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It was a rainy Monday morning and Spencer Reid was on the prowl for a pick me up. On his way to work he stopped by the local bakery and as he stood in front of the counter trying to decide what to buy . He suddenly had the realization that when your a profiler, even the simplest things become a lesson in behavioural analysis. Who would have thought that personalites could be an indicator of muffin preferences?


"Okay kid, what the hell are you eating?" Derek Morgan asked straing at the young agent with a grossed-out look on his face.

Reid looked up with wide eyes, "Breakfast." He answered simply, taking a sip of coffee.

Emily Prentiss raised her eye brows, "It looks like a big piece of chocolate cake to me."

Reid took another bite and shook his head. "It's a muffin," he mumbled.

J.J. rolled her eyes, "You have chocolate all over your teeth Spence."

He swallowed his breakfast and bushed red, "Haven't you guys seen a muffin before?"

"That is not a muffin." Emily said shaking her head, the others nodded in agreement.

"Fine," He said standing up. "Then I guess that you guys don't want the muffins I bought for you."

Garcia happened to be walking by, "Oooo, muffins, cane I have one please?" Reid nodded quickly.

Rossi walked over and stared at the closed box of breakfast treats, "Are they all chocolate?"

Reid shook his head, "Nope, I bought you each one that I thought you would like."

"You profiled our muffin tendencies, dog?" Morgan asked incredulous.

Reid ignored the question, "Do you want the muffins or not?"

The team looked back and forth between each other and nodded in curiosity.

Reid smiled and opened the box, "For J.J.: lemon poppy seed, Morgan: Chocolate chip, Rossi: Honey Bran, Garcia: Blueberry, and for Emily: Banana Nut."

Emily smiled, "Well, I'm impressed," She said taking a bite of her muffin. "So what is this? Some new dynamic form of profiling?"

Reid shrugged and noticed as Hotch walked out of his office and down into the bullpen area, "Hey Hotch, you want a muffin?"

Hotch strode over, "Depends, what've you got?"

Reid pulled out a double chocolate muffin and handed it to Hotch. He took a big bite and smiled, his teeth covered in chocolate, "My favorite."

The team just looked at Hotch with shocked looks on their faces.

Reid is clearly the top of the muffin profiling field, Rossi thought. Even I couldn't have predicted this.

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