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Freya - Lenia

Aira - Abigail (Abby)

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Chapter One:

Destiny Takes One

"Come on Ery!" I shouted at the small boy. Eragon stood up straight and raced after me once more. "You're going to have to be faster than that!" Eragon laughed with me as we continued to run around in the small clearing.

A small whistle came from the edge of the clearing. "And to think, she is only six years old and she can beat Eragon," Roran muttered, laughing. I stopped as did Eragon and we stared at the older boy, our breathing labored from all the running. "Mom was looking for you for Lenia. She needs help with dinner."

"Alright. Thanks, Roran." I ran past Roran and towards the small house we all lived in. I hadn't really known who my real parents were because I was abandoned on Marian and Garrow's doorstep when I was a baby. Garrow didn't want to keep me because he thought I would be another mouth to feed but Marian argued that leaving a small baby outside would be a sin so Garrow finally let me stay with them.

"There you are, dear!" Marian cried as I walked into the kitchen. I smiled at her and began to help with the dinner after washing my hands, Marian's rule. It didn't take long for the two boys to stumble into the kitchen as well, talking and laughing together. "Look at you two, go clean up before dinner."

"But Mom, we aren't that dirty," Roran protested. Marian gave them a stern look before watching them pout on their way to clean themselves. I smiled and continued to stir the soup with Marian standing beside me cutting up some carrots. Garrow walked out of the house and disappeared outside.

"I'll tell you if you don't have to get married, try not to," Marian advised. I smiled and started to laugh followed in by her chuckle. "Men are not always as they seem to be. They are only created so they can help woman populate the world. That is their only reason."

"Mommy! You're married!" She winked at me making me smile in return. We continued on dinner until it was cooked and ready before placing it on the table and calling everyone in. Eragon and Roran came back clean and still pouting while Garrow came in silently. His face was distant as if something was troubling him. Marian seemed to notice his face yet she said nothing about it but continue with her cheerful mood. Eragon sat next to me as we ate while Roran sat across from us.

"So what did you three do today?" Garrow asked, looking at all the children. Eragon and I exchanged smiling glances at each other but stayed silent. "Lenia?"

"We played tag and I beat Ery's butt," I answered, smiling. Eragon was going to protest when Roran cut him off saying, "Aye, she did, Dad. Pretty fast for a six year old. She even beat Eragon who is seven! He should have beaten her yet he didn't."

"Because I was going easy on her! You believe me don't you, Mom?" Eragon asked looking at Marian. She only smiled and lowered her head to look at her food. "Dad?"

"Eragon, it's nothing personal but Lenia always has been faster than you. Plus she is smaller and can move herself faster," Garrow answered. Eragon slumped in his seat and pouted like a five year old.

"I'm sorry Ery," I whispered. Eragon lifted his head and smiled slightly at me before finishing his food and leaving to go to his room. Roran and Garrow soon finished afterwards and took their plates to the sink and began to wash them. Marian and I finished slower than the boys did and washed our plates before I followed her into her bedroom.

"What's on your mind, my dear?" she asked me as we sat on her bed. She took a brush and ran it through my brown hair.

"Nothing Mommy. Just tired from playing tag," I lied. Truth was I was troubled by the look Garrow had on his face during dinner. Marian nodded her head and began to French-braid my hair at the sides. When she was done she held her small mirror in front of me so I could look at myself. My brown hair went to my shoulders in the braids and my bright, green eyes were smiling back at me as I stared at myself.

"You look beautiful," Marian complimented. I smiled at her, looking down at the clothes I was wearing. It wasn't anything special, just a brown skirt that went down to my feet and a white long-sleeved shirt that was too big on me. "Now get on to bed. You are tired and I don't want to see a sleepy face tomorrow." I smiled and nodded my head before telling her goodnight and headed for my shared room with Eragon. He was lying on the large mattress face down. "Ery? Are you still up?"

"Aye, I'm still up," he answered. I nodded my head and laid down next to him. "You should get some sleep, Lenia. You look tired." I nodded my head and pulled the warn-out blanket over the two of us before I turned my back to him.

It wasn't long before we heard the voices of Marian and Garrow arguing back and forth. Eragon and I sat up, looking at each other before getting up and opening the door a crack. They weren't in the hallway so we left the room and quietly ventured to the kitchen door. We stood to the side and listened in on their conversation.

"They are going to come for her!" Garrow whispered hoarsely. Eragon and I exchanged glances before returning our attention to the two arguing.

"Not so loud Garrow; you are going to wake them," Marian hissed. "Who is going to come for her?"

"Her father, Marian. There is a rumor in town about strangers walking the streets. They keep asking for someone and she just happens to be that someone!" Garrow explained. Marian gasped. "He is going to kill all of us because we took her in."

"Don't speak such words! He can't find what isn't here. We'll move. Move somewhere out of the town. She will be safe then," Marian suggested.

"It will do no good. He will find us no matter where we hide her. He is a powerful man that will stop at nothing to get his daughter back," Garrow whispered.

"So what should we do? Abandon her like she is nothing? Abandon our only daughter? Can you honestly stand here and tell me that she means nothing to you?"

