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Dean opened his eyes slowly. His first thought was that his head hurt. His second was that he was naked. Third he was tied up to a wooden post and outside. His arms were above his head, bound tightly with what appeared to be twine. He was in a clearing, thick woods surrounding it. In front of him were about thirty hooded figures. They all wore black except for a one who instead was wearing blue.

Where in the hell am I? He thought. The one in blue turned and spoke to the onlookers in what appeared to be Latin. Dean recognized the voice as male. Man where's Sammy when I need him? Blue stopped speaking and turned to Dean. He walked toward him. Oh great. This has so been my day. The man took off his hood and smiled maliciously.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asked. His voice was low and deep. Dean smirked.

"You really need someone to get cuddly with?" The man's fist struck Dean's face.

"If you want to keep your limbs I suggest you cut the sarcasm." He said coldly. He waved his hand over his shoulder and a black robe came forward. "Lindsay maybe you should show him how it works here. Oh," He grinned again at Dean, who clenched his jaw. "Fill him in about why we're here as well." Lindsay removed her hood and nodded curtly.

"Mmn," She said, walking around Dean. "We are gonna have fun aren't we?" Dean tried to follow her movements.

"Hey you heard the man," He said. "Tell me why I'm here." She stopped in front of him and dragged a hand up and down his chest.

"Hunter's blood must be spilled. And frankly honey, you have a lot of enemies. You and your brother." She said softly, her index finger tracing the outline of his muscles. Dean flexed his jaw again. "We aren't permitted to touch Sam so we settled for you."

"Aw I'm touched." Dean said. Her hand stopped. She smiled again. She reached into her robes and Dean saw the glint of a knife emerge.

"Now Dean I think we start on spilling that blood." Dean tensed as the knife drew closer. She pushed the knife in and slowly dragged down.

"Gah...you bitch!" Dean yelled. Lindsay continued. She stopped at his pelvis and came back up. "Nah! God I'm gonna send you straight back to Hell!" Lindsay giggled.

"Oh baby I highly doubt that. Once you're part of the ritual there's no going back." She dug harder.

"Ahsss!" Dean hissed. "I never asked to be part of this!"

"Shut up." Lindsay said calmly. Blood dripped down Dean's body and ran through the dirt on the ground.

"Kiss my ass bitch!" Dean gritted his teeth.

"Shut up or I'll make you shut up." Her tone was amazingly even. She brought the knife up to Dean's bicep.

"Screw you!" Dean noticed the crowd was stirring. Light laughter rose from it. Lindsay pulled the knife away.

"Have it your way then." She said. She walked away. Dean breathed heavily. Three hours ago he was with Lauren. Three hours ago he didn't hurt. Three hours ago was so far away.

Lindsay walked back, two other tall hooded figures stood behind her. In her hands she held what looked like metal rope.

Oh god please don't be barbed wire. He thought. Lindsay smirked.

"Get him down," She said. "Make sure he can't go anywhere." The crowd cheered. The men walked toward him. One of undid the twine, the other stood in front of him.

"Aren't you an ugly son of a bitch." Dean said. The man backhanded him. "Ow."

Dean suddenly fell forward, he threw his hands out in front of him to break his fall. Dean looked up at one of the hooded figures. He brought his foot back and Dean braced himself.

Pain ruptured from his ribs as the boot collided. A fist punched his back. Again and again he was hit. Blood flew from his mouth. He coughed violently. All the while the crowd cheered and laughed.

"That's enough." Lindsay said. Dean pushed himself up so he was on his hands and knees. He spat the collection of blood from his mouth as sweat beaded down his body. The men grabbed Dean under his arms and pulled him to his feet. Lindsay let the rope unwind.

"This should teach you what happens when you disobey me." Dean braced his back as she stepped behind him.

She raised the barbed wire above her head and brought it down on Dean's back. A scream escaped his lips. The barbs stuck in his back and they were ripped out as she pulled back. She struck him again. Three, four, five times.

"Tell me you'll never speak again and I'll stop." She yelled over the jeering crowd. Dean shook his head. He wasn't going to give in to this bitch. The whip hit his back, barbs plunging into his tender flesh. "Say it!" Dean didn't answer, only screamed. Eight, ten, fifteen. Dean thought his back would break. The men's vice like grip stayed, their nails digging into his arms.

"Say it and this all goes away!" She yanked the whip out of his back again.

"ALRIGHT!" Dean screamed. Lindsay stood in front of him.

"Are you going to speak again?" She whispered. Dean shook his head. "Good." She leaned forward and touched his lips to her own. Dean tried to pull away but she pushed harder. She looked up at the men. "Tie him back up." They pulled Dean roughly and rebound his hands.

Dean closed his eyes. Lindsay's face that came in his line of vision again.

"Hang on baby," She smiled. "The ritual has just begun."

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