Title: Unbreakable

Series: Shot Through The Heart
Author: NiftyPaint24
Universe: Inuyasha AU
Genre: Drama/Action
Rating: M

Spoilers: If you haven't read Sir Yes Sir…look away! LOOK AWAY!
Pairing(s): Sesshomaru/Kagome

Summary: One Shot sequel for Sir Yes Sir #8

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha (double damn it!)


The dust. It covered everything, your clothes and every inch of your skin. It made your eyes burn and your mouth dry. The wind. It made life impossible. When it picked up and turned the sandy landscape into thick cloud, you were stuck, maybe hours, maybe days. The sun. Unbelievably hot. It made you want to strip every last piece of clothing off and crawl under the trucks for shade. This was everyday life in Iraq.

Sesshomaru sat on the passenger's side of the second truck in a convoy of four. The dust that the trucks kicked up made it impossible to see anything. Not that there was anything to see in this God forsaken desert. He sighed as he pushed his sunglasses higher on his nose and reached for his canteen. It was still early, close to nine in the morning and it was already ninety degrees. The interior of the truck with five men in it, only amplified the heat.

'Two more weeks if all goes well.' Sesshomaru thought as he took a long drink from his canteen. 'I hope Kagome and the kids are alright.'

"There's a check point ahead sir." Dunleavy said from Sesshomaru's left side.

"Already? I didn't expect to hit it for another hour." Sesshomaru said as he grabbed the radio that Duffy had held out to him.

He radioed the first truck and they confirmed Dunleavy's statement, they were approaching a road block ironically called a 'check point'. Sesshomaru groaned. He hated these things. With reports of car bombs going off practically every hour, going through one always set him on edge. His unit had been lucky enough not to see a whole lot of action this tour and he silently prayed that it would stay that way. He handed the radio back to Duffy and turned in his seat to face McGrath and Walsh that sat on either side of Duffy.

"Be ready." He said simply and the two nodded, their hands instinctively tightening on their rifles.

Another ten minutes and the convoy slowed to a stop. The first truck was the third in line and they sat for an agonizing twenty minutes while the people from the first car argued over having the correct paper work. As the minutes ticked by Sesshomaru began to fidget, becoming increasingly uneasy.

"What the hell is taking so long? They've either got the right papers or not." Dunleavy said tapping his hands on the steering wheel.

"This isn't right." Sesshomaru said softly as he watched the driver of the car throw his hands into the air and shout something to the other man that was with him.

Then all hell broke lose. There was a defining explosion and everyone in the truck ducked on reflex. The truck shook from the force of the explosion, the windshield shattering. Sesshomaru was the first to recover, looking over the dash to see the truck in front of them on it's side, engulfed in flames. The two cars that had been in front of it, only scrap metal now. People were screaming and Sesshomaru reached for the door handle.

"We've got to check for survivors." Dunleavy said as he jumped from the truck.

Several other soldiers ran past Sesshomaru's door as he opened it. Then the familiar popping sound of gun fire erupted from what seemed like all sides. Time stood still for what seemed like an eternity to Sesshomaru. He watched as Dunleavy ran towards the truck in front of them, then his head snapped back and he fell to the ground in a heap. Sesshomaru turned his head slightly and watched as two other soldiers went down, falling awkwardly. He turned around and snapped back into the moment.

"Get down! Get down!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, but it was impossible to hear him.

Duffy was at his side with the radio. Walsh and McGrath running towards the trucks behind them.

"Sir!" Duffy screamed.

"Get down you idiot!" Sesshomaru yelled, grabbing him by his flack jacket and started half dragging, half shoving him behind the truck. He turned back around and started running towards what use to be one of his trucks. As he ran he felt a sharp, instant pain in his left shoulder. The impact of the bullet actually spinning him around to face the opposite direction. He landed against the hood of his truck, the air momentarily pushed from his lungs. Then he felt someone grab him on the back of his flack jacket. He turned his head slightly to look at who was holding him up. It was McGrath and he was yelling something unintelligible.

"What!" Sesshomaru asked with a cough.

