Title: One Step Closer

Series: Shot Through The Heart
Author: NiftyPaint24
Universe: Inuyasha [AU
Genre: Romance/General

Spoilers: If you haven't read Sir Yes Sir…look away! LOOK AWAY!
Pairing(s): Sesshomaru/Kagome

Summary: One Shot sequel for Sir Yes Sir #1

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha (damn it!)

A/N: So I had all these ideas that I wanted to explore with Sir Yes Sir and never did…or they just didn't fit. There were also tons of things that I wanted to do with the story, but I really didn't want to make it 900 pages. Then my fantastical brain thought up the solution…One Shots. Yes, they're my friends. This is the first in a series of one shot sequels for Sir Yes Sir. Hopefully you enjoy! Oh yeah…because this series is called 'Shot Through The Heart' I decided that I would name all the one shots after Bon Jovi songs as well. This task was almost as much fun as writing the one shots themselves. Thank God I picked a band that has dozens of albums and hundreds of songs to choose from. :D



Hi! God I miss you. Why didn't you tell me boot camp was going to suck so much? Maybe you tried and I tuned you out? Thanks for also not telling me that the guys and I would be separated. I do sometimes see them when were passing in platoon runs, but it's not like we get to stop and chat. How's boot camp going you ask? It's lonely, the drill sergeants are evil, and I miss you. Oh, I said that already didn't I? Expect to hear it a few more times before this is over. It's only been four weeks and I can't believe I'm stuck here for another nine. Hopefully this will get to you. I wasn't sure on the address so I'm sending it general delivery. There's not a whole lot for me to tell you that I'm sure you don't already know. I can now field strip a rifle in thirty seconds. Even in the dark! I'm also sick of having to refer to myself as 'this recruit'. I picked my three choices for my MOS. Bet you'll never guess what my first choice is. Yep, the sniper unit. My DI actually laughed at me when I told her. There's so much that I wanted to tell you and now that I have the paper and pen in front of me, I've lost all train of thought. I can hear you telling me that I'm babbling you know. I miss you and I'll be waiting for your letter. I'm sure it will be more interesting then mine.

Love you always,


Sesshomaru re-read the letter for the ninth time, laughing once again at her comment on herself babbling. It was true, the first time he read it he did in fact roll his eyes and say 'you're babbling'. Only to start laughing at her next sentence. He had written her back immediately knowing that she would indeed be waiting for his reply. He glanced over his desktop at a calendar on the wall.

"Six days." He said aloud. "She should have received it by now."

"Higurashi!" The drill instructor yelled from the front of the tables in the mess hall.

Kagome jumped to her feet and walked swiftly to the woman, taking the single envelope that was offered to her.

"Thank you ma'am!" She said before turning on her heel and returning to her place at her table.

Instinctively placing the envelope next to her lunch tray, grabbed her fork with her right hand, and placed her left hand on her knee. She had quickly learned the proper 'mess hall etiquette'. She grimaced at the thought of the dozens of push ups she had been forced to do when she had forgotten to keep her left hand on her left knee at all times. She looked down at the envelope and smiled, wanting nothing more then to rip it open and read it at that moment. She sighed thinking of how she wouldn't get a chance to until much later that evening.


First off, I miss you too. Trust me when I tell you that the first four weeks will have been the worst. It should become easier on you. I didn't want to upset you with the fact that Inuyasha and Wolf would be in a totally separate platoon. You seemed to be content in the thought that they would be with you. Although I am happy that you're separated from that punk Wolf. I did warn you about the drill sergeants, but as you said yourself, you must have tuned me out. Sorry about the infantry, I know that's where you would like to be, but rules are rules for a reason. I've been stationed at Twenty-Nine Palms for almost two months now. The desert's actually kind of nice. As soon as you graduate I'll get you a pass. I almost forgot to tell you, after my transfer I was promoted to second lieutenant. I was surprised at the jump in rank, but happy about it. Is the food there still as horrible as I remember it being? I'm starting to sound like you, babbling on about nothing. I miss you Kagome. I miss waking up with you in my arms and watching you run half naked across the parade grounds to beat Kikyo to your barrack. Nine more weeks to go, then I'll have you again. Try to stay on your drill instructor's good side.


