Blood Moon Rises

Summary: I could try explaining this story but I don't think it would work very well. Suffice it to say that this story is kind of opposite of the books, Bella is "special" but not in the way she was in the books. You'll find out how, oh and Carlisle isn't the one to change Edward, he doesn't know who changed him but Carlisle kind of adopts him so that he won't go on a psycho killing spree.

Chaos-Panic-&-Disorder: I thought up this story, and I tied 3.S.S. to a chair to make sure she couldn't interfere with my writing it. Mwahahahaha… /clears throat/ anyway…

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Chapter 1- The Diary of the First Vampire

Lenora's POV

I could smell the blood; it was thick in the air. The stench of it hung like a red mist over the ground above the massacred town. Everyone was dead; the wolves had slaughtered them all in their desperation to find me. This was the youngest pack I had seen yet, they couldn't even recognize the scent of a vampire yet. A single voice rose from the silence of the bloodied wreckage that had once been a thriving village, it was that of a child and she was wailing as loud as she could for her mommy. She was tiny, three years old at most with honey colored hair and deep chocolate brown eyes, she had the palest skin I had seen other than my own and most importantly she was alone. Her whole family lay torn to pieces at her feet, their blood soaking her delicate skin and ripped clothes. I went to the child, I couldn't help myself, I picked her up and held her close to myself, cooing to her and rocking her gently; most humans tend to avoid me due to my naturally alien appearance but this tiny child clung to me like I was the best thing to ever happen to her. The wolves had killed my mate and I was unable to have any children, perhaps this child would suffice as my family until she was old enough to receive what I liked to call the "Embrace". Yes I would take this child and hide her far away from these wild dogs until she was old enough to help me massacre them the same way they had murdered my mate. "Hello dearest," I cooed softly to her. "What is your name?" The child looked up at me silent tears still flowing freely from her eyes, "Mommy called me her little Bell." Was her sobbed reply, I smiled "What a lovely name, Bella."

"Bella?! Where are you Bella, we have to leave…NOW!" I yelled from the bottom of the castle steps. Bella, my precious child, was 18 now. I had ran as quickly as I could seducing some random man into marrying me, telling him my husband had been killed in a rabid dog attack. He had thought I was beautiful and had asked me to marry him in under a week. Ha, what a fool. I had convinced the imbecile to gather all the people in his village together and start a government. Only my darling Bella knew the truth about me and her origins. She was the only one I could trust and I wanted her to be as happy as possible while a human, so I made sure to marry a man with potential to become rich. However I had lived with the man for fifteen years and hadn't aged a day and he was starting to get suspicious and there were whispers going around of me being a witch and me and Bella had to leave NOW. Ugh, where was that girl. Just then I heard a despairingly familiar sound that tore my heart in two, Bella screamed.

"MOTHER HELP ME!!" I ran to her room at super human speed and saw her sprawled across her floor one hand to her bruising cheek as my husband stood over her looking at her single packed bag with fury painted all over his face.

"Areth you bastard how dare you hit my child?!" I shrieked as I knelt beside Bella and gently brushed her hair from her face.

"You evil witch! First you put spells on yourself to stay young then you place more to keep you barren, now I see despite my patience you are preparing to leave me? Never, you are mine! I own you! I will kill you and the child before I will let either of you leave!" He yelled in fury stepping closer to me and Bella with each statement. He couldn't harm me, a weak pathetic human like him would hardly even put up a fight, but I had to get Bella out of harms way first.

"Run Bella, run as fast as you can and don't look back. NOW RUN!" I screamed, as soon as Bella was gone I abandoned myself totally to my senses my eyes turning black with the hunger that increased when I smelled his fresh pumping blood. Areth screamed not expecting this, I circled him slowly enjoying his fear making his heart pump his blood even faster, increasing my blood lust more and more each passing second. I sprang forward snapping at his arm drawing blood that trickled down his arm in slow steady rivulets, the frenzy was increasing drastically but I wanted to drag this out as long as possible; this man had threatened my Bella and for that he must suffer. I continued to snap and draw small amounts of blood until the frenzy became too great and leapt on Areth biting into his neck and viciously draining his body of its life blood. My senses were heightened greatly and when I heard someone come into the room from behind and smelled the human blood I reacted from instinct only. I had drank deeply before I noticed my precious Bella's face above the throat I was drinking from. I jumped back in horror at what I had just done and stared down at her pale pained face. She screamed in agony thrashing about on the ground like a fish out of water. I longer to end her pain, but I couldn't be the cause of her death. I sunk to the floor and watched as my precious child writhed in anguish and began the slow transformation into a life of immortality and damnation.

One week later

The anguish was over and my Bella was now as I am a vampire. She drained the entire village that surrounded us the night she changed; I feared her new born blood frenzy would never end. She ended so many lives that night I had never felt so proud in my life, I could tell she was going to be one of the most powerful among us. Bella and I had run at super human speeds until we reached the spot where I had found her those long fifteen years ago.

"Bella angel? Do you remember me telling you about those savage dogs that killed my lover and your family? This is where it all happened. This is the village where you once lived, this is where the dogs slaughtered your family like they were pigs. What are you going to do about it? Huh Bella? Are you going to let those dogs those filthy animals get away with murdering your family in cold blood?" Bella was snarling and growling by this time her eyes black as the coal that stoked the fires of her soul, she was crouched in an attack position, ready to leap at whatever came her way.

"No…" was all she answered before standing and running, going towards the village where the werewolves lived with their families. When we arrived the dogs were out hunting for us and my Bella evil genius that she is decided to attack their hearts first and snuck stealthily from house to house draining everyone close to the dogs' hearts dry. When every last man, woman, and child present had been murdered we stood in the middle of the road waiting for the dogs to return. When the mutts from hell finally returned we were there waiting for them, not even bothering to hide. That was a fatal mistake the wolves walked into the camp as men, not wearing any clothing, and took one look around at the carnage around them before the leader snarled and changed. That was the last thing I saw before Bella and I were thrown into the fray of the most brutal battle I had ever seen. The pack was more than twice the size it had once been, as opposed to the four wolves I couldn't defeat last time there were 11, and all of them were battle hardened and skilled in the ways of vampire hunting. I was surrounded by three of them all of them snarling and snapping at me I swatted one away snapping its neck with profound ease. I tried the same trick on the next one but it bit down on my wrist and wouldn't let go until I brought my fist down as hard as I could on its skull, I could feel the bone of the beast snap beneath my knuckles. The third wolf jumped at my throat as two others replaced its companions; I broke one of its legs and kept clawing and now snapping at the pack surrounding me. I managed to take out one more before two pack members leapt at me at the same time and brought me down. I snarled at them trying to break free as they began shredding my body. Avenge me Bella I thought as the opened snout of a wolf came towards my face, then all faded into darkness.