Newt just wants to find the perfect girl for him just as Tyler and Rorii move to DC. Watch as these two wacky best friends get into some pretty wacky situations with Cory, Meena, and Newt… and Stickler? Before they get an even bigger surprise. Learning what it means to fall in love.


When You Look Me in the Eyes

By: Syrus Fanatic 4-Ever (beta by Divine Child)

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"Girls? You ready?" Mrs. Allens asked as she entered the hallway to find her daughter knocking on the bathroom door.

"Ty won't get out of the bathroom." Rorii replied quietly. "She's nervous."

Mrs. Allens took her daughter's place at the door, "Tyler! Sweetie! Open up!"

The door opened a crack and a green eye met Mrs. Allens. Sighing, the older woman gently forced the door open all the way and hugged the brunette on the other side.

"Finish getting ready, okay? Washington Prep isn't so bad." She reassured.

"You sure, Kaasan?" the brunette asked with a sniffle.

"I'm positive. Now go." Mrs. Allens gently pushed Tyler in the direction of her bedroom. She turned to Rorii, "You ready, dear?"

"Yeah, Mom. I'll keep an eye on Ty. Promise." Rorii smiled.

Ten minutes later, they were on their way to Washington Prep.


"Hey, Newt!" Cory came skidding down the school hallway before putting an arm around his best friend, Newt. "Two new girls just transferred here!"

Newt blinked and said, "Awesome, dude! Let's go meet 'em!" He started walking in the direction Cory had come from.

Cory grabbed the back of Newt's backpack and yanked him back, "Hold it, Newt. We have to approach them… perfectly…" He then got a look on his face that reminded Newt of Raven whenever she had a brilliant scheme.

Meena sighed and muttered, "Boys…" Before following them to see what ridiculous plan Cory had come up with this time.


Newt skidded to a stop as they exited into the courtyard and saw two girls laughing and talking to each other.

"Dude, they're cute!" He exclaimed in a low whisper.

"Told ya." Cory grinned, "And there are two! One for me, one for you!"

That got them a smack upside the head, "Again, degrading!" Meena hissed.

Rubbing their throbbing skulls, they turned to look over the two girls. One was shorter than her companion by a good six to seven inches, had pretty curly auburn brown hair that fell down her back and passed her shoulder blades, and wore a cute pale pink denim skirt that frilled at the hem, an off-the-shoulder white top, and black Mary Janes.

"That's Rorii Allens." Meena explained. "She's in my History class."

The second girl looked slightly intimidating to the other girls. She was dressed differently as well; a pair of jeans a grey-black color with a studded white leather belt around her waist, a striped white and purple longsleeved shirt underneath a black a t-shirt that said "Celtic Moon" written in purple, on her head was a black, white, and purple stripped toboggan, on her feet were black and purple skate shoes, and she wore purple fingerless gloves on her hands. Her hair was crimped and framed her face and fell to her shoulder-blades.

"Who's the skater chick?" Newt asked.

"Um… I'm not sure." Meena replied, thinking hard.

Newt once again started heading towards them only to be yanked back by his backpack by Cory.

"Dude! What are you doing?" He hissed.

"I was going to say hi." Newt replied.

Meena jumped slightly, "They've noticed you!"

Rorii and the girl spotted them, said something to each other, the skater girl shrugging somewhat, before they started heading over to them. Meena waved and smiled, Cory and Newt both panicking and grabbing onto each other.

"Hi, Rorii." Meena said in greeting.

Rorii smiled with hazel green eyes, "Hello, Meena. Who are your friends?"

Meena looked at the two boys, "Cory Baxter and Newt Livingston."

"Nice to meet you." Rorii said politely. She looked over her shoulder and up at her companion before elbowing her.

"Ow!" She hissed, glaring with eerie ice green almond-shaped eyes. "Oh, um, I'm Tyler…"

Cory started to laugh, "T-Tyler? You're kiddin' right?"

She turned that glare on him, "No."

"Cool name." Newt said with a smile.

Tyler blushed faintly as she looked him over. Tongue-tied, she then looked away and at the grass.

