station in a $3000 wedding dress. So, when I should be getting my husband to buy me expensive presents, I'm instead stood behind the counter of a cosy little coffee house, waiting for one of my friends to show up and save me from the boredom of being a waitress... And freedom never tasted sweeter.

'But, hey, it hasn't exactly been easy. I was never prepared for the real world as a child. I was showered with whatever I desired and expecting to marry a rich, successful man and maybe have two kids whilst living off his money. I came frighteningly close to making that a reality... Wow, i really did. My new life is more... refreshing.

'I mean, I had to cut up all of my credit cards and face my father about my decision; two of the hardest things for a young woman to do! Having done that may have left me broke, but I found some good people to help me through.

'I've no idea where I would be without Monica, she's been my real lifeline; she gave me a place to stay, good advice and she was there for me, even though I was the bitch who didn't invite her oldest, only real friend to her wedding. Luckily for me, Monica looked past that, but having Monica as a friend was a bit of a package deal. Because, when I returned into Monica's life, she came with four other people. Four other people who had to accept this spoiled little daddy's girl (that's right, I admit it).

'I already knew Ross- obviously not as well as I do now, but even then, he's been hiding something huge from me this entire time. I don't hate him for it, far from it... But... Phoebe was a revelation. She's nothing like me, rather a kooky masseuse with a messed up childhood. I feel I've connected with her though, we can laugh and talk and shop. I may have no idea about what she's talking about sometimes, but that's okay, that's just Phoebe. Then, there's Chandler. At times, I'm prepared to hit him for his smart comments- he can be too quick-witted for his own good sometimes. Beneath the sarcastic exterior though, I know Chandler's a bit of a softie- maybe that has something to do with being raised by a gay man in his early years. I don't know. I had met Chandler three times before; he was Ross's college roommate. But, that's Joey now... Chandler's roommate I mean. What have I got to say about Joey Tribbiani? If he came up to me in a bar with his hot Italian looks (ugh, please don't remind me of Paolo, handsy scum) and confidence, yeah, I'd probably be interested. Not now though. Joey's my friend- often the other of the five who, like me, is not following a clever discussion between the others. But, he's sweet. That brings me back to Ross.

'It seems like I've spent much of this past year hanging out with Ross. He taught me how to do my own laundry and I lost his monkey... That last bit sounds weird, even to me. That's not the point I'm trying to make... A few days ago, Chandler accidentally let slip that Ross has a thing for me... that-that he loves me. And he has done for years. So, that leaves me stuck in the middle of a complicated situation. For one, Ross has just had a baby with his lesbian ex-wife and for another, he's currently in China. Ross, not the baby. And I'm not supposed to know how he feels about me. I think that's one example of where a lot of people wanted to whack Chandler to make him stop talking.

'So, yeah, my life is more complicated now, full of work, bills and Ross Geller. And there's not doubt in my mind about the choice I made a year ago today, because today marks one year of independence for Rachel Karen Green.'