"Marian, you know that I love Lenia like she was our own daughter-" Garrow started but was cut off by Marian.

"She is our daughter! She has been our daughter for six years, Garrow!" Marian shouted.

"She is not our daughter, Marian! She will never be our real daughter because she is the spawn of a shade!" Garrow screamed. I gasped making Marian and Garrow look in our direction. "Lenia, Eragon, what are you doing out of bed?" Eragon didn't get the chance to answer because I darted towards the front door with tears in my eyes. I could hear them calling after me but I didn't dare stop. I was too scared to even think of where I was going.

Before I knew it I was running into the town of Carvahall. The streets were full of people trying to get home or trying to get to the bar down the street. I was pushed and shoved as I ran further and further away from my old home. People looked at me with disgust when they noticed the way I was dressed but I didn't care anymore.

I slowed down now because my lungs were burning so hard I thought they were on fire while my legs felt like they were filled with lead. I finally came to a stop but my legs gave out and I fell to the ground. Unfortunately, I fell into a mud puddle and it drenched my shirt and part of my skirt. I continued to lay there, too numb to even move. Tears were streaming down my face and my lungs continued to burn.

I looked up when I heard people screaming and saw everyone scrambling around. They dropped their bags or items they were carrying and ran like there was no tomorrow. I continued to lie there, watching everyone scramble around. Only when I heard someone shout 'Urgals!' I rushed to my feet and continued to run. I had no idea where I was running but I knew I had to get out. Garrow had mentioned Urgals to me a couple days ago, telling me how bad they were and that they were working for King Galbatorix.

I started to run for a building when an Urgal planted itself in my path. I screamed and quickly turned around to face another Urgal a few feet away. I tried another way but found I was surrounded. I stopped moving and realized that my life would be over in a few seconds. I know I was young, very young, but I knew death very well. Something that no six year-old should know, but I did.

As an Urgal raised his long sword I turned away, waiting for him to bring it down and end my life. But strange thing was he never did. I looked back up at the Urgal and noticed that he was frozen with his sword still over his head. I watched as he fell to the ground with a loud 'thump' and standing behind the Urgal was a cloaked figure. His face was hidden behind the darkness of the hood but his pale hands held a bloody sword.

"Anyone else who tries to touch her will die," he hissed. I stared in amazement as all the Urgals began to back away from me. They all stared in horror at the cloaked figure as if he were the devil coming to collect their souls, if they had any.

My eyes widened when the cloaked man lifted his arm and aimed it at me. I could feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest as the time seemed to slow down. It felt as though my blood had frozen in fear and it seemed like I was a block of ice. I couldn't move anything. My eyes were glued to the cloaked man like he was the first light I had ever seen. My ears were hardly able to pick up the language he was speaking but before I had time to comprehend what he had said, I fell to the ground unconscious.


I was first aware that I was not dead when I heard a storm thundering outside. I could hear the rain against a window and harsh winds blowing beside the wall. I opened my eyes slowly and sat up to find that I couldn't see because of the blackness of the room but I knew I wasn't at my home in Carvahall. I began to feel where I was laying and found the thing I was laying on quite soft. I could feel blankets and pillows and realized I was on a bed. I started to crawl around when I heard someone's low, eerie voice which made me freeze in my spot.

"Lie back down, Lenia. It is not time for you to wake up yet." I scrunched my eyes so I could see better in the dark room but the person who spoke was hidden well. "Lie back down, child." I complied with what the stranger said and laid back down in the bed. I heard the squeaking of a chair and soon felt a warm blanket on top of me. I tried to see who was standing beside me but their face was still hidden. "Sleep, my daughter. For your new destiny will await you in the morning." His voice was like velvet almost, rich and soft. I fell asleep to the voice, wondering if I really was dead.

The next time I awoke was when the sun was shining brightly through a window. I sat up slowly and looked around the room, darkness no longer hiding its contents. The room was fairly big and the king size bed I was laying was placed in the middle of the room against the wall. The large bed was black with purple and blue blankets that had silver stitching. Next to the bed was a black bookshelf that held tons of books and in one corner of the room there was a black oak desk with a wooden chair. Beside the desk there was a fairly large window that over-looked the sparring fields while a fireplace was located on the opposite wall of the window and had two plush chairs in front of it. A little ways from the fireplace was a door that I had guessed led to the bathroom and right next to the door that led to the hallway was a black wardrobe.

I looked down at myself and noticed I was not wearing my clothes I remembered. It was a plain white dress that was too big on me and my hair was still in the braids Marian had put them in.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard the door open and watched as a man walked into the room. His reddish-brown hair fell into his face and his bangs covered the black eyes he had. His black eyes were what made me shiver because they reminded me of a snakes', terrifying and dark. His pale skin was covered by the black cloak that he wore over his tunic. He smiled at me and I instantly got goose bumps.

"Good morning, Lenia," he greeted. I smiled slightly at him, too scared to even speak. "You do not have to be scared. I am not going to hurt you and I can promise you that nothing will harm you." I continued to stare at him, not knowing what to do. "You are scared and confused and I can help you. My name is Durza and I work for your king, Galbatorix."

