(Bella's POV)

The next day, we decided that at the rate Nessa was growing, we'd have to get her a real bed, and now was the perfect time to do it.

Nessa woke up sometime around eight and crawled out of her crib by herself before rushing out of her room and into mine and Jasper's room. We'd been lying there for most of the night, talking and kissing.

Nessa ran into the room and jumped onto our bed. "Morning mama! Morning daddy!!" she exclaimed, bouncing up and down.

Jasper laughed and pulled her down in between us and proceeded to tickle her.

She was laughing uncontrollably and trying to get away, managing to choke out, "Daddy! Stop!" in between laughs.

He eventually stopped and she pouted, "Daddy, that wasn't funny."

He gave her puppy dog eyes and said, "I'm sorry, sweetie. I promise I won't do it again."

"Fine," she said, giving in. "I forgive you, daddy." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then turned to me. "Hi mama!" She squealed and threw her arms around my neck.

I laughed. "Hi sweetheart, how are you?"

"I'm okay. I had a dream about clouds and rainbows and a leprechaun!"

I laughed harder. "Sounds interesting, baby. Listen, daddy and I were talking and we're thinking about getting you a new bed today. What do you think about that?"

She scrunched up her face again in concentration before deciding, "I'll let you choose."

Jasper asked, "You mean you don't wanna come pick it out yourself?"

She shook her head. "I wanna stay here with Auntie Alice and Uncle Max!" Emmett and Rose were on a hunting trip currently.

"Okay then, let's head on over to the other house."

Jasper and I got out of bed and Jazz scooped up Nessa in his arms, and then we were off to the mansion.

Before we even got to the house, Nessa screamed, "Auntie Alice! Uncle Maaaax!!" She knew they could hear her.

We got to the house a second later, and Alice and Max were waiting for their favorite and only niece.

Jasper set Nessa down and she ran to her aunt and uncle, who took turns picking her up and spinning her around.

"Well, we're gonna go get her a new bed, we should be back soon," I said. "Take good care of her."

"We always do," Alice said, sounding mockingly upset.

Nessa said one last goodbye to Jasper and me and then we were off to buy her a bed at someplace far enough away that we wouldn't run into anyone on the way.

(Alice's POV)

I knew Jasper and Bella would be gone for at least two hours so Max and I would have to keep Nessa entertained for awhile.

"So, Nessa. What do you wanna do?"

"I wanna watch a movie!" She exclaimed.

"I think we can all deal with that," I said with a smile and letting her lead the way to the living room.

She stood there in front of the massive DVD collection, that had been alphabetized by Emmett a while ago.

"I can't see the ones on top," Nessa complained.

Max picked her up easily and put her on his shoulders so she could see the top shelf. "That's better. Thanks Uncle Max." She smiled and patted his head before going back to looking at the DVDs.

"I wanna watch this one!" She pulled out my very favorite movie of all time, Hairspray!

I couldn't help but squeal. "That is perfect!"

I put the DVD in the DVD player and waited for Nessa to get settled in Max's lap before pressing play and sitting down next to my two favorite people.

I couldn't help but sing along, though I tried to be quiet.

By the end of "Good Morning Baltimore", Nessa turned to me and said, "You have a really pretty singing voice, Auntie Alice."

"Aw, thanks Nessa." I smiled at my niece.

Then "The Nicest Kids In Town" came on, which meant I was about to start dancing, so I picked up Nessa and spun her around. "C'mon! Dance with me Nessa!"

She laughed and went along with it. I showed her how to do The Twist and she let me spin her around. (A/N: My friend and I do this like everyday at lunch. XD)

Nessa was a fast learner and as soon as she saw something in the movie, she was automatically able to pick it up and do it. She even got the crazy footwork that Link and Seaweed always do. Those moves took me forever to learn! 'Course, I did learn all this stuff back in the late fifties... that was the best decade, that and the sixties. Maybe that's why I love this movie so much.

Max just watched from his spot on the floor as Nessa and I went crazy and danced for the whole movie. She picked up on the songs pretty fast too and she was singing along before the halfway point.

I just knew it, she had a future in the performing arts. I would too, if it weren't too much of a risk being around too many humans at once. I would totally want to be in a play or something...

