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Chapter Twenty-Seven:

The Ending

We had won.

Eragon killed my father, with the help of Arya and Saphira, and the spell that was cast over the Urgals disappeared. They began fighting each other and the majority of them were killed, except for the few who escaped into the tunnels. Unfortunately, Durza was able to give one last thing to Eragon before he died. A large, ropy scar extended from his right shoulder to the opposite hip – like Murtagh's. He had fallen unconscious afterwards, as did Arya, and with the help of a witch named Angela, he was able to be healed rather quickly.

Against everyone's wishes, Angela forced us to sit out in the hall for Eragon to wake up. Arya said nothing, just stared into the distance with a somber expression. Murtagh and I sat against the wall by the door, our small baby cradled in my arms. Her large, brown eyes sparkled with innocence as she smiled when we played with her.

"You may come in now," Angela announced, poking her head through the door. She opened it wider for the three of us to enter and returned to Eragon's side. Saphira snaked her head into the room, humming when she saw her Rider. Eragon stared at Saphira for a while before changing his gaze to us. He smiled weakly at me.

"About time you were up. We've been sitting in the hall for hours," Murtagh exclaimed with a big grin.

"What…what happened?" Eragon asked.

"We won! It was incredible! When Durza's spirits – if that's what they were – flew across Farthen Dûr, the Urgals ceased fighting to watch them go. It was as though they were released from a spell then, because their clans suddenly turned and attacked each other. Their entire army disintegrated within minutes. We routed them after that!" Murtagh crowed.

"They're all dead?" Eragon asked.

Murtagh shook his head, his grin disappearing. "No, many of them escaped into the tunnels. The Varden and dwarves are busy ferreting them out right now, but it's going to take awhile. I was helping until an Urgal banged me on the head and I was sent back here."

"They aren't going to lock you up again?"

"No one really cares about that right now. A lot of the Varden and dwarves were killed; the survivors are busy trying to recover from the battle. But at least you have a cause to be happy. You're a hero! Everyone's talking about how you killed Durza. If it hadn't been for you, we would have lost."

"Thank you, Eragon," I whispered. He looked at me and smiled again.

"Where were the Twins? They weren't where they were supposed to be – I couldn't contact them. I needed their help."

Murtagh shrugged carelessly, grabbing a chair and placing it by the bed. He motioned for me to sit and answered, "I was told they bravely fought off a group of Urgals that broke into Tronjheim somewhere else. They were probably too busy to talk with you."

Eragon nodded, his expression displaying that he was not at all convinced. He turned to me and asked, "What happened to Cole? Abby said that he found you guys but she couldn't help because the Varden needed her help more."

"It's fine. We understood why no one came. Cole was only one, Urgals were more. But Murtagh killed him," I responded. Murtagh's grin widened when I finished and he rested his hands on my shoulders when I sat down.

Eragon turned to Arya. "How come you didn't crash? You and Saphira were…" He trailed off.

"When you warned Saphira of Durza, I was still trying to remove her damaged armor. By the time it was off, it was too late to slide down Vol Turin – you would have been captured before I reached the bottom. Besides, Durza would have killed you before letting me rescue you." She paused. "So I did the one thing I could to distract him: I broke the star sapphire." Her sentence finished with regret but her eyes never left Eragon's.

"But why didn't any of the pieces hit you or me?"

"I didn't allow them to. When we were almost to the floor, I held them motionless in the air, then slowly lowered them to the floor – else they would have shattered into a thousand pieces and killed you," Arya answered.

"Yes, and it almost killed you as well. It's taken all of my skill to keep the two of you alive," Angela added sourly.

"How long have I been here?" Eragon asked.

"Only a day and a half," Angela answered. "You're lucky I was around, otherwise it would've taken you weeks to heal – if you have even lived." Alarm spread across his face as he pushed the blankets off his torso, twisting around to feel his back. Angela caught his hand. "Eragon…you have to understand, my power is not like yours or Arya's. It depends on the use of herbs and potions. There are limits to what I can do, especially with such large-" Eragon yanked his hand out of her gasp and felt his back. His expression became horrified as he went further down his back, feeling the scar Durza had left him.

Arya stared at him pitifully. "You have paid a terrible price for your deed, Eragon Shadeslayer."

Murtagh laughed harshly behind me. "Yes. Now you're just like me." Eragon said nothing, only closed his eyes and sank back onto the bed with dismay. Minutes passed before peace took over his features and we left, trying to give him rest. We went back to Murtagh's cell and placed the sleeping baby into her crib before sitting on the bed. "I'm going to join Ajihad again with the Urgal search."

"What?" I asked.

"I figure it's another way to prove myself to them, and to stay with you, I will do it. Whenever Ajihad leaves, I will accompany him," he explained.

"But you just got back. You're wounded, you shouldn't go back," I protested.

He shook his head. "It's a way for me to prove myself to them, Lenia." He kissed my forehead and wrapped one arm around me, pulling me closer to him. "I promise I'll come back. You have nothing to worry about."

I sighed. "I sure hope you're right." He smiled at me as Abby entered the room, covered in blood and sweat. "What happened to you?"

"Helping bleeding people tends to get you bloody as well," she answered. She walked over to the crib and stared down at my baby, a small smile on her face. She reached down into the crib for a moment then extracted her hand, turning to face us. "Murtagh, may I talk to you?" He glanced at me, nodded his head, and left with Abby. I stood up and walked over to the crib, staring down at the sleeping baby. In her hand was a small, gold item. The more I looked at it, the more I recognized it as the necklace Abby had given me when Murtagh and I had gotten married. The only difference to the necklace was the stone was white before, to match my dress, but now it was ruby.

I jumped when I felt Murtagh wrap his arms around my waist, resting his chin on the top of my head. He chuckled quietly and stared down at the baby like I did. "Come on. Abby will watch our baby," he declared. I looked up from the crib and noticed Abby sitting in the desk chair, a small smile on her lips.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

He grinned, shrugging, as he pulled me towards the door. Abby winked at me, her grin widening, but adjusted her gaze to the crib. Murtagh pulled me out of the cell and through corridor after corridor until we came to a room similar to the one we fought Cole in. Instead of a large empty room, there was a small stool in the middle of it with many, many red roses tied together with a small, black pouch placed in front of it.

"Murtagh…" I breathed. He only grinned wider and pulled me further into the room until we were standing in front of the stool. He turned me so I faced him and placed a small kiss on my lips.

"Happy birthday, my love," he whispered against my lips. I smiled and pulled his tunic so his lips met mine once more. When we pulled apart I said, "It's not my birthday for a couple days."

He nodded his head. "I know. But I don't know if I will be back in time for it, so before I left I wanted to give you your birthday present."

I smiled and turned to the stool once more, lowering my hand and gently touching a rose. It had always been our thing – roses and lilies. When I was with Cole, the small amount of time that was anyway, he sent me three red roses every morning. I sent him three white lilies at night and everyday that occurred. It became our little joke, our symbol of love, even though I wasn't with him. He was a red rose, beautiful but dangerous at the same time. I was a white lily, hopeful and pure - at least that's what Murtagh called me. So it made sense he would send me roses and I send him lilies, at least it made sense to us.

I reached down to the black pouch, picking it up and opening it. Inside was a chain, silver bracelet. There was only one charm, a small silver heart that was flat, and engraved on that charm were the words 'I love you' on the front and 'Murtagh' on the back. I smiled and slid the bracelet into my open palm.

"How did you get this?" I asked, memorized by the charm.

"I bought it when we were in one of the towns. I knew your birthday was coming up and I loved what it looked like, so I bought it. Abby helped engrave the writing," he explained.

"Do I have to put it on myself?" I smiled at him, making a small smile appear on his face, as his hands grabbed the bracelet and attached it around my right wrist. He pulled his hands away, watching me as I admired the bracelet once more. "I love it. Thank you." He grinned and pulled me into a tight embrace.

"I love you," he whispered.

I smiled against his shoulder. "I love you, too."

We stood there for a few more minutes, just enjoying each other, until we pulled away and left the room, the bundle of roses in my arm. We went back to the cell where Abby was perched on the bed with a scroll in her hands. She grinned up at me, placing the scroll on the bed, and stood up. "Murtagh, just a small warning, if you want to leave with Ajihad, they are leaving in five minutes," Abby declared and left the room. Murtagh walked over to the crib and gently touched the sleeping baby's cheek, a small smile portraying on his face. I walked over to him and rested my head on his shoulder, staring down at our baby.

It was that moment I felt pure happiness. No worries. No fear. Just happiness. Although I had lost much – Nuria, Marian, Garrow, Tornac – all whom I loved. But I had also gained treasures as well. I had found Eragon and Abby, married the love of my life, and had a beautiful daughter. For once in a long time, I felt complete.

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