"Sir, we've lost everyone in the last truck as well."

Sesshomaru wanted to scream at the twenty year old for being so stupid. If they wanted to stay alive themselves, they needed to find some type of shelter from the barrage of bullets.

"Take cover you idiot!" He yelled.

"Sir, what about the-" McGrath started to ask, before he slumped to the ground, pulling Sesshomaru with him.

Sesshomaru grabbed McGrath by the arm.

"McGrath!" He yelled.

His eyes quickly noticing the increasing blood stain on the other man's thigh.

"God damn it!" Sesshomaru hissed. "Hang on!" He grabbed McGrath by the flack jacket with his good arm. Dragging him around to the opposite side of the truck. "Duffy!" He yelled, catching the other man's attention somehow.

Duffy ran towards Sesshomaru in a crouched position. He also took a hold of McGrath's flack jacket and pulled him towards the back tiers of the truck. They leaned him against the tier and Sesshomaru ripped off the sleeve from McGrath's shirt. Quickly tying a tourniquet around his leg as McGrath began shaking.

"Ghaa!" McGrath yelled as Sesshomaru pulled on the thin fabric as hard as he could.

"Stay down!" Sesshomaru yelled over the ever present gun fire. "Duffy, get on that God damned radio and call for help."

Duffy nodded grabbing the radio pack as Walsh came running from the direction of the other two trucks.

"We're it." He said simply.

Sesshomaru nodded and looked over at Duffy. He was very pale, holding the radio in his right hand. Sesshomaru reached over and shook him by his shoulders, wincing at the pain in his own shoulder the motion caused.

"Get on the radio Duffy or there won't be anyone left for them to get here and save!"

Duffy again nodded and moved the radio to his ear. Sesshomaru grabbed Walsh, pulling him close so that only he would hear what he had to say.

"McGrath's bleeding out. Keep pressure on that leg. Don't let him think he's going to die."

Walsh nodded and moved to McGrath's side.

"Hey buddy. Nice vacation huh?" He said in an attempt to get the other man's mind on something else.

Sesshomaru moved on his knees to look around the back of the truck. He shook his head in an effort to clear his vision, because there was no way that he was seeing what he thought he was. There in the middle of this all out war, stood a kid, no older then six, just standing there in the middle of what ten minutes before, had been a road.

"Hey!" Sesshomaru called out, but the kid remained where he stood, crying. "KID! HEY!"

Sesshomaru pushed himself to his feet and ran forward towards the child. He half tripped when his foot went down in a hole awkwardly. He felt the pain in his leg, but pushed it aside as he ran towards the child who had finally noticed him. Sesshomaru could hear the bullets whizzing past him as he grabbed the kid around the waist with his good arm and sprinted back towards the safety of the truck. Sesshomaru pushed the boy down to his knees in the sand.

"Are you alright! Are you hurt anywhere!" He asked, the boy stared back at him with tear filled eyes, unable to understand anything that Sesshomaru asked.

Sesshomaru quickly checked the boy over, not finding any wounds. With a sigh of relief he fell back onto his butt. Once he knew the kid was alright, the realization of the pain in his leg hit him. He ran his hand down the front of his leg, wincing as he hit a large lump.

"Shit!" He yelled through clenched teeth.

"What is it!" Duffy yelled from next to McGrath.

"I…think my leg's broken."

"What!" Walsh yelled as he crawled over to him.

He pulled roughly on the fabric of Sesshomaru's pants, shoving them up his leg as far as the fabric would allow.

"Yeah, I'd say so." Walsh said pointing to the large lump that was obviously a misplaced bone. "How in the hell did you do that?"

"Fell in a hole." Sesshomaru answered with a half smile.

"Still managed to grab the kid though? You freakin' medal junkie."

Sesshomaru laughed. The pain in his leg escalated as his adrenaline decreased. His laughter faded to a sharp hiss as the throbbing started.

"Are you alright?" Walsh asked squeezing Sesshomaru's shoulder.