Bella and Jasper were still out by the time the credit songs rolled around, and Nessa and I were still dancing 'cause the first one is awesome and the second, "Mama I'm A Big Girl Now" is just so dang catchy.

Nessa and I both danced while I sang along and Max just laughed at us.

When the song was done, Nessa and I both stuck our tongues out at him.

I picked Nessa up and spun her around. "That was sooo much fun! Wanna watch another musical? We got a ton."

Nessa's eyes lit up at the prospect of another movie she could sing and dance to so Max picked her up again so she could see all the choices.

It took her about two seconds to pick out a movie and ask, "Is this one a musical, Auntie Alice?"

I looked at her choice- Cats, which is a pretty gol dang awesome musical. It reminds me of my days of ballet class... back when I was human. Now that I've remembered my human life (A/N: Read "All My Loving" to get that whole story), those little memories keep invading my mind.

"Auntie Alice?" Nessa asked again, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Is this one a musical?"

"It sure is, doll face!" I said with a smile.

"Doll face?" Nessa asked me with a giggle.

"Yeah, it's your new nickname! Something Link would've given you."

"I like it!"

"Well, then you're 'doll face' from now on." I took the DVD from her and set it up while Max put her down on the floor. "Want something to eat first?" I asked her already heading into the kitchen.

"Yes!" She exclaimed and followed me into the kitchen, Max not far behind.

"Whatcha what, doll face?"

"Blood... and a grilled cheese sandwich." She said, looking up at the counter and trying to figure out how to get up to it.

"But you said blood was icky," Max said, picking her up and setting her in a chair before sitting down next to her.

"Well, I want it now," she said casually.

"Okay then," I said and went to the refrigerator to get a container of donated blood and the cheese to make her sandwich.

The sandwich was done in about five minutes and I set it in front of her with her cup of blood.

She inhaled her food in like ten seconds.

"Okay, movie time!" She said with her mouth full.

:"Don't talk with your mouth full," I reminded her.

She swallowed. "Movie?"

I laughed. "Okay. Movie time."

We all convened in the living room and got comfy on the floor, this time Nessa was sitting cross-legged in between Max and me.

I pressed play and the movie began. "Nessa, I should warn you, this is a lot different than the musical we just watched."

"That's okay."

Neither Nessa or I danced this time, but were both equally fascinated by the dancing and the story.

We were about halfway through, on "Old Deuteronomy", when Nessa whispered, "I wanna learn how to dance like that."

"I could teach you!" I said, excited of the idea of being able to dance again. I haven't done ballet in ages. Not that this was even purely ballet, but you get the point.

Her blue eyes lit up again. "Really!"


She leaned over and gave me a big hug. "Thank you Auntie Alice."

I hugged her back and kissed her forehead. "You're welcome, doll face."

"Oh I see how it is," Max said in mock defense. "I feel so unloved."

Nessa giggled and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "I didn't forget about you, Uncle Max, don't worry."

He smiled and then Nessa realized we'd practically missed the song and demanded we rewind and watch it over.

I couldn't help but sing quietly in a few places, like during "Memory" and "Macavity". Macavity himself gave Nessa a bit of a scare, but she recovered once Max gave her a hug and calmed her down, like he'd done with The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Bella and Jasper finally arrived home sometime around when "Mr. Mistoffelees" started but they knew there was only one song left so they waited quietly until the movie was over.

"Mama! Daddy!" Nessa said and ran to hug them. "I had soooo much fun with Auntie Alice and Uncle Max!!!"

"We sure did," I said with smile, walking up to them. "Nessa and I danced to Hairspray and I agreed to give her ballet lessons."

Bells looked surprised. "You do ballet dancing?"

"I used to... but you know, I really want to get back into it."

She smiled. "Well, thank you for taking care of Nessa for us. The bed's in the truck."

"I should probably go get that," Jasper said, before giving Nessa one last kiss and then putting her down to go out to the driveway.

"Mama?" Nessa asked, tugging on Bella's pant leg.

"Yes, Nessa?" Bella said, picking her up.

"Can Auntie Alice and Uncle Max babysit me all the time?"

"Sure they can, sweetie," Bella said with a smile.

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