"Ty's my little sister." Rorii explained.

"Little?!" Cory and Meena both repeated in shock.

"Yeah." Rorii blinked, "That surprise you?"

Cory nodded vigorously, "Yes! You look nothing alike and she's way taller than you!"

Rorii made a face and Tyler turned away, red in the face, "We don't have to look alike to be sisters, thank you very much, and I would appreciate it if you'd leave my height out of this, Baxter! For your information, Ty's my foster sister!" She snapped.

Newt and Meena both smacked Cory's shoulders.

"You made her cry." Meena hissed.

Tyler silently stormed off, tears noticeable on her cheeks.

"Bad introduction?" Cory sheepishly said.

Rorii fumed and stomped on his foot in response. Howling, Cory began to hop up and down on one foot, clutching the throbbing one.

"Imoto-chan!" Rorii called, running after said adolescent.

Newt glared at Cory, "Dude, you're my best friend and everything, but what you did was mean."

Meena crossed her arms, "You were being insensitive, Cory."

Cory sighed and said, "I'm sorry, alright?"

"It's not us you should be apologizing to, Cory." Meena continued. "It's Tyler and Rorii."

Newt turned and began to walk away, "Until you do so, we're not talking to you."

"N-Newt! M-Meena!" Cory cried in vain as the two walked away without another word. "Come back!"

Jason Stickler was suddenly at his side, "Ooo. Tough break, Baxter?"

Cory glared, "What do you want, Stickler?"

"I want to know if you like Rorii." Stickler replied.

"What? Why?" He demanded.

"You know me. According to you I like all the girls you like." Stickler continued.

"No, I don't." Cory replied quietly.

"Really?" He looked happy. "Thanks!" Stickler then turned and waltzed off.

Sighing, the teen looked across the courtyard and saw Tyler seated at a table, Rorii hugging her while standing up, and saw Rorii comforting her. Cory then glanced over his shoulder to see Meena and Newt leaning against a wall, both tisking and shaking their heads at the sight of him.

"Dang, I hate having a conscience at times." He murmured as he headed towards Rorii and Tyler.

"What do you want?" snapped Rorii the moment her eyes landed on him.

Cory sighed and said, "I wanted to say I'm sorry. I was rude to do that, especially to you two. You guys are new here and I should've greeted you the way Newt and Meena greeted me when I was the new kid… Respectfully. So… sorry."

Tyler glanced up and looked at Cory through the gap of Rorii's arm and side.

"Thanks, Cory."

He suddenly had two sets of arms patting him on the back, "Good boy." Meena teased, hugging him.

Newt smiled, "Knew you'd do the right thing."

"Well… how about we get to know each other? Pizza at our place?" Rorii smiled.

Tyler visibly cringed. Cory, Newt, and Meena all gave her an odd look.

"Ty hates pizza…" Rorii explained, "Don't worry, Imoto-chan, we'll get you something to substitute it."

"Alright, Anesan." Tyler sighed.

Cory once again gave them an odd look, "What's with those names?"

Rorii and Tyler turned to him, "Hm?"

"Imoto-chan? Anesan?" He continued.

Rorii laughed and replied, "Those are Japanese honorifics. "Imoto" means "younger sister" and "Anesan" means "big sister". Tyler's part Japanese so we try to keep her heritage alive by paying respect to her ancestors and lineage."

"What's your last name?" Meena asked quietly.

"Akatsuki." Tyler answered.

"So, pizza?" Rorii asked again.

Newt exchanged a smile with the others, "Of course!"

Rorii seemed to morph straight into their group. For the rest of the conversation, she blended in quite well. Tyler merely stood there, her eyes never leaving Newt's face. Her cheeks turned a faint pink as she felt her heart pounding in her chest.

"Oh, time for class."

The bell rang, throwing Tyler back into reality.

"So which class do you guys have next?" Rorii asked.

"Math." Meena said.

"History." Cory replied.

"Science." Newt answered.

Tyler skidded to a stop, "I have science next."

Newt grinned, "Awesome! We can walk to class together!"