"Yes. Let's hope the reinforcements get here quickly." Sesshomaru answered as he shifted into a more comfortable position, managing to cause a spike in pain in both his shoulder and leg. "How's…McGrath?"

"Not good." Walsh answered shaking his head. "He's lost a ton of blood and there's nothing that I can do for him."

Sesshomaru nodded, noticing that the constant sound of gun fire had slowed to two or three shots roughly every forty seconds.

"Maybe they're runnin' out of ammo." Walsh said, also noticing the decrease in the gun fire.

"Unlikely. They're trying to get us out where they can pick us off easier. Everyone just hang tight where you are. Duffy, do you have a ETA on backup?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Uh…they, I think it should be a few minutes sir."

"You think?" Sesshomaru asked through clenched teeth.

"Most likely twenty minutes." Duffy explained.

"Twenty minutes." Sesshomaru repeated as he allowed himself to fall back into the warm sand. "Hopefully these guys don't decide to go on a hunting party." He said calmly as he looked up at the sky, shielding the sun from his eyes with his hand.

He turned his head to look at the kid he had rescued. He sat a few feet away with his knees tucked into his chest. The look of absolute terror that Sesshomaru had seen in his eyes was gone, but a trace of fear was still there.

Sesshomaru sighed and turned to look at Walsh.

"Do we have a canteen?" He asked.

"Yeah, I've got mine." Walsh answered holding out his canteen.

Sesshomaru shook his head.

"No, offer some to the kid."

Walsh shrugged and crawled towards the boy.

"Hey are you thirsty pal?" He asked now holding the canteen towards him.

"He doesn't speak any English Walsh." Duffy said from next to the truck.

"I know that." Walsh spit back, still smiling at the kid.

The boy reached out and took the canteen from Walsh and drank from it greedily.

"I guess he was thirsty." Walsh said with a slight laugh.

"He probably hasn't had fresh water in quite awhile." Sesshomaru commented.

"Things are so backwards over here. I'll never get over the fact that they don't even have the simplest necessities." Duffy said as he shifted to look around the back of the truck.

The gunfire had stopped completely now, setting everyone on edge. Sesshomaru turned his head to look at Walsh.

"What's our weapons status?" He asked.

"We've got two with four magz. I don't know where McGrath dropped his. I could search the last two trucks-"

"No." Sesshomaru cut across him. "They're waiting for that. They think that by stopping the shooting, anyone alive will start moving around. It's best if we stay put and don't move around too much."

Walsh nodded and moved back to McGrath's side. He frowned when he took the unconscious man's pulse.

"It's weak." He said mostly to himself.

"Is he going to die?" Duffy asked moving farther away from McGrath as if he had some type of contagious disease.

"Yes." Walsh said softly.

"Death, unfortunately is a part of war. There are sixteen of our men out here that will never see their homes or the ones that they loved again." Sesshomaru said, still lying on his back staring up at the cloudless sky. "McGrath is going to be another name added to an ever growing list."

"Way to brighten the mood." Walsh said as he shifted into a sitting position.

Sesshomaru shrugged, then hissed in pain and reached for his shoulder.

"How are you doing sir?" Duffy asked.

"About as well as someone who has a broken leg and has been shot can be I guess." Sesshomaru answered sarcastically.

"Don't forget you're in hell itself, pinned down by hostel natives." Walsh added with a smile.

"How could I have forgotten that?" Sesshomaru asked with a laugh.

It seemed insane that they were joking with all things considered, but the fact of it was, it was keeping them all calm. Most of all Duffy. It didn't take more then one look at him to figure out that he was on the edge of snapping.

"Duffy, check and see if you can get anyone on the radio." Sesshomaru said is as more of a suggestion then an order.

Duffy nodded and picked up the radio. He tried several frequencies before he got someone. After a brief conversation with whoever it was on the other end, they now knew that it would be close to another twenty minutes for the closest unit to reach them.

"We're so screwed." Duffy said throwing the radio into the sand.

"We've managed to survive this long, what's another twenty minutes?" Walsh said as he handed the canteen to him.