"G-Galbatorix," I stuttered. He nodded his head with a smile still upon his face. "Isn't he evil?" My last word made his smile disappear behind an emotionless mask. He clenched his fists and looked like he was fighting something.

"Do not speak of him like that here, child. You could be punished severely for that simple sentence. We have rules here that you must follow," Durza almost hissed. I shrunk back in fear and pressed myself against the headboard of the bed. As Durza watched me move as far away as I could go, his body froze like he was a statue. He stayed like this for a few minutes before it was like his life-switch was turned back on. "I'm sorry, Lenia. I didn't mean to scare you like that." His words were slow and almost forced.

"Where are my Mommy and Daddy?" I asked. Durza became stiff once more before answering, "They were not your real parents, Lenia. They lied to you." I stared at him and remained silent. "They never told you who your real parents were, did they?" I shook my head. "You will find out soon enough. Too much has happened to you in a short amount of time. Someone will be here shortly to help you through today." I watched as he left the room quickly, slamming the door behind him.

I felt even more broken since he had tried to 'help'. I was confused and scared because I knew I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I curled myself into a ball on the pillows and let myself cry. It wasn't out of sadness or feeling sorry for myself, I just didn't know what to feel. Durza was right, it was too much for me to handle. I had lost everything in a matter of hours. My home, my family, my life.

I didn't even look up when the door opened once more but I soon felt a pair of arms around me, lifting me up. I tried to fight them but they continued to try and relax me. It didn't work at first but it soon began to make me stop crying. The person's soft and soothing voice whispered comforting things to me that ultimately made me relax. They were cradling me in their arms while rocking us back and forth slowly.

"You're alright," they whispered over and over. I sniffed and tried to stop crying before looking up at the person's face. It was a woman that looked to be in her early twenties. She had deep red hair that was tied back into a ponytail but that didn't stop the single strands of hair snaking down to her face. Her eyes were the clearest blue I had ever seen and held nothing but compassion and kindness in them. "Are you alright?" I nodded my head, not sure if I could even speak. "That's good. My name is Abigail but you can call me Abby."

"My name is Lenia," I whispered. She nodded her head, the smile never leaving her face. "Where are my Mommy and Daddy?"

"Oh honey, don't worry about such things right now. Are you hungry?" Abby asked me. I nodded my head as I heard my stomach growl. She smiled and laughed quietly before setting me on the bed next to her. "Let's get you washed up and then we can go get some breakfast." She stood up and walked over to the wardrobe before grabbing a dark green dress and walking over to me. She laid it on the bed before taking my hand and leading me into the bathroom.


In Galbatorix's throne room:

Durza bowed before the king before looking at him. Galbatorix sat upon his throne, completely relaxed and calm. It was silent between the two men until Galbatorix asked, "Must you disguise yourself?"

"My King, I do this so I do not scare my daughter anymore than she is. If we were to scare her it would be no help to us. She needs to come willingly or everything fails. Her magic works differently than ours," Durza explained. Galbatorix nodded his head slowly, almost looking bored.

"When will she learn to fight and use magic?"

"When she is ready she can learn to fight soon but as far as magic goes, she cannot use her powers until she is matured enough. She cannot use her powers until sixteen," Durza answered.

"Set her under Tornac. He is a good teacher as I can tell from Morzan's son's skills. But if she does not improve you will teach her. She needs to learn otherwise she will be no use to me," Galbatorix ordered. Durza nodded his head and bowed once more before turning to head to the door. "And one more thing, do not get attached to your daughter. She is only here to benefit us, not for your parental needs." Durza turned around and faced Galbatorix once more.

"My Liege, I reassure you, I have only one need from her and that is the same need as you, to bring down everyone who resists you," Durza reassured.

"Make sure it stays that way." Durza nodded and bowed once more before heading out the door.


Back At Carvahall:

"Marian please, she is gone. There is nothing more we can do to find her," Garrow tried to explain to his wife. Marian ignored him and continued to walk further into the town, looking for Lenia. "Marian please, this is mad."

"No! You are mad! She is only six years old and wondering around by herself! Who knows where she could have wandered!" Marian screamed. Garrow remained silent and Marian went back to her searching. Roran and Eragon trailed behind the two arguing parents, hoping that Lenia would pop out somewhere.

"What do you think happened to her?" Eragon asked Roran.

"It's been two weeks. Who knows? She might have found somewhere else to live," Roran answered. Eragon nodded his head and looked at the ground. "But we all know she isn't dead. She can't be. Who would kill an innocent child?"

"Someone like Galbatorix?" Eragon asked. Roran looked at him, confused. "I overheard Mom and Dad arguing the last night Lenia was here. There was someone after her. Maybe they have her."

"Who would come after her? She isn't famous or something like that."

"No, but her parents would know she existed. Her father came looking for her, at least that was what we overheard," Eragon explained. Roran nodded his head and lifted his eyes to the sky, hoping against hope that what Eragon said was not what had happened.

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