A new girl comes to South Park Elementary. Will anybody be her friend?

Chapter 1: New Girl

She sadly stood on the tall rock at the sunset, and looked out to the ocean. She had to get one more good look at it. Before she knew it, she heard her best friend call to her. A friendly squeak saying...goodbye.

She squeaked back sadly, as tears came down her face. And it was hard for her to do it again after she heard the reply from her friend, who was obviously...a dolphin.

She turned around to leave as she kept crying. She wanted to keep saying goodbye, but it was too painful. So she walked away, and never looked back.

I'm gonna miss this place, and you...Nella.

A few days later:South Park Elementary

"Hey guys," Eric Cartman started as everybody entered the classroom, "guess what I did last night."

"What dude?" Kyle Brovlouski asked, anxious to hear, as well as his best friend, Stan Marsh, and Kenny Mccormick.

"I went to Ms. Garrison's place last night, and spray painted his whole house! Even the windows!" He bursted out laughing.

"Dude, that's so not cool," Stan replied.

The fat kid stopped laughing. "Why not?"

"Because you're gonna get in trouble."

"Yeah, something awful might happen," Kyle said.

Kenny then muffled something, agreeing.

"Come on you guys," Eric replied, "she'll never know it's me."

"You're the easiest person to see," Stan replied, "considering you're the biggest." He then laughed along with Kyle and Kenny, as Eric glared.

"Ok kids, shut up!" Ms. Garrison exclaimed, as she walked in. "Now, we have a new student joining us today. Come in miss."

The girl walked in, who seemed to be a bit shy, nervous, and not the most excited.

"Now what's your name?"

It took her a little to reply, considering how nervous she was. The girl had a long blue, dressy shirt with a white caller. She had dark blue jeans, and two dark hair ties that held her piggy tails up, as her bangs went down her for head, and her hair was brown. "R...Roxy," she replied.

"Ok Roxy, can you tell us about yourself."

Roxy was very nervous, and it was hard for her to speak, but she had to at least let them know a little bit about her. "Well, I just moved her from Australia."

"Australia, very nice. Why don't you go sit over there in that empty desk right next to Eric. He's the fat one."

"Aye!" Eric exclaimed.

Roxy walked over, and nervously sat down, as Ms. Garrison started with the lesson.

The Cafeteria

Roxy brought her own sacked lunch, and as she entered the cafeteria trying to find a place to sit, she saw the group of girls giggling. She was a girl, and some how wanted to be with them. But really, she was just too scared. So she went over and sat at an empty table.

But before the girl knew it, she heard voices, and found four boys sitting down.

"Woe, what are you doing here?" Eric asked unkindly.

"Cartman, that's not nice!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Well, this is our table!"

"I...I'm sorry," Roxy said, about to get up, when she heard one of the boys reply back.

"It's ok," Stan replied, "Cartman's just a stupid butt hole."

"Yeah, don't listen to him," Kyle replied. "So you're from Australia?"

"Yeah," she replied.

"Well how come you don't sound Australian?" Stan asked.

"Because I was born in... Florida, but my family and I moved..."

"So did you like play with crocodiles?!" Eric asked, starting to laugh with Kenny.

Roxy sadly and quickly got up, and left the table.

"Cartman, why did you have to do that?!" Kyle exclaimed.

"Because it's funny!" he replied.

"But you hurt her feelings! You shouldn't make fun of people who are from a different country."

"What do you know, Jew?"

And Roxy sat at another empty table, as she covered her face and started to cry.

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