"We've only got the one riffle with four magazines. There is no way in hell that's going to fend anyone off for very long." Duffy continued his pessimistic attitude. "Maybe we can use the kid as a hostage."

"Yeah, that'll work. Did you not notice how they continued to shoot at the lieutenant colonel when he ran out there to get him?"

"Yeah." Duffy breathed. "This is insane. Why don't they just get here already?"

"Calm down." Sesshomaru said. "Freaking out isn't going to get them here any faster."

"They said they'd be here in twenty minutes, twenty minutes ago." Duffy continued as he stood up.

"Get down you idiot!" Walsh hissed as he reached over McGrath and grabbed Duffy's arm, pulling him back towards the ground. "That's suicide."

"Anything would be better then sitting here waiting for the enviable." Duffy said glaring at Walsh.

"Getting taken out because you can't sit still anymore is a stupid reason to die." Walsh said tightening his grip on his riffle.

"Better getting it over with quick then sitting here bleeding out like McGrath."

"He didn't make that choice, some dumb fuck chose it for him!"

"Shut up both of you." Sesshomaru said calmly. "If you continue to scream at each other you might as well run out there and hand them a map to where we are."

The others quieted down and Sesshomaru said a silent prayer that the reinforcements would show up soon. He wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out. He had lost quite a bit of blood and he was beginning to feel the effects of it. He opened his eyes when he sensed someone standing over him. It was the kid. He spoke in what sounded like gibberish to Sesshomaru. The boy knelt down and shielded Sesshomaru's face from the sun. Knowing the kid wouldn't understand him if he had said 'thank you', he smiled instead. The boy returned the grateful smile and began talking quietly. Again Sesshomaru had no idea what he was saying, but he listened anyway. The boy continued to talk for ten minutes before he suddenly stopped. Sesshomaru opened his eyes, he hadn't realized that he had closed them, when a familiar thumping of chopper blades hit him.

"Oh thank God." Duffy sighed when he too caught the sound.

Walsh got to his feet, but remained half crouched as he moved to Sesshomaru's side.

"I'm assuming that those are ours." He said as he helped Sesshomaru into a sitting position. "We need to be ready to move quick. Duffy, come get his other side."

Sesshomaru was feeling light headed as they moved him, the sound of the helicopters getting louder. When they got Sesshomaru to his feet he swayed on one unsteady leg as his dizziness increased.

"Just a few more seconds." Walsh assured him as they stood behind the truck for protection.

The kid stood with them for a moment before he stepped closer to Sesshomaru and reached up, pressing his small hand to Sesshomaru's flack jacket. He smiled while he rambled on, then turned and ran off towards some of the abandoned rubble that had been his village.

"What was that all about?" Duffy asked as they watched the kid run.

"Freakin' Sesshomaru." Walsh joked. "Always making friends wherever you go."

Sesshomaru managed a weak laugh before he said,

"He probably placed a curse on me."

"I doubt it. He seemed pretty happy." Walsh said as they moved to meet the soldiers that were running from one of the landed helicopters.

The soldiers fanned out, laying down a hail storm of cover fire, while the three remaining members of Sesshomaru's unit made it to a waiting helicopter.

"Maybe, but there are several people that I could put a curse on with a smile on my face."

Walsh laughed.

"I wouldn't doubt it sir."


A/N: Poor Sesshomaru! And everyone else that had the misfortune of being in his unit. For whatever reason I decided that everyone must die! Well other then Sesshomaru, Walsh, Duffy, and the nameless kid.

Sesshomaru: "Speaking of that nameless kid…did he put a curse on me?"

NP24: "How should I know! I don't speak that language."

Walsh: "But you wrote it."

NP24: "And you point would be?"

Duffy: "I can't believe that you killed off poor McGrath."

NP24: "Hey, it could have been you, you know."

Duffy: "Um yeah…great story! I loved it!" :eyes NP24 nervously:

Sesshomaru: "You and I need to discuss how I broke my leg." :glares at NP24:

NP24: :laughs nervously: "Yeah, about that…" :runs off:

Sesshomaru: "Get back here! You know you can not out run me!" :chases after NP24:

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