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"...He's asleep." Lauren said. Sam fell back against the wall. John ran a hand through his hair, both at a loss of what to do. Lauren knew trying to wake him up was a lost cause. Lindsay had him right where she wanted him, and wasn't about to let go. Dean's shaking worsened, moans growing louder.

"Lauren go get the damn juice NOW!" John yelled. Lauren bolted to the door, wrenched it open, and ran outside. She opened the trunk of her Mustang and grabbed the small vial in the corner.

God why can't I move faster? She thought feverishly. She darted back into the motel.

"AGGHHH!" Dean screamed. Sam had him rolled on his back, which had large blistering welts starting to appear on it. It took both him and John to hold Dean down. The welts were in a straight line, and they bled. Like a cut. "Nuaaahnn!" He shrieked. Lauren ran over to a chair uncorked the bottle and drained it down her throat.

Dean opened his eyes, which grew white and his face pale when he saw Lindsay grinning back at him. He was laying flat on the bed, no restraints. Then again they wouldn't be needed. He was so weak he couldn't move, he couldn't even talk. She walked over to the bed, got up onto it and straddled Dean between her legs.

"MMnn." Dean moaned.

"Just want to make sure you pay attention babe." She said in a mock-sweet voice. Dean tried moving, but still couldn't. "Guess you didn't give Lauren my message. Seein' as she's not here. I guess we have some time to kill." Dean shook his head. Lindsay smiled her evil smile, her black eyes glinting in a way that scared him. She got up and took a few steps back. She grabbed Dean's hair and pulled off of the bed.

"Annmmgg!" She let go and he collapsed.

"Oh Dean do you need some help?" She asked cruelly. Dean didn't answer. Suddenly he flew up on his feet and onto a wall, his hands forced out in front of him, exposing his back. Lindsay pulled out a knife out of her jeans, the same one she had used on Dean days before. His dried blood still on it. She looked at it and grinned when it started to get hot in her hand, the blade glowing an orange-amber color. She walked over to Dean, moaning, cold, battered and terrified. She couldn't help but smile.

"Dean I know you're cold, but it's about to get a whole lot hotter." She touched the blade to the tender flesh on his bare back.

"AGGHHH!" He screamed. It elevated from there, louder and louder. Sweat poured down his face, mixing with tears. The smell of burning flesh filled the room. The scorching hot blade was drug down his back, making it blister.

"Nuaaahnn!" He cried. He couldn't talk, but he could scream. "Ahhnna!"

Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop! He begged silently.

"Hey bitch!" A voice yelled. "Get your skanky hands off of my boyfriend." Lindsay took the knife from his back. She turned to her sister, bloodied knife still in hand.

"Aw is Ren mad at me?" She asked. Lauren scowled.

"Let him down, now." She commanded. Lindsay shook the knife back and forth as well as her head.

"I'm the big sister, remember? You're still little Ren. Never good enough, but always fought the hardest."

"Don't make me hurt you Lindsay." Lauren said quietly.

"But he's the only leverage I got. His life's in my hands. I don't want to lose that." She clenched her hand into a fist.

"UHNNUAH!" Dean shrieked. It felt like someone was squeezing his insides.

"STOP IT!" Lauren bellowed. Lindsay unclenched her hand. Dean coughed and blood dripped from his mouth. Lauren wanted to run to him, but Lindsay would inly hurt him more. "Dammit Lindsay this is between me and you! Leave him out of it."

"Fine." Lindsay said. Dean dropped, hard. His eyes closed. Evidentally passed out.

"You always had to make everything so cruel. Or some damn sick joke didn't you?" Lauren said harshly. Lindsay grinned.

"I was a terrible person. But I'm an evil demon Ren."

"Why are you doing this?" She asked quietly.

"Because I want you to suffer the way I have. I never thought it was fair I went to Hell and you didn't. So now I'm giving you your own Hell."

"This is payback? You sick bitch I should've killed you when I had the chance!" Lindsay's smile grew wider.

"Lauren this is a dream. Anything can happen." Lauren scowled deeply at the thing that used to be her sister.

"You're right Lindsay." She said. "Anything can happen." She stepped back away from her.

"What are you gonna do Ren?" Lindsay asked, laughing. "Kill me?"

"Like you said Sissy. Anything can happen in a dream." She returned Lindsay's grin. "Amen." This time Lindsay didn't depart the body, she self imploded. Sparks flew everywhere as light began to form at her stomach. Lindsay screamed wildly as the light grew. Then she burst, into nothing but a pile of ashes. "Go to Hell Lindsay."

Lauren ran over to Dean. She knelt down next to him and cradled his body in her arms. She felt the warmth of his blood seeping into her jeans. His eyes fluttered open. He looked around fretfully, expecting for Lindsay to be right there to hurt him more. Lauren caressed his cheek.

"She's gone baby," She whispered. "She cant hurt you anymore. This time I'm sure."

Lauren was back in the motel room. John and Sam were sweaty faced and their eyes were wide. Dean lay limp on the bed, his breath slow and deep.

"What the Hell happened?" John asked. Lauren smiled, unsure why.

"I honestly have no idea." She said.

"Is she gone?" Sam asked. Lauren nodded. Sam sighed, relieved. So did John. Lauren stood and went to Dean. His back was clear, no burns. The wounds he had received outside of his head remained, but the burns were gone. The same for the ones on his chest. The bruises, even his throat was clear. Lauren smiled. Dean could finally sleep in peace.



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