Rorii giggled softly, "Have fun!" She said to Tyler and Newt as she walked towards Math with Meena.

Tyler gulped slightly as Newt and she walked down the hallway together.

She called it "fun."

What the heck was her Anesan thinking!?

Tyler had never been good at making friends. Let alone with attractive guys like Newt Livingston.

If only there was some way that Tyler could go back in time and prevent the accident from ever happening… maybe then she wouldn't be currently walking down the hallway with Newt Livingston.

She scoffed quietly.

Nothing could bring her parents, little brother, little sister, twin, and her twin's boyfriend back.



"Mmmm… heaven." Rorii sighed happily after she swallowed a bite of her pizza.

The Allens residence was a quaint home that was four stories counting the attic and basement. Outside of the basement was the Rec Room, where Rorii, Newt, Meena, Cory, and Tyler were currently stretched out in. Tyler was seated in the computer chair, playing on her laptop, and eating some cheese sticks while the other four were seated on the couch and devouring pizza like no tomorrow.

"Your mom sure is nice." Newt commented to both Rorii and Tyler.

"Yeah, she is." Rorii said happily.

Tyler looked solemn, "Yeah, she was." By that mere word the group automatically knew Tyler was speaking about her biological mother.

Newt looked at the mantle of the fireplace and hopped up, examining a framed picture surrounded by Japanese ancestral decorations, and looked at Tyler, who had the "touch that and I will kill you" look on her face.

"This is your real family isn't it?" Newt asked quietly, indicating to yet not touching the picture.

Tyler sighed as the room grew quiet. She closed her laptop and stood up next to Newt.

"Yes." She said quietly. "My mother, Nova," She indicated to a woman with dark brown eyes and hair. "My father, Yoshio." a Japanese man with raven hair and brown eyes, "My little sister Mariah," a spunky looking girl with shoulder-length raven hair and big brown eyes. "My little brother, Bryan." a boy with messy brown hair and ice green eyes, "And my twin sister, Alicia." Alicia was almost identical to Tyler only she wore her hair to her elbows and it was raven. "Her boyfriend, Cameron." She pointed towards a picture of a good looking youth with warm dark brown eyes and shaggy brown hair that barely grazed his shoulders.

"What happened to them?" Newt dared to ask.

Rorii sucked in her breath sharply at Newt's boldness.

Maybe it only was because Newt had been the one that asked that Tyler didn't blow up and try to hurt anyone…

"They died in a car crash. The only reason I wasn't in the car was because I was spending the weekend with Rorii and her family while mine went to go and see my grandparents." Tyler explained in a low whisper. "Kaasan was already my godmother so they adopted me immediately."

"I'm so sorry…" Meena whispered, tears in her eyes.

Rorii was dead silent along with Cory.

"I know that there's not much for me to do…" Newt began; he held his arms out in invitation, "But can I at least give you a hug?"

Tyler blushed faintly and looked utterly shocked. Not even knowing what she was doing, Tyler stepped into Newt's embrace, and felt something she hadn't allowed to let herself feel in a long time…


Newt wrapped his arms around her in an almost protective manner. She had never felt such warmth before. It brought tears to her eyes, but Tyler refused to let them fall.

"Thanks…" She whispered before pulling out of the embrace.

"Um… so… have you two heard of DC 3?" Cory asked, changing the subject.

Tyler and Rorii both grinned before bursting into one of their songs.

"Taking that as a yes." grinned Newt.

Cory grinned too, "So how'd you two like to come see us perform?"

Rorii got an excited look on her face, "Ooo! Maybe Ty could play her guitar?"

Tyler blushed and hissed, "Rorii!! Zip it!!"

"You play the guitar?" Meena curiously replied.

"A talent she inherited from Nova." Rorii replied.

Newt and Cory both got a look on their face that said one thing.

"Tyler, go an' grab your guitar…" Cory said with a smirk, "DC 3 just got a guest star…" He looked over to hear Rorii singing Hannah Montana under her breath. He was stunned to hear she was really good too. "Make that two guest stars…"


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