The Way It Ended


This is a story about final fantasy 7. A poem of Vincent saying good-bye to his love.

Yaoi warning to those that don't like don't read.

I hope you enjoy it all comments are welcome this is my first story here so please read.

So lets begin.

(Vincent's Thoughts)

As I sit here in the night watching you sleep the blood slowly runs down my side.

I try to stand but fail very soon I will be no more.

You will be free again but as I die I understand I can never be your

lover for you see I merely exist to be a key to the door of darkness, now I have finished my purpose.

I will die and set you free my dear sweet Cloud who loved me.

So fair well my love. What? Oh! Yes one last kiss how could I forget.

Good-bye I love you. (I stand and slowly walk away until I could walk no more at least I landed softly)

Even as I lay here under this tree I see your face smiling at me.

I feel tears then a stricken pain. I close my eyes and all light fades

good-by my Cloud I will always love you forever and always.