Kagome had a miserable day. She was covered in dirt, sweat, mud, and blood. She was too sore to check if it was her own or not. She stripped and showered, after accomplishing that she pulled on a tank top and a clean pair of underwear. She pulled a legal pad and a pen from her trunk and flopped down onto her less then comfortable mattress.


Liar, liar, pants on fire. I'm now in week six and things have not gotten any easier like you said they would. They've had us working night drills basically every other night, so this is the first chance I've had to write you. I miss you so much! I also miss waking up in your arms. I don't however miss running across the acres of wet lawn in the mornings. Just out of curiosity, have you heard anything from Inuyasha? Oh I almost forgot! Congratulations on becoming second lieutenant! That's fantastic. Twenty-Nine Palms? That's near Palm Springs right? Where do you think I'll be stationed? How hard is it to get transferred? I expect my weekend pass to be in your last letter before I graduate. I think I'll be hopping in a car and driving all night to be there with you. I can't wait to hold you, kiss you, and do other things that to you that I'm not comfortable writing down on paper. Seven weeks left!

I love you! PS: Yes the food here is horrible! YUCK!


She folded the sheet of paper and stuffed it into an envelope. She then threw everything into her trunk and crawled under her blankets with a heavy sigh.

"Seven weeks left."


I'm sorry that this has taken me so long to sit down and write. With this new station comes a whole truck load of paper work. I dread the day that I become a general, should that day ever come. It's hard to say where you will be stationed and yes, Twenty-Nine Palms is close to Palm Springs. You should put in a request to be at Twenty-Nine Palms with your detailer. It's just to let them know where you'd like to be. They pick these things by availability so it is somewhat random where you'll actually be stationed. Trying to transfer right out of boot camp though, I have no clue. I'll look into it for you. Give it another week or two to become easier. I think you'll be in week eleven when you get this. So you should be having an easier time. I have not heard anything from Inuyasha, that should not surprise you since we don't exactly have the closest relationship. The way things are working out right now, I may be able to bring your pass to you in person. I'm not guaranteeing anything though, so please don't get your hopes up. I'll send you a pass for a couple of days after your graduation. I know your mother will want to see you and no matter how much I would like to steal you away first, I cannot deny her seeing you. I will however, be stealing you away for the rest of your ten day leave before you go to your MOS training. I will be spending the next few weeks waiting to hold you, kiss you, and do other unmentionable things to you. Two more weeks. Hang in there.

Love,PS: Enclosed is your pass.



I hope that you can get away to attend the graduation, but I understand if you can't. Being a second lieutenant must be a busy job. Thank you for the pass! Yeah, I figured that you wouldn't have heard anything from Inuyasha. You two really need to get over whatever the hell is up both your butts. I love you! Yeah, that smoothed things out real well huh? If you do make it out here does that mean that you'll be coming home with me? That would mean that you would be meeting my mom. She'll love that. Guess what I got to do today…wade through four feet of water with a rifle over my head. Then I got to crawl on my stomach under a mess of barbed wire in a foot of mud while the DI sprayed us with a hose. Tons of fun! And I'm sure that I looked real sexy after.. I guess I don't have anything else to say at the moment. I hope to see you in a week, if not, I'll see you a few days after!

I'll love you forever and a day,



A/N: Oookay! I'll explain a couple of things for those of you who are like me and have NO idea how the inner workings of the military go. I'm basing this on the US Marines. That's what all my friends are in so it seemed appropriate. Oh before I forget a HUGE shout out and thanks a million times over to Foxfire Inari. You were an absolute savior when it came to all this boot camp stuff. Okay, back to explaining.

MOS-it's a job within the military

DI-drill instructor (drill sergeant) ??? Actually I'm not sure if they're the same thing, but in my mind they are so in the story they are XP

Detailer-the person that's in charge of where the recruits are stationed.

Now I should tell you that I didn't really stick with how things really work in boot camp…but it's my story and I'll screw up the military if I want to. ;P I'm also sure that most of you wanted me to get into the whole graduation thing…nothing would come to mind. Seriously, I spent hours staring at a blank computer screen before I said, "You know what? I'm just going to stick with my original idea of them writing letters. If something happens to come to me later…so be it." So there you have it…you may get something and you may not. It's kind of like those 5 dollar grab bags and you have no idea what will be inside. It could be something that totally rocks or it could suck. Okay, it's nothing like that really. And you don't have to pay me 5 bucks